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Neighbours Episode 3433 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3433
Australian airdate: 10/11/99
UK airdate: 02/02/00
UK Gold: 12/04/05
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: David 'Fanto' Hodges: Daniel Dinnen
Desi Grant: Katherine McLean
Tim Harrison: Tom Budge
Dahl: trained by Jason Hora
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
- "Alone With You" by The Sunnyboys
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)
- Fanto's dad telling Anne the truth about the warehouse: It's rent-free and had always been listed for demolition.
Anne's slumped at a table, head-in-hands, surrounded by various paintings and magazine cuttings. Billy crashing at the door, laden with frames for Anne to paint, brings the precocious painter to her senses. As we see her face properly for the first time, Anne looks vulnerable and distressed; she's obviously being crying. Billy asks if he can have a coffee 'for all his hard-work'. He quickly notices her distress and acts as cautiously as he can for the remainder of the scene. He quickly deduces that it's a "Fanto thing". He claims to not want to intrude. Anne says that he couldn't, takes him up on his offer of coffee, but not there though. Billy suggests No.28 and off they trot.
Anne has obviously been filling Billy on on Fanto's malevolence on the way. As they get in Billy starts to make a drink; Anne sits facing him, her head resting on her hands. It's not entirely clear whether Billy is genuinely undecided over Fanto's alleged guilt, or whether he's attempting to act "maturely".
Nonetheless, he does a decent job of seeing both sides of the story: he wonders if Fanto's dad could have got it wrong and claims that although Fanto is a bit weird, he's not that vindictive. Anne's 'furious and confused, more furious though.' Fanto set up the whole thing, knowing there could be no exhibition at the warehouse; he could well have been wanting to get into Lily's house all along.
Anne's surprised that Billy isn't on her side. Very "maturely" he claims that if Fanto has been so manipulative, he'll back her all the way, but it's prudent to get the facts fully defined first.
Once again, in this scene it's the down-to-arth workman attempting to compose the fiery student. Libby comes to the garage, a bundle of energy. She's got a job as Assistant Manager at Grease Monkeys.
Setting the tone, Drew is very droll. 'You've chucked in your career to become a waitress,' he quips. 'Assistant manager, if you don't mind,' Lib retorts. Lib bewails the treatment of the workers -and says that this juicy story could really further her career. Drew's obviously proud of her but suggests that she takes a little too much pleasure in this 'cloak and dagger' stuff. He is also concerned that her studies -which he dryly suggests he is relying on to support him- will suffer. In a cute exchange, Lib tells Drew that he reminds her of Karl! Lib departs with Drew cracking a couple more jokes likening Lib to someone out of "Happy Days".
The Coffee Shop
We come in mid-conversation. Lou is at the counter, sitting with his crutch. (Billy is sat at at a table, in the foreground, lost in serious thought.)
Lou's laughing: 'Jelly-belly, a pervert.' As Harold comes into shot, chin-wobbling, excitement etched on his face, Madge tells Lou to behave himself, Harold was only bird-watching. Harold has got a copy of a bird-watching magazine.HAROLD: Guess what's in it?
LOU: Red-head Scully bird?Harold is flabbergasted and tells Lou not to be ridiculous.
Some classic Harold and Lou banter ensues.
Lou is bemused as Harold starts detailing the Helmeted Honey Eater; he has no real interest...until mention is made of a reward. At the sound of that he needs a description. In highly amusing fashion, Harold doesn't disappoint. 'Ah, well, it's larger, well quite a bit larger than a sparrow, bit smaller than a blackbird. Oh, they've got this lovely golden throat. Black around the eyes, and brownish, greyish, greenish wings -whitish under the tail. And a lovely golden-helmet, hence the name.Harold excitedly thinks he'll be able to track it down. Madge is rather dubious, saying that nobody else has seen hide nor hair of it!
Amy walks in and takes a seat with Billy. She wonders why he's looking so serious. Perhaps as a consequence of said mood, he's quite short with her. Amy is supporting another cause -Little Sisters- and wants Billy to put his hand in his pocket. He suggests that perhaps she could do something more tangible -like become a "Big Sister" herself!
Anne's painting away, she's got her back to Fanto as he comes home. He sneers conntemptibly at Billy's frames on the desk, claiming they are a waste of Anne's talents. He adds that they should bring in some extra money though. Anne picks up on that, as she turns to face him. Fanto's face drops as she tells him about his father's visit!
No.24's Back Garden
This is a classic Harold and Lou scene. Harold's pacing around, all intent and excitement, with his camera and binoculars. He thinks he's found the fabled HHE -although I couldn't see one in the tree- but just as he's about to take the snap Lou interrupts him. He's got his own camera and claims to be doing a bit of nature photography of his own. Harold castigates his motives, claiming that he has no interest in conservation whatever. Lou claims he's just doing his bit. 'Had the HHE in your sights, did you?' he asks sporting a huge cheesy grin. Harold reckons he had a Honeyeater in his sights; it might not have been the Helmeted one though. Lou wondrs if they all have rewards. Harold marches off in a huff, as Lou feigns to take apicture of him!
There's a tense showdown between an angry Anne and Fanto in conciliatory mood. Anne's display is more convincing, but we do get the sense that perhaps Fanto has been driven as much by his art obsession as by greed. Anne says that if he had needed the money for the exhibition he should have just said so. Throughout, her main bugbear is that Fanto was dishonest and manipulative. Fanto's defence is that they needed the money from somewhere: if he'd been honest there's no way they would have coughed up and the exhibition couldn't have gone ahead. If they hadn't spent the money on the exhibition it would have just been frittered away. Moreover, they'll recoup the money from sales.
Fanto is forced to admit that he has kept a couple of hundred bucks for himself though, which he tries to claim as management fees!
FANTO: Where's your vision?
ANNE: Where's your trust?!
Grease Monkeys
Libby is grilling a worker, "Tim", as they clear up. He's been working there since it opened; he needs the money; they only employ you until you are 18. He doesn't think that Lib's assertion that sacking workers at 18 is 'discrimination on the grounds of age' will cut much ice with Desi. Just as he's telling her how lousy the breaks are and how he's been going for five hours without a break, Desi comes in wearing a typically flowery dress. Tom quickly decides that he has to go. Desi warns Lib not to pay much attention to the minions, 'they are expendable'. Lib attempts to complain about rostered breaks. Desi isn't interested: she suspects that Tim has been telling tales out of school, she's got a business to run, if Tim doesn't buck up his ideas he'll be bludging somewhere else!
Drew's eating some of Harold and Madge's takeway from a carton at the bar. Lou's in a grouchy mood. He informs Drew that they've a perfectly good kitchen there! Drew's trying to persuade Lou to sponsor the cricket team: being behing a winning team has to be good for business. Lou isn't keen at all: he wants to run the garage at a profit, that won't happen if they squander money. Drew just smiles, saying it's only a cricket team. Besides Lou likes supporting a winning team...such as the Grey Growlers. Drew also appeals to Lou's supposed civic-mindedness.
Anne's stuffing her clothes into a bag. Fanto pleads with her to stay. At first he vows to change, he'll do whatever it takes. When that line of attack fails, he has the temerity to claim that she can't leave because she wouldn't be able to manage without him! Anne says that that she thought he was so brave, so different, but it was all a sham. Just as Anne as leaving a painting falls. Fanto is distraught. It's a microcosm of the whole situation: Fanto's priorities lie with the painting not lovely Anne.
Billy's joined Drew at the bar. Lou seems to have been gripped by cricket fervour -he reckons a strapping lad like Bill would make a great second slip. Bill's disinterested -perhaps still thinking about Anne- but does enquire about Lou's leg. Drew isn't deterred from cricket talk easily though. As Bill was playing as recently as two years ago he reckons he'd be an ideal candidate. Talk then turns to other possible players. At this point, Amy joins the conversation. Her brother Geoff has been part of the team for years, but it's gone a bit stagnant. They suggest a few more cricketers. Billy isn't keen on Karl though as he'd try and take over. They come up with Joe, Paul, Tad, Joel and Toadie. Amy wisely warns them not to ask Lance: he got hit in the privates last time!
As Amy leaves Drew and Billy start talking about Lib's overseas trip. Billy wonders if Drew is hoping she won't go. Drew says Libby knows her own mind, but he's glad Billy will be there to keep an eye on her. Billy says he's not so sure he's going now: the costs are prohibitive and something has come up!
Grease Monkeys
Libby's fidgeting about. Desi is on the phone to Portia. Portia is obviously unhappy with Desi and Grease Monkeys. An agitated Desi asks what she is supposed to do: they've had a reasonable day, but she can hardly drag punters in off the streets. Libby's listening in; consequently Drew spooks her as he comes up from behind. He's come to give her a lift home; she can't wait to get away, leaving food preparation behind. Just as she's telling Drew what a slave-driver Desi is, Desi finishes on the phone, so Lib pretends to be enthusiastic -she's enjoying getting to grips with her new job and so on. As Desi leaves, Lib sighs. She'd love to pack in the job but she's got no real evidence yet; for that she needs to get into Desi's confidence.
Harold's sweeping as Madge comes home with the shopping. The phone rings, it's Coral (Tad's mum). As Harold talks to her, Madge puts the shopping away, hiding something in a drawer in the process. Coral is obviously concerned about Tad, but Harold gives him a glowing report, suggesting that he's really knuckling down. In the end, Coral seems to have been appeased. As Harold puts the phone down -commenting that Coral can really talk- he asks what Madge has hidden. She denies stashing anything, claiming to have been putting the shopping away.
Grease Monkeys
Lib is closing up as the last customers leave. She's relieved the day's over and is glad of Drew's offer to go to the pub. Desi comes in and asks if she can have a word. She thanks Lib for her work, but has a couple of observations. The first being one scoop in the milkshake, not two. Lib says she should have thought of that. Desi's surprised she didn't, she's clever enough...
DESI: When you took the job you said you were interested in a career in catering, didn't you?
LIBBY: Yeah, I really get off on the whole service thing.
DESI: That would explain the change in career -from journalism...
Lib tries to deny it at first, but Desi has been on the phone to Portia, who remembers Libby interviewing her for the Grey Growlers.
The cliffhanger sees Desi challenging Lib as to what exactly she is up to.
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