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Neighbours Episode 3432 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3432
Australian airdate: 9/11/99
UK airdate: 1/2/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: T. Grant Fenn
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Tad and Susan discover Miss Bell crying in the classroom.
Teressa explains that she saw Tad ripping down posters and he thought that's why she was crying, but it was a personal matter. Susan offers to talk to her as a friend, but Teressa declines.
No 24
Tad explains to Paul how he discovered Miss Bell crying and he thinks he was responsible. Paul says he should just explain what was on the posters, but Tad says he'll then have to explain to Miss Kennedy. Paul says Tad achieved what he set out to do - break Miss Bell. Tad worries that he'll now be sent back to Tindara.
Anne is kicking the tennants out of her house and is worried about it. Fanto says she can't always worry about other people's feelings and offers to deliver a letter telling them for her. She says it's her responsibility, she'll do it. Lance and Amy come in and she tells them what's happening. They go to the bar, and Amy says she's surprised Lance didn't hve more to say on the matter, since she wouldn't let them move in to the house.. Lance says he doesn't see the point since Fanto obviosuly has more influence over her than he does..
No 30
Lance and Joel clean up an ancient pizza by feeding it to Bob. Amy comes in and Joel takes Bob out the back. Lance asks Amy for money to buy food, but she says she's sepnt it all on lipstick.She offers to make something from the cupboard but all she can find is baked beans, sardines and sweetcorn. Lance passes and decides to go to the Scully's to see if they want any prepaid gardening work done.
No 26
Lyn is serving dinner for the girls. Joe is out. She tells them that Joe and Karl are organising a millennium street party, but they are not enthusiastic. She tells them Joe got his first contract and they think about what they can buy with the money and argue about clothes. The door goes and Flick says she'll get it on her way out to the neighbour's. She lets Lance in. He goes through to the kitchen and is embarrassed to find them eating, as he was goin to give his big speil about the gardening service. Lyn asks him to join them for dinner and give his speil about the gardening service.
No 24
Tad says he'd be embarrassed to explain about the posters declaring his love for Susan, but Paul says it'll be worth it to stay in Erinsborough.He lets Flick in and leaves. She's brought round a jumper and wants Madge to darn it for her. Paul says she'll do iit as she loves doing seewing. Flick goes to leave, but she looks at Paul and decides to stay a few minutes.
No 28
Tad comes round to see Susan. He asks if he's in trouble, but she's very vague, deliberately. She sugests it's best handled at school but he wants to talk to her personally. He worries he'll be sent home, but Susan says at the least he'll be transferred from Miss Bell's class for 'tearing down school posters' He says they weren't school posters, they where libellous. She doesn't believe him, and he says he was embarrassed. Susan says he isn't the type to embarrass easily, so he shows her the poster which says 'Tad Reeves Loves Susan Kennedy'.
Anne has been crying because she upset the tennants she was kicking out of the house. Fanto tells her she's done the right thing and not to worry. They need somewhere to live in a hurry to sort the art exhibition out. He shows her a drawing he did of her while she was out which cheers her up, although she jokes with him about the size of her nose. He ssys her newest painting is the best she's ever done and deserves to go into the exhibition. He shows her a poster he's done and she's impressed. He says her artwork deserves the very best.
No 28
Susan tells Tad she understands the way he feels, that he couldn't just come straight out and tell Miss Bell. She tries to talk to him again about inappropriate feelings, but he says it was just gossip, he understands totally. He brings up the Marguerite article as an explanation but she doesn't think it's appropriate to talk about that. She tells him to ignore the gossip and she won't say anything, and it should all go away. He says he didn't meant to upset Miss Bell and she tells him that he didn't. He'll just have to do his classes and tough it. 'Be brave' she tells him and they smile.
No 30
Joel is trying to eat Amy's Sardines and Baked Beans, but it's oily. They remark Lance has been gone a while. 'Maybe he got lucky and got a job straight away' says Amy. 'We should be so lucky' says Joel.
No 26
Lance finishes his meal and says he enjoyed it more than the meals at home, which are horrible. Lyn says he's welcome round for dinner anytime. Steph asks what they should do with Flick's dinner, and gives it to Lance. Lyn looks slightly uncomfortable.
No 24
Flick watches Paul play guitar. She seems a bit bored. When he stops she says she can't wait any longer 'dad'll be hitting the roof' and asks him to ask Madge about her jumper. On her way out, Tad comes in and Paul breathlessly tells him about her using the jumper as an excuse to see him and he's going to ask her out. Tad wants to stop talking about him and start talking about Tad. Paul asks what happened with Susan. 'Fine, she's a sensible woman, I explained a few things, she understood, end of story'. Neither of them are very convinced though
No 30
Amy clears up and Joel's stomach grumbles. Lance comes in and says that he just had a great meal 'twice' at the Scullys. Amy is put out that she 'slaved away' cooking a meal and he was over the road, and calls him a pig.
No 26
Next morning, Flick and Steph argue about the shower as Lyn and Michelle get ready. Michelle asks if Joe will remember her new sneakers. Lyn tells her that Joe got the contract, not the money yet and they can't afford new sneakers. Michelle says Joe promised her.
Amy's bought Lance and Joel breakfast, and says she's broke now and doesn't know what to do about dinner. Lance says he might go over to the Scullys again and Joel thinks about joining him. Lance is worried about him ruining his whole deal, but Joel says he can be charming too. Anne comes in and gives Joel one of the art exhibition posters as he leaves. She gives one each to Lance and Amy who agree to come. Lance notes that Fanto has top billing, and they mock him a bit. Anne defends him, not very convincingly.
Paul gives Flick her jumper back, and he asks her out on a date, but she says she's busy. Tad watched and comes over, laughing at his misfortune. Paul goes to rip down one of the posters about Tad and Susan, but Tad says to leave it, as he's trying to show he's not worried, as he has more important things to worry about. He goes to see Miss Bell and apologises. She says they should just try being kinder to each other and maybe she'll find he's 'the perfect student' he says 'Sorry, miracles are out of my league' and leaves her smiling.
Anne comes in with Fanto's dad. She makes him a coffee as he looks through some paintings. He says they're good, as Fanto said. Anne says he(Fanto)'s biased. They've just realised how much Fanto's art means to him, as they've been pressing him to get a real job and he won't. Fanto's dad says that was one of the reasons they found him the warehouse. Anne says they're sorry to be leaving, especially as the rent was so reasonable. 'Nothing's better than something' says Fanto's dad. His friend has been letting them have the place free as he knew it was about to be pulled down. Anne is surprised to hear this.
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