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Neighbours Episode 3430 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3430
Australian airdate: 05/11/99
UK airdate: 28/01/00
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Desi Grant: Katherine McLean
Tanya Rogers: Tania Trigili
T-Rex: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Alone With You" by The Sunnyboys
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Tess catches Tad working at Grease Monkeys when he should be doing work experience. Tad tells Tess he's going to tell Susan that she's been victimising him.
The Bishops' where we find Tad in a Spot Of Bother
Tess suggests that there's no point arguing this now; she'll speak to Susan and the vice-principal and they'll try to resolve it another time. Tad is still adamant that he's not done anything wrong. Madge and Harold are really cross with Tad and don't understand his attitude. Paul defends Tad but Madge and Harold think he's not managing his time very well, and that he's exhausted and therefore not making proper decisions. Tad agrees that he'll cut back his hours at Grease Monkeys.
There's a knock at the door and it's Michelle from yesterday's scene, with Paul's trainer...which has been eaten by the Scullys' dog. Paul is really cross about it, hands the shoe back to Michelle and slams the door on her. Tad reprimands Paul for his behaviour.
The Scullys' where we find Michelle being Manipulative
Joe is on the 'phone and talking finance with someone and tells Lyn that his mate is waiting for a cheque to clear, and he'll be paid as soon as possible. Lyn doesn't look happy about it and tells Joe that she's going to go for a couple of jobs in the morning - hairdressing. Joe doesn't want her doing bar work.
Michelle stomps in the house and sits on the counter. She tells her parents that Paul yelled at her about the shoe. (Quite rightly, too, in my opinion.) Joe - to the sound of that trumpet music again - says "that's not on," and heads for number 24; Michelle smirks.
The Bishops' where we know Joe is Headed
Madge is talking to the vice-principal who has spoken to Desi at Grease Monkeys, and they've agreed to take Tad off the work experience programme. Tad's upset by this, and feels that everyone thinks he's guilty before checking out the truth.
Joe knocks at the door, and asks Paul what he's done to upset Michelle - who's "very distressed." Distressed?! She was smirking on the sink you silly man! Paul explains about his shoe - the really expensive one - and that he wasn't upset at her, he was upset at the situation. He offers to apologise to Michelle, but Joe won't hear anything about replacing the shoe.
The Kennedys' - Hurrah!
Libby answers the door to Drew who announces that he's her boyfriend. Someone's obviously feeling a little neglected at the moment. Libby shows Drew a T-shirt she won in a competition she was out with Steph and her biker mates. Drew says that he's worried about her with Steph who's used to that lifestyle...then realises he's talking himself into an argument so he shuts up pronto.
Tad is now at the door and asks when Susan's returning - Libby doesn't know, but takes a letter for Susan which is a formal complaint from Tad about Teressa. (Seriously - who spells Teressa with a double 's' anyway? Apart from this one?)
The Scullys' where Lynnie is Dressing Up
Joe is trying to mend Paul's shoe and Lyn is cross because she thinks Joe has acted like a tyrant. She asks Joe if she looks ok - I assume she's off to one of her interviews that she talked about yesterday.
Lyn asks whether or not they should buy new shoes for Paul, but they're very expensive. Joe says that it'll teach him not to leave his shoes where dogs can get at them - and he mends the shoe with duct tape. He shows the shoe to a grateful Michelle who isn't so sure that Paul will like what he's done...
Joe tells Lynnie she doesn't need luck - and tells her she's the best. Aw. I never, ever liked Joe, but he's quite sweet to her in this scene, especially so considering what she's wearing. Trinny & Susannah would have a field day here.
The Coffee Shop where I feel Sorry For Tad
Tad tells Paul about the formal complaint about discrimination and harassment. Paul doesn't think that anything will come of it because all the teachers will stick together. Michelle comes into The Coffee Shop and says very loudly that he can't believe that Michelle told on him to Joe who came and defended his "little diddums." What an awful expression.
Paul tells Tad to retrieve his letter of complaint before Mrs K sees it. Tad doesn't want to. Just as he's saying that Michelle and a mate come up to Paul & Tad and start teasing him "oh Mrs Kennedy, I love you, I want to be your husband." Tad lunges at them before sitting back down...poor love, he's mightily embarrassed.
Grease Monkeys where there are no Actual Monkeys
Tad is asking Desi to reduce his hours so that he can do his studies and work - Desi is having none of it and fires him. Tad tells Drew and Paul who can't believe it.
The Coffee Shop where Harold is making Bird Noises
HAROLD: (whistling) Tswoo, tswoo!
MADGE: You sound more like a deflating tyre than any bird I've ever heard.
HAROLD: Oh well, the Honeyeater doesn't really sing, anyway. I was hoping that I could keep it intrigued.
MADGE: Intrigued?!
HAROLD: Yes, you know, make it think 'golly, was that a colleague?' Just long enough to be photographed.
MADGE: Yes, love. How's the toasted foccacia coming on?
Lyn comes in and apologises for Joe's outburst the night before - apparently he's very protective of the girls. Madge says that she approves, actually, and that Paul coped well. Madge tries one of Lynnie's biscuits that she's brought in, and really likes it. Lyn sees this as a sign to make some more and bring them in later to be sold, and disappears before Madge can correct her.
Harold likes the biscuits. And tries to whistle another bird song. Unsuccessfully.
The Park where Tad looks Completely Miserable
Libby finds Tad wagging school, and asks him if the formal complaint thing is stressing him out. He says it is, and that no-one ever sees when he does good things - only when he makes mistakes. Libby says that Susan's on his side, but Tad agrees that Susan's different - she's one of the best. Aw. Everyone loves Susan.
Tad's upset that he's been fired from Grease Monkeys and Libby asks about Tad's contract and how it all works - you can see her journalistic mind ticking as she speaks, and she gets out her 'I'm a journalist' notepad.
The Coffee Shop where we find the Lovely Drew
Drew and Paul are chatting about Paul's mistake the day before, but Drew agrees that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Libby comes in and tells Drew that she wants to chat to Madge and Harold for a bit before she has lunch with him, and mentions the article that she's going to write. She also passes on the message that Steph wants to know how Drew's going with fixing her old bike...because Libby wants to buy it.
LIBBY: Steph says that bike's aren't dangerous...it's all the cars that are trying to kill you.
Drew doesn't agree that Libby should be on a bike at all. He's also promised Paul that he's first in line for the bike. Lib sees this as the perfect opportunity for Drew to show how much he loves her - he can choose her over some teenage boy. O man - Libby really is her mother's daughter, isn't she?!
Drew is left with a 'how did she manage to do that' look on his face.
The Scullys' where Lynnie is doing Lots Of Baking
Lyn tells Joe that she's baking to get some money into the household. She's also very cross that Joe is owed a lot of money and hasn't been able to get paid, yet. Joe asks her what's really wrong, and she tearfully tells him that she didn't get any of the jobs she went for this morning. Oh, poor Lyn. I feel so sorry for her. I didn't used to like her, but since 2004 I have - so it's nice to see her way back in 2000 again.
Joe asks why she didn't get the jobs, and she tells him that apparently they wanted someone younger before bursting into tears.
Grease Monkeys where Libby is being a Journalist
Lib is dressed up as an 18 year old with a pink fluffy hairband, and looking very young. I'd like to add at this point that I wear pink fluffy hairbands, I'm not 18 and I have no such journalistic excuse. She's playing the innocent schoolgirl, looking for a job. Desi seems to be buying it, and is impressed with Libby's experience; Lib tells her that she's a student part-time, and that it won't interfere with her work.
Libby says that she's 17, 18 soon - she's keen, flexible and is ready to start whenever! Desi says that she can have a job - Libby asks if she'll be a waitress. No, no, no, says Desi - she'll be a Junior Food Distribution Manager. It's all part of creating a nurturing and caring environment.
Ok - having seen her hair close up, I retract my previous statement - she has two, Barbie pink fluffy hair things as well as two flexi hair clip things that keep your fringe off your face. Never, ever, ever in a million years would I combine the two. I'm not five years old, anymore.
The Coffee Shop where we find Harold Extending His Camera
Harold is practising with his zoom lens to get the proof of the birds he's seeing. Madge lets him go and do his birdwatching.
Lyn comes into the shop with another 50 anzac biscuits. Apparently they're selling well, so Lyn thinks she should bake 60 a day - Madge thinks only 20 to start with, depending on how they sell all day. Lyn tries to push the selling price up to $1.20, but Madge is determined to stick with $1. Lyn decides to go home and have a bath (remember your synergetic triangle??!!!) and asks to be paid first.
The Scullys' where Everyone seems to be In The Garden
Joe is on the 'phone, in the garden. Lyn is collecting her washing from the line - in the garden. And Harold is birdwatching - you guessed it, in the garden. Joe looks up, sees Harold with his binoculars, following the line of sight across to...Lynnie's knickers on the line...
I think now's a really good time to go to...
End Credits
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