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Neighbours Episode 3429 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3429
Australian airdate: 4/11/99
UK airdate: 27/01/00
UK Gold: 07/04/05
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Desi Grant: Katherine McLean.
Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
- "Doin Fine" by Ol' 55
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "CMon Lets Do It" by Ol' 55
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Skateboard Thrills" by Ol' 55
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Paul smashing the headlight and Drew getting angry and telling him to go.
No. 24 backyard
Harold has spotted the bird again but Madge couldn't care less, she is more concerned with bringing in the new Millennium. They spot Paul coming home and wonder why he is home early but all he'll say is that he's a useless idiot and a waste of space.
The Coffee Shop
Libby is surprised at Drew taking out his frustrations with Lou on Paul. Drew tries to deny this but Libby says that Paul means well and to give him another chance.
Grease Monkey's
Tad is using his camcorder to record a day at Grease Monkey's when Desi sees him and asks what he's doing. He tells her and she sends him off to unlock a sink! Michelle comes in asking if he's seen Paul, as he isn't at the garage.
No. 24
Paul is telling Harold and Madge about the headlamp he smashed and they tell him it was an accident and Harold adds that there are more opportunities for getting work experience and to go and get another one. As they leave for TCS, Madge opens the door to Drew and he is allowed in as long as he promises not to shout at Paul, and Harold adds that Paul deserves another chance. When they leave, Drew apologises and asks Paul to come back but he thinks he'll just stuff it up again. Jokingly Drew says he might but adds that he isn't that bad. Paul relies that he isn't a charity case, which he accepts, and also adds that Paul isn't a child and it is up to him if he comes back or not.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle and Bianca come in and Michelle starts drooling over Paul so she goes over to talk to him. He tells her he's not in the mood, so she invites him to a party with her. He thinks it will be a kid's party, which she says it isn't, but he still isn't going to the party. When Michelle returns to the table, Bianca gives her a 'I told you so' look.
Paul has decided to return and Drew says he's happy to have him back, as long as he doesn't make the coffee before giving him his first job - changing a spark plug.
The Coffee Shop
Steph enters and gets a lecture from Harold about her bikey friends before she can place her order. She then spots Libby and goes over to chat. Steph asks what constitutes fun around her and Libby says mainly the pub so Steph asks if she's ever been to 'Free Radicals' or 'The Duke of Essex'. This surprises Libby, so Steph invites her out to The Duke.
Garage/Grease Monkeys
Tess calls round to check on Paul's work experience progress. They chat as they all head to Grease Monkey's for lunch. Drew gives Paul a glowing report which Tess is please to hear as she's of to see Tad next. Paul says he might not be there, and low and behold he suddenly appears and spots them and as Paul is trying to cover for him, he disappears again. When Tess leaves, Paul thanks Drew for the kind words he said especially after what happened with the headlamp.
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in on crutches with his leg in plaster - he explains to Madge and Harold that he slipped down wet stairs at the pub and has broken his leg. They say that is bad luck and grumpy Lou points out that there was no luck involved - just human error! Madge asks what Lou has planned for the Millennium as she is thinking of having some sort of get together, which Lou is up for as long as nobody asks him to dance! Tess comes in looking for Tad, which is news to Madge as she thought he was at the video production company. Tess tells them that the manager sent Tad out by himself to record some footage at the park. Again this surprises Madge and she promises to let Tess know if and when she hears from Tad.
Tad and his camcorder have now arrived at the garage as Paul is on the phone trying to get a replacement headlamp. Tad wants to know why he took Mrs Bell into Grease Monkey's. Paul explains to him that he tried to get them to TCS despite Michelle blackmailing him (if he doesn't go to the party she'll blab about Tad linking Susan). Tad says he has to go but Paul reminds him he'll have plenty to worry about if Mrs Bell catches him.
No. 28
Libby is telling Steph about her trip that she and Bill have planned and asks Steph if she has anything planned. Steph tells her about her trip round Australia on her bike and Libby says she'd love to join her so Steph invites her along once she's saved up enough money, Libby is back from her overseas trip and when Libby has bought a bigger bike! Karl comes home for lunch as Steph leaves and she tells him about her trip round Australia with Steph. He asks when she will be back from her trip as he's hoped one of his kids would be around to help celebrate the new Millennium. Lib says she'll be there for the party.
Drew arrives back and is surprised to see Steph delivering a headlamp to the garage. When Paul points out that they can't get a replacement from their usual supplier for 6 weeks he relents and accepts it from Steph whilst threatening to strangle Paul! When Steph leaves, Paul explains what he did and when he also points out that Drew would be wasting half his money also by not changing suppliers, Drew thanks him. Tess again calls round looking for Tad when she spots him - serving food at Grease Monkey's! Tad notices her and quickly does a runner inside.
Grease Monkey's
Tad comes running in trying to get the staff to cover for him, but it's too late as Tess has seen him. Tad explains that they were short staffed and he got roped into helping. Tess doesn't believe him and points out he's supposed to be learning about video production. Tad tries to say that he's doing both by taking the camera with him to Grease Monkey's but this doesn't impress Tess.
No. 26
Michelle is asking Steph how she can make Paul like her especially as she loves him. Doing the big Sis routine, Steph tells her to give it time and something may happen when she is older but Michelle wants to put a spell on him!
Lou's Place
Drew spots Steph and Libby leaving for The Duke, which surprises him as it is a bikey pub but Steph says the clientele are her friends and that they will be all right.
No. 24
Tess calls round to talk to Madge and Harold, worried about what Tad is up to. He comes out and hears her calls him a liar, which Tad denies. Tess explains what she saw and he says she's never given him a fair chance and when Susan comes back he is going to report her for victimisation.
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