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Neighbours Episode 3428 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3428
Australian airdate: 3/11/99
UK airdate: 26/1/00
UK Gold: 7/4/05
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Marty Leech: David Lawson
Katie Freeman: Nikki Visser
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joel and Lance discovering Katie isn't the ideal tenant they thought she was.
Paul is asking Drew lots of questions as part of his work experience. When Drew asks him to pass the oilcan he accidentally squirts him with oil.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is bragging to Bill about making him money for taking her advice. When he goes to pay the bill, Steph enters and spots her drooling over him and reminds her that she doesn't stand a chance, but Flick isn't so sure.
No. 30
Katie is telling the boys (Joel and Lance) they need to have new rules (they say they didn't have before) to get and keep the house running smoothly and adds that she likes a challenge. When she tells them she ironed their undies - they decide they don't want her to move in any more. Toadie call in and discovers that Katie has been tidying his room and wants to know why.
No. 24
Harold comes in all excited about seeing a Helmeted Honeyeater in their backyard. Madge asks if he is sure and to double check in a book.
Drew is asking Lou if they can invest money in the garage, but Lou says they need to hear from the accountant first. Steph calls round to check out the garage (and Drew) when she spots an old car. Drew moans at the price of some of the fittings, so she tells him to check out the place where she works but Lou tells her that he's sticking with his current supplier.
No. 30
Toadie is ranting at Lance and Joel about filling his room before he has left and they point out that they don't want Katie to move in. Lance comes up with an idea - telling her Toadie has changed his mind about moving out but he tells them no, but Lance has another idea.
No. 28
Lance is asking Karl to help him come up with a disease to stop Katie form moving in but Karl isn't keen on helping out and says she can't be that bad. They decide to try someone else.
Paul is cleaning the upholstery of the old car but Drew isn't pleased when he almost gets oil on it. He asks how he's doing and Drew lies, saying all right before telling him to finish up for the day. Drew tries again to change parts suppliers but he doesn't want to. Lance and Joel call round to ask him for help with Katie. Lou initially tells them to sort it out for himself and asks what Toadie's perspective is on it. When they tell him Toadie is moving out, which shocks Lou but then tells them that she should move in to cover Toadie's rent. They now beg him for help so Lou will help out...if they'll clean his gutters out.
No. 24
Harold is still chuffed about spotting the bird when Paul comes home. They ask how his day went and that they will go see Tad at his work placement tomorrow until Paul points out he'll be out on assignment.
No. 28
Bill comes home and tells Karl that Flick isn't particularly interested in the woodwork when Karl asks how her day with him went.
No. 26
Steph comes home and is annoyed to find that Flick has raided her wardrobe and tells Flick that Bill (or any guy) would not be interested in someone her age. Flick replies that she wouldn't know what she was talking about but since working in an adult environment she's realised that she needs to grow up and besides her relationship with Bill is purely professional. She then hits a raw nerve with Steph when she mentions running away from a relationship so Steph angrily tells her that her relationship with Larry is/was none of her business.
No. 30
Joel, Lance and Lou are confirming their story to get rid of Katie - Lou is selling the house at very short notice. Katie comes in and charms Lou, so it looks like No. 30 has a new tenant!
Lou's Place
Bill is giving Karl stick for ruining the casserole they were going to have for their supper when Steph arrives and Drew apologises to her for Lou's behaviour earlier. Toadie is telling Bill that moving in with Charlie is the best thing he did. Bill asks if he's made up with Lance and Joel yet, to which he says no, so Bill tells him to sort it out before moving on and cites Anne and him as an example.
No. 30
Katie is still charming Lou and when she leaves to take a phonecall Lance and Joel pounce on Lou. He tells them they've only got themselves to blame - she keeps the place tidy unlike them. Katie comes off the phone with some news - her boyfriend wants them to move in with him. They act hurt but she agrees to clean the bathroom up as a way of saying goodbye.
Paul is asking Drew how he can help so Drew says he can sweep the floor, which doesn't impress him. A courier delivers the part he's been waiting for, for the old car. He asks Paul to hold the fort whilst he does a favour for Lou.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is buttering Bill up by saying how keen she is to study woodworking and asks if she can still come round to see him after her work experience is up. Bill isn't keen, so fobs her off by saying she'll have no social life and when that doesn't work he politely tells her to go out with guys her own age. She tells him she doesn't have a crush on him - she just wants to learn about woodwork!
No. 30
Now that Katie has left, Joel and Lance are back to making a mess when Toadie comes into the kitchen. He's giving them the silent treatment, so they apologise and even suggest that Charlie could move in to save him moving out but he's insistent that he wants to move in with her.
Paul is trying to fit the headlamp into the old car when he lets it fall just as Drew and Lou arrive back. They spot Paul with the brush pan and shovel so Drew gets very angry with him, especially as it cost a fortune and 6 weeks to arrive. He tells Paul to go.
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