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Neighbours Episode 3427 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3427
Australian airdate: 02/11/99
UK airdate: 25/01/00
UK Gold: 06/04/05
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: David 'Fanto' Hodges - Daniel Dinnen
Katie Freeman – Nikki Visser

- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
Summary/Images by: Shona/Shona
Fanto asks Amy to model for him
Amy tells Lance that Fanto asked her to pose nude for him. Lance heads for the door while Amy asks where he's going
Number 30
Amy manages to pull Lance back from the door, telling him that she isn't actually sure if Fanto was going to do it. Maybe she should speak to Anne about it on her own. Lance is fine with that - he's going to go and speak to Fanto. Amy demands to know what he's going to do, her voice rousing Joel from his studying. Lance fills him in on what's going on, and Amy wonders if she was overreacting again. But Lance doesn't think so. Joel suggests that maybe he just wanted to paint her; after all it's what he does. Lance isn't convinced and doesn't want Fanto to paint Amy full stop. Amy wants to work it out in her own way and goes to talk to Anne.
The Coffee Shop
Fanto is walking into the Coffee Shop with Anne, telling her about (would you guess it) the Amy Greenwood painting incident. He's mystified by her behaviour. They sit down and Fanto brings up the studio idea, which Anne admits she hasn't had much time to think over. She does have her doubts about it. Fanto warns her that she'd better come up with some alternatives then - he's been racking his brains and come up with nothing.
Number 30
Lance is still prattling on about Fanto and poor Joel is bearing the brunt of his rant. Joel sits down at the kitchen table with his books, followed by Lance who's thinking about going and confronting Fanto. By Joel's voice it's obvious he couldn't care less, but Lance is oblivious to this. Lance says he won't get away with it, then stares at his book and asks what he's doing. 'Trying to study,' Joel tells him, exasperated. Lance wonders why he doesn't do it in the other room - but he tells him it was a bit hard to study in there. 'Vibes,' muses Lance, and continues to go on about Fanto. Joel finally cracks and tells him to give the macho boyfriend thing a rest - Amy didn't even ask for his help. Lance ain't happy but Joel tells him he asked for his opinion and he got it.
Number 26
Joe is reading a car magazine when Lyn comes home, having had such a busy day with her mobile hairdressing outfit. Joe tells her that he got the perfect job for Flick for her work experience - and proudly admits that Flick thinks he's done well for her. He tells her that she wants to be a carpenter. Lyn laughs, not believing it. Joe tries to convince her, saying he reacted the same way at the start. She hands him a beer as he tells her that she'll be working at Bill Kennedy's place. Joe is chuffed, thinking he might be able to put up the 'Scully and Daughter' sign after all. But Lynnie knows intuitively that's he been had - Flick thinks Bill is the biggest spunk in Erinsborough. Joe can't believe it - she's far too young for him!
Number 28
Karl is on the phone to Susan. In the background Flick stands, flicking through a magazine. Karl tells Susan to hang on a moment and tells Flick that she might be better waiting for Bill at home. But Flick says she's fine and somehow manages to talk him into letting her stay, even though they have no idea when Bill will be home. Karl fills Susan in and Bill comes in - telling Susan that Karl can't cook. Karl disappears off to continue the call and Flick asks Bill if he has the forms from Mrs Bell. She tells him that all he needs to do is sign it and then they're legal.
Coffee Shop
Amy asks how Anne's relationship with Fanto is going. Anne knows something is going on and Amy tells her that she isn't sure whether to trust him, telling her about the modelling incident. Anne knows and it's perfectly reasonable. Amy says it isn't to her or Lance. Anne is confused. Amy tells her that he wanted her clothes off - when Anne was hardly out the door! Anne tells her that all he was offering was to paint her portrait for her mum. Amy is only trying to be honest. Anne says maybe Fanto's right - maybe her old friends are holding her back. Amy can't believe it and leaves before she can hold her back any longer.
Number 26
Flick comes in wielding the signed forms. Joe demands to know where she was - he got halfway through 'Power and Glory'. Flick thinks he would have got further if he didn't move his lips when he reads. Lyn tells her not to be cheeky. Joe asks what she was doing - couldn't she have left Bill a note? He demands to know if she wanted to work with him just because she has the hots for him. Flick can't believe it - he's the one who set it up and she thought he'd be happy with her working in the building industry. Flick gets up and goes to her room, leaving Lyn looking at Joe who frowns in confusion.
Number 30
Lance is complaining to Joel about being 'damned if he does and damned if he doesn't' where Amy's concerned. Amy, meanwhile, begs to differ as the two continue putting their points across to Joel who still has his books open in front of him. Finally Joel stands, tells them he isn't a referee and if he doesn't get some study in he's a goner. Nonetheless Amy decides to ask about a friend coming to crash at the house. Joel thinks it might be mutually beneficial as they need someone to pay the rent now Toadie is hell bent on moving out with Charlie. Lance suggests Amy moves in, but she thinks the place is disgusting. They agree to Amy's friend moving in and Joel tells Lance that he'll have to get on to the cleaning. But Lance thinks they should leave it as it is until Joel points out that she won't want to live there if it's a mess and they need the rent money. Thus Lance is gazumped.
Lou's Place
At the pub Fanto tells Anne that there are no suitable places for them to stay. He brings up Anne's (formerly Lily's) house but Anne is iffy about the idea, pointing out that she'd have to give the tenants 6 weeks notice in any case. Fanto argues not so if she needs the place for herself - according to 'a friend of his dad's'. He tells her that it wouldn't hurt to ask them. This is about a living community of artists and she's in the position to make it happen. Anne doesn't think it's that simple. Fanto coldly asks her if she's going to just give up when it gets difficult.
Number 28
Karl is suited up in lycra as Bill talks on the phone. Apparently the mirrors are selling well and there's demand for more, but there's the problem of asking Anne for help. Bill really needs the money, especially with him going overseas. Karl makes a face, perfectly complemented with his nineties patterned helmet, wondering why Bill's still thinking about that. Bill tells him not to start, laughing a bit when Karl tries to talk to him seriously about the Millennium. The helmet comes off and there's a knock at the door - Flick and Joe. Karl calls for Bill while Joe looks up and down Karl's purple body suit combo, intrigued (Lance Armstrong he ain't). Joe tells Bill that if Flick's any trouble, he should tell him and lingers a bit as he says he doesn't want any trouble at all, no doubt directed at Bill. He leaves and Karl follows. Flick is embarrassed. Bill asks her to give him a few minutes and she looks at him, smiling.
Ramsay Street
Joe is outside with a surveyor, measuring along the pavement from his home towards the Kennedy's. Karl cycles up his driveway, and past Joe on pavement. Joe laughs on after him, muttering 'pedal bike.'
Number 30
Lodger Katie arrives with Amy, wearing headphones and a cassette player Walkman with 'Miracle' blasting out, hardly managing to take them off long enough to say hello to Lance and Joel. They take her through to the kitchen, where she notices a horrible smell. Lance explains that Bob is a bit of a slob and he was just about to clean up. Joel cuts in and tells her boys are slobs, quickly ushering her through to the living room.
Number 30
Joel sits Katie at the kitchen table, clearing enough junk off the table to create a space while Katie tries to deafen them all (and herself) with Miracle on her headphones. Amy tries to find some clean cups while Joel manages to get it out of Katie that she was meant to move in with a boyfriend who then got cold feet. Joel says they'd love her to move in while Lance looks a little unsure. Anne comes in and is introduced.She takes Lance into the corridor for 'a word'. She tells him about Fanto's house idea. He thinks it's unbelievable - when he and Amy wanted to move in she wouldn't let them. Fanto is a selfish creep who only wants the best for himself. Anne disagrees, and thinks she's made a mistake coming to him - all he's done is turned it into a personal vendetta. She leaves.
Bill's Workshop
Flick appears after running an errand, and asks for something else to do. Bill suggests she sweeps the floor but then she starts sweeping really close to him, sweeping wood shavings at his feet. He tells her to leave it until later. She asks him about the mirrors and if it's a struggle having his own business - he hopes it won't be later on. She spots a question mark on his writing pad and he tells her that it's for the mirror design, explaining Anne did all the designs. Flick asks if he's not over her yet, then apologises for asking. He says he is and she tells him there shouldn't be any problem then.
Number 30
Katie is cleaning dishes, still listening to very loud music on her headphones. She tells them that the least she can do is clean with them putting her up, and if it's permanent she wants to start with a nice clean house. She tells Lance to take out the rubbish. Amy has to leave and promises to take Katie to the local nightspots. As Katie listens to her walkman, Lance takes Joel aside, saying it would have been nice to have been consulted about Katie staying. Joel says they need someone and she gives the place exactly what this place needs - a women's touch (it's safe to say that Joel didn't take Feminism 101 at uni then...). He and Lance look over at Katie doing the dishes, pleased with themselves.
The Warehouse
Bill is over, telling Anne about the mirrors. She asks what changed his mind and he tells her that they could do quite well out of it given demand. Anne agrees - she tells him about the warehouse closing and Fanto's idea. Bill thinks it's a good idea. Anne feels bad about giving the tenants notice, but Bill encourages her, saying Lily would like her living there. He leaves and she smiles.
Number 30
Katie has gone into overdrive (the walkman is still on). Joel empties a bucket of mucky water from cleaning the floor down the kitchen sink and she shouts at him for it, saying she has to clean the sink again now. Joel suggests she takes a break, but she says they've hardly started. And Bob can't be in the kitchen. She takes him outside and Lance hits Joel on the chest, telling him to see what he's done. What a nightmare! Katie appears and tells them to stop slacking off - they have work to do!!
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Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3427
Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson

Joe Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3427
Joe Scully, Lyn Scully

Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3427
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3427
Amy Greenwood

David 'Fanto' Hodges, Anne Wilkinson

Felicity Scully, Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3427
Felicity Scully, Joe Scully, Karl Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels, Katie Freeman in Neighbours Episode 3427
Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels, Katie Freeman

Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3427
Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson

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