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Neighbours Episode 3426 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3426
Australian airdate: 01/11/99
UK airdate: 24/01/00
UK Gold: 06/04/05
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: David 'Fanto' Hodges - Daniel Dinnen
Charlie Thorpe - Katrina Baylis
Summary/Images by: Shona/Shona
Bill relenting and giving Felicity work experience at the workshop.
Toadie telling Lance and Joel he's moving out with Charlie
Number 30
Lance and Joel can't believe it - he hardly knows her. Toadie says he needs to help her, as she's going through a rough time. They point out that he's leaving them in the lurch now. But Toadie retaliates by saying they were the ones forcing him to go. When they plead innocent he asks them if they want Charlie to move in, but the response isn't positive. Toadie reminds that his name is on the lease and he could be making them move out but he isn't. Joel reminds him that his name is there too and it feels like its some sort of personal vendetta. They offer to maybe rethink Charlie moving in in a couple of months but that isn't good enough for Toadie as Charlie has to get away from her ex now.
Lou's Place
Anne is telling Fanto that Amy hasn't phoned her and she's a bit worried they've fallen out after the warehouse incident. Fanto breaks the news to her that his dad's friend who lets them the warehouse wants to demolish the place. Anne can't believe it, as they've been in there for such a short time. Fanto is pessimistic about finding such a good place elsewhere. Anne is optimistic that they will and tells him she's a cup half full kind of person.
Number 26
Joe asks Flick how she's settling in at school. She thinks it's a prelude to asking whether she's on drugs. But she assures him that everything's fine. Work experience is coming up and, whilst Joe thinks that she would want to do something with Amnesty or the Red Cross, she wants to do woodwork. He laughs, then realises she's serious. She tells him she's watched him working loads of times and has wanted to do it since 'like forever'. Joe thought it was Steph who watched him, but never mind.
Lou's Place
Toadie tries and fails to contact Charlie as he walks in. He asks Anne and Fanto about any places to rent. He fills them in on the situation. He thinks Joel and Lance are narrow minded and Fanto chimes in in agreement, saying that he feels that they're never going to accept him. Toadie says shortly that that's because they hardly know him. He feels he should just chuck them out. Anne doesn't see why you have to get rid of your old friends just because you get new ones but Fanto adds that as long as your old friends are into the new stuff you're doing, it's okay. Toadie doesn't have much of an alternative.
Number 30
Joel and Lance argue over who's going to walk Bob. Joel thinks Toadie's brain has taken leave of him. Lance wonders if they were too hasty making up their minds about Charlie but Joel reminds him about the overheard phone call. Lance says they don't know the full story of the phone call, whether she really was saying it to her ex. Joel still believes she was betraying Toadie. There's a knock at the door and Lance answers it. Who should it be but Charlie, laden with her bags, happily announcing her presence.
Lou's Place
Fanto thinks Toadie is not so bad. Anne says her friends are nice to talk to, even if they don't like change. Amy comes in and apologises for the warehouse incident, which Fanto accepts. He even invites her over to hang out the next afternoon. Amy isn't sure, but Anne encourages her to come - she could work on a chair. Fanto says she can pick up that painting for her mum while she's there too.
Number 30
Charlie is annoyed that the boys aren't offering to carry her bags in. They inform her of the change of plans - telling her that they don't want another flatmate. They say it isn't personal, the place is just too small. She presumed Toadie had okayed it but is quite pleasant about it. She takes her bags and leaves. Outside Toadie pulls up, and she blasts him for not telling her about them not wanting her. She tells him that Lance and Joel were horrible to her and looked at her like she was 'something they'd stepped in'. Toadie can't believe it and tells her to wait in the car while he goes in. Inside he tells them that they could have treated her with a bit of civility, but Joel says he's got it wrong. Toadie tells them to forget it - he can't trust anything they say where Charlie's concerned. He leaves, and Joel wonders what she said to him. Lance thinks the woman is a psycho.
Number 26
Joe is trying to be very quite while he lets in a rather ferocious looking dog into the house. Lyn appears in her dressing gown and yelps, asking him to tell her that he didn't.
Number 26
The next morning Lyn comes out to Joe, who's sawing a piece of wood and puts a tin of dog food on the bench, telling him that Mick's only left two cans so he'll have to go and get some more. Joe is defensive, saying Mick couldn't have taken T-Rex in the camper van. Lyn thinks he should have thought about that when he got him. Flick comes out, yelling at him that it's Cup day (a day off) and they're meant to having a lie-in. Joe's trying to build a kennel for the dog, who's been wailing all night. Lyn is none too happy about it. Joe has no sympathy for those who're staying in bed all day. He wants her to help out with the kennel - start her work experience. But she has to find out if she can work with him and she decides to ask Paul. Before she leaves Joe tells her to feed the dog.
Number 30
Amy is appalled with the mess of dishes in the kitchen. Flick has come round, all smiles and asks the boys and Amy whether they're putting any bets on the Cup. Amy is putting five dollars on. Flick might get Joe to put something on for her. She looks at her watch and says she'd better go, barely thirty seconds after she arrived. Amy is perplexed. Lance thinks it's a schoolgirl crush. Amy wants Lance to come over to the warehouse with her as she's not that comfortable there yet. She's giving Fanto a second chance but Lance makes it obvious that he'd rather be anywhere than around Fanto who is 'up himself.' Toadie comes in, still grumpy and tells Amy that he's spending the day flat-hunting before leaving.
Number 26
Joe is trying to find his nails and is annoyed that there's a frying pan in the Hardware box. Flick reminds him that it is hard. She tells him Paul says you have to do work experience out with the family business - it's too easy otherwise. She asks him for his thoughts, and he mentions two prospective firms, but they aren't that suitable. She wants something close and then Joe comes up with 'the professor's son.' She didn't even think of that! (Yeah, right...) He says he'll take care of it but she says it's against the rules - the students have to be the ones finding the jobs. She walks out to arrange it.
The Warehouse
Fanto tells Anne he knows of a new studio space - Lily's house. They get rid of the tenants. Anne isn't sure, but he tells her to think it over. Vincenzo phones, needing Anne to do a shift at short notice, throwing her plans with Amy up in the air. Amy arrives and she fills her in. Amy isn't that upset. Anne says that she could pick up the painting while she's here. Fanto goes to get her a coffee, and Amy looks a bit apprehensive.
Number 26
Flick tells Joe that the work experience is all fixed up. She thanks him for the idea.
The Warehouse
Amy looks at paintings of nude life models and asks about the models - they're Fanto's friends as he can't afford to pay anyone. Amy thinks its weird getting his friends to model for him, but he sees them the same as he would a bowl of fruit. He likes life modelling the best. Then he has a great idea. While she waits for Anne she could model for him! Amy looks a little horrified and says no. He says she'd be doing him a favour and she can't believe it. She makes to leave and he pulls her back, saying she could give the picture to her mother. Amy says she has to be somewhere and hurries off. Fanto looks on after her.
Number 26's garden
While Joe is hanging out with T-Rex he notices something. He gets out a tape measure and measures from the fence back, and once done, scratches his face thoughtfully.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie is annoyed at how rubbish the available flats are. Charlie is thinking how much he's giving up for her - the house for instance. Toadie thinks she's worth it. It's his friends making him choose between them and not her. And there's no competition anyway. She feels so lucky, and thought there were women falling over themselves to get to him! She might be saying it too soon, but she's falling in love with him.
Number 30
Amy comes in and Lance sees that she's a bit shaken. She feels a bit creeped out and tells him Fanto tried to crack onto her. Lance can't believe it - what a 'total sleazebag jerk'. He needs a 'good smack in the head'. Amy pulls him back, wondering if she got it wrong. He asks what he said and she tells him that he asked her to pose nude. Lance breaks away, going off to 'teach him a lesson.'
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Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3426
Lance Wilkinson, Joel Samuels

Felicity Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3426
Felicity Scully, Joe Scully

Charlie Thorpe in Neighbours Episode 3426
Charlie Thorpe

Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3426
Lance Wilkinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Joel Samuels

Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3426
Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3426
Amy Greenwood

Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3426
Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

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