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Neighbours Episode 3425 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3425
Australian airdate: 29/10/99
UK airdate: 21/1/00
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: BOB trained by Anne Hura
Dahl trained by Jason Hura
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Charlie asks Toadie if she can move in.
No 26
Michelle tells Steph she's chosen carpentry for her work experience. Steph immediately realises it's because she fancies Billy. In an effort to avoid talking about it, Michelle decides to go for a walk. Outside, she bumps into Lance and they exchange small talk about Bob and the house.
No 30
Toadie tells Joel that Charlie is completely crazy about him. Joel urges him to take it slowly, but Toadie feels he's won Gold. Joel asks what changed their minds, Toadie blames cold feet. Lance comes in with Bob, all smiles because he thinks Felicity likes him, although none of them can remember her name.
No 28
Felicity comes to see Bill. She's been thinking about her work experience and it 'hit her' that she's always been interested in carpentry. He asks her a few questions about carpentry, but she's very vague. She asks if he can give her a placement at his workshop. It's clear she doesn't know anything about carpentry, but she's very keen. He suggests going to a bigger joinery.
Lou asks Drew to fix the taps. Drew says he's on his day off. Lou says they're partners, but Drew points out that's in the garage, not the pub. Drew says that Lou seems to be making more than 50% of the decisions and not consulting him. Lou says he just has trouble coming to terms with sharing the responsibility, but he'll get over it. Lou's rubbing his hands as they are still itchy from the plants. Drew thinks that's funny and proof there's justice in the world after all.
No 26
Steph says Flick left herself wide open by not doing her research to impress Bill. Flick says she's serious about woodwork, and Steph tells her to try again, but she's nervous about facing Bill again, but she still denies she's interested in him only.
Karl downs some much needed water after a run. Anne talks to him about the pleasure and pain of running. He asks how Phil, Ruth and Hannah are settling in up in Darwin. Flick comes in just in time to hear him ask about the art workshop and how she's split with Bill.
No 30
Joel says the place is a mess, and Lance says he'll clean it later. Joel says he and Toadie were relying on Lance to be the clean one, but he's enjoying the freedom of not having parents breathing down his neck. Toadie pops his head round to say goodbye on his way to meeting Charlie, and Joel asks Lance what he thinks of her. Lance thinks Toadie is pathetic when he's in love, but Joel thinks it's strange that she dumped him, and she came back and it's all back on again. Neither of them have said anything to Toadie, as she only stayed one night. 'It's not like she's moving in' says Lance.
Bill comes in and talks to Anne (watched by Flick). He asks how the warehoue is going 'fine' is the response. She asks about his trip plans. He says he has the work coming in, so he should be leaving before Christmas. Anne leaves.
Flick approaches Bill at the counter and says she's embarrassed about this morning. Bill says it's OK. She tells him she's been swotting up and she's still really keen on carpentry. Again he tells her she'd be better off approaching a big joinery firm. She asks him to let her talk to him about it. He says it can't hurt.
Karl comes in looking bored, and Lou jokes that the marital bed is empty. He says at times like these, he should be out painting the town red. He invites Karl over later to watch the game. Drew comes out from the back and says he has an idea to promote good will. He says Jeff Greenwood, Amy's brother is captain of the cricket team and they need a sponsor. Lou flinches at the thought of spending money but Drew says it's an investment, and persuades Karl to talk him into it. Karl is quite keen to join the cricket team and suggests an impromptu game. Lou is still scratching from the flowers.
Flick tries to impress Bill with what she's learned from the book. She says she wants to make a couple of collection boxes as she collects money for good causes. He's still not keen on her working with him, but she doesn't take no for an answer and leaves him speechless before telling him she'll be in later that afternoon.
Anne runs into a very happy Toadie and guesses that he's in love. He asks for her advice re Charlie wanting to move in, because she moved in with Fanto. She says it's a totally different situation, but how do Lance and Joel feel? He says he didn't ask them. She says as long as they're happy she doesn't see why not and it's good to see him so happy.
No 30
Joel complains about the state of the house and says they need to clean it. Lance just reads the paper, and says he's not doing everything. Joel suggests they get a cleaning roster, but Lance thinks if you leave these things long enough, they sort themselves out. Toadie comes in and says he has great news - Charlie's going to move in.
Flick comes in and drops her book on the floor. Bill is surprised to see her so early. He shows her around and she's impressed. She looks at a table leg and says that's the kind of thing she'd like to make. Bill tells her she won't be up to that and she says she didn't expect to be. He's 'a real artist' she says. He tells her he can only offer her menial stuff like sweeping the floor and making coffee, with the chance to watch him work. She's not keen, but covers up and takes the deal.
No 30
Joel and Lance are trying to talk Toadie out of letting Charlie stay. Toadie asks what the problem is and Lance backs off, saying it was all down to Joel, who says there's something about her he doesn't like. Toadie points out they had to put up with Geri. Joel says he doesn't know Charlie that well. Toadie says that's up to him. Joel decides to tell him about the phone call he overheard and how he doesn't think she's over Rupert. He walks out, bumping into Drew, who's come to invite them for a game of cricket. Toadie tells them to keep their noses out of his business.
No 28
Toadie wants to see Bill, but he isn't there. Karl asks him what's up and he says that he's just got one part of his life sorted, and another's collapsed. Bill comes in and complains about Flick snowballing him into giving her work experience. Karl says they should both forget their problems and join them for a game of street cricket.
No 26
Flick tells Steph about the work experience 'sweeping up' Steph tells her that she'll have to convince dad, since she's never shown the slightest bit of interest in woodwork.
Toadie bowls out Lance, Drew catches Lou out and Toadie bowls out Bill. When Joel takes the bat, Toadie moves further up the street with malice in his eyes and the intention of a hard shot.
No 30
Lance and Joel clean up the kitchen. Lance wonders how long Toadie will stay mad. Joel isn't so sure, after trying to kill him with a cricket ball. Lance thinks about giving in with Charlie, she's a good cook after all. Joel thinks it'll be a disaster, but he's more worried she's conning Toadie. Lance wonders if he'll ever speak to them again, but Joel thinks he'll come round. Toadie comes in and says that he's going to move out and get a place with Charlie.
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