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Neighbours Episode 3424 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3424
Australian airdate: 28/10/99
UK airdate: 20/01/00
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Roy Stanley Cameron Douglas
Daniel Fitzgerald Brett Tucker
Charlie Thorpe Katrina Baylis
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Joe and Lyn assess the move
Harold and Madge watch bikers pull up at No 26
No 26
The bikers rev up their engines as Madge, Harold and Lou look on. Toadie and Joel come out to look too. Steph comes out of the house in her bike leathers. One of the bikers comments 'looks like we've got fans' Steph replies 'better give them something worth watching'. She gets on her bike and they drive out of the street.
Inside, Joe and Lyn have been watching from the window. Lyn is embarrassed that the neighbours aren't impressed. Joe says they'll have to get used to it. They agree that Steph is just showing off for shock value. Lyn is worried what the neighbours will think. She says they seem like a nice lot, but Joe just thinks they come round for a stickybeak at their stuff, and now they've got cable, 'Professor Karl Kennedy' has practically moved in. Lyn wants to go round dropping off cards for a home hairdressing service, and she's worried. Joe thinks she'll be beating them away from the door.
No 30
Toadie says Steph looked hot in her leathers. Joel asked what happened to Charlie? Toadie says he blew it when he moved in for a kiss and she knocked him back. He's doing a lovers request show at the radio station and invites Joel to join him in order to meet the women of the dreams.
Steph's gang pull up the garage and Drew is impressed. He says he's doing up a bike out the back, and Steph offers to help him out. In the meantime, she asks him to adjust her brakes. Lou comes out and asks him to put ribbons round the flower pots he's selling. Drew is surprised and says he's busy helping Steph. Lou introduces himself and Steph jokes she didn't realise she brought her bike to a flower shop. Drew asks Steph to give them a moment and he and Lou argue about the flowers, and who consults who on the busness. Drew tells him to put ribbons round the pots himself if he wants them.
Joel laughs at some of the pet names the callers use. Toadie complains that the people calling in have lovers. Just then Charlie walks in and Joel leaves them to it. She says she's sorry for not calling, but her head's been messed up. She's broken up with Rupert and knows that Toadie means more to her than anyone she's ever met in her life. She kisses him passionately.
Lou sells a bunch of flowers. Drew finishes fixing Steph's bike and says he'll drop the bill in her letterbox. She jokes she won't pay, then he'll have to come visit. Lou thinks Drew's got an admirer, but he laughs it off. Libby pulls up in front of Steph who says 'hey, scooters, I remember them' and asks if she's thought about moving up to bikes. Libby just laughs. Drew says they've already met and they agree. Steph says she hasn't seen Libby around much 'but I have seen your spunky brother'. The bikes pull off to cheers from an unseen crowd. Libby and Drew comment she'll bring life in to Ramsay Street. Lou suggests Libby get a bike, as Drew seems to like the bigger numbers. Libby says what is with men and size, bigger isn't necessarily better.
Lyn brings Harold some flowers and apologises for Steph's biker friends. She comments on Madge's hair and says that she's a hairdresser. She gives her a business card and says if she can ever help in an 'emergency' to give her a call. Harold says they have the Citizen of The Year Dinner to mark the end of Harold's year that night. Lyn agrees to pop round after work. On the way out she bumps into Libby and Drew and says they can pop round any time as Steph would appreciate company her own age.
Out the back, Madge tells Harold she makes her own hair appointments. He offers to put Lyn off, but Madge says no, she doesn't want her to hate her for life. They come out to serve Libby and Drew. Drew mentions the flowers at the garage and says they aren't really in competition with the garage. Madge says between him and Dessie, it's a wonder they're not ruined.
No 30
Charlie and Toadie kiss. She thanks him for letting him stay until she finds somewhere more permanent. She goes into the kitchen which is a mess, and says she's pretty good in the kitchen. She offers to cook, but there's nothing in, so she suggests they go shopping.
Lou comes in and Madge and Harold complain about him selling flowers, and undercutting their prices. He says it's a free enterprise and all's fair in love, war and business. Harold tells Madge she has a hair appointment to get her out of the way and as she goes Lou jokes he wants to open a florists. Harold asks Lou about the flowers and he tells him what kind they are. Harold says they need to be handled with extreme care, but Lou thinks he's just trying to put him off.
Drew is dealing with a custmer complaint. When Lou comes along Drew tells him there's a problem with the flowers, they should only be handled with gloves. The customer gets his money back and Lou starts offering another customer flowers at a discount.
No 30
Charlie is on the phone arguing with Rupert. She tells him he's being cruel, and sometimes they need to spend some time apart to appreciate what they've got. The last part is overheard by Joel, coming in from swimming. When she spots him, she quickly ends the conversation and hangs up. She tells Joel that a girlfriend phoned her about problems. Joel isn't convinced. She invites him to join them for dinner.
No 24
Lyn is preparing Madge to fix her hair, who looks nervous at some of Lyn's suggestions. 'how about a nice chestnut red? Nothing brassy, takes years off you'.
No 30
Over dinner, Joel asks Charlie if she's coming back to Uni. She says she will if she passes. He asks if there will be problems with her visa, she says not if her family pay the fees. He says it's strange that she came to the Australia to study law. She says she can still practice in the UK He asks if that's why she came to Australia, and she says that's one reason.
No 24
Harold Madge and Lou are dressed smartly for the dinner. Harold says Madge's hair is 'different'. Madge doesn't like it. Harold looks to Lou to back him up.Libby and Drew come in and Libby tries to convince her it looks lovely. Lou is itching from the plants, and Madge calls it 'divine retribution'.
No 30
Charlie tells Toadie the house is lovely and he's a nice guy. She says it was never going to work with Rupert, and she's fallen for him, and hopes he's fallen for her. He says it's moving pretty fast but yeah. She says she'd like to move in. She realises he has to run it past Joel and Lance first, but what does he think?
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