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Neighbours Episode 3423 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3423
Australian airdate: 27/10/99
UK airdate: 19/01/00
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Desi Grant: Katherine McLean
Roy Stanley: Cameron Douglas
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Michelle overhears that Tad is in love with Mrs Kennedy
Tad bribes Paul to take Michelle out to keep her quiet
Tad continues to beg Paul to take Michelle out, but he refuses, saying she's a 'solar powered nutcase', and tells Tad to take her out. Tad says he would, but she's not interested in him, he fears for his reputation if word of his crush on Mrs Kennedy gets out. Paul eventually gives in.
No 26
Michelle comes in to the kitchen where Lynn is making dinner and Joe is reading the paper. She whinges to Lynn about going to the cinema with some girl friends from school. Lynn holds strong and tells her no, but she goes up to Joe and puts her arms around him and talks him round. She lies, telling him she's meeting some friends. He asks what friends, and she quickly comes up with the names Jess and Shanee.Steph comes in and asks what's going on. When Michelle tells her, she complains that she was never allowed out on school nights. Michelle leaves to get ready and Joe and Lynn try to carry on as normal.
Dessie Grant comes in and complains that Madge needs to stop stealing her menu ideas. Madge says it's a free country. She begins complaining about the amount of hours Tad's working. Dessie says she needs extra cover. Madge suggests she gets extra staff, and Dessie says she doesn't need business tips from her. Then she notices the flowers and says that Madge isn't the only one who can rip off others idea. She leaves angry and Madge and Harold look smug.
No 26
Lynn and Joe watch Karl struggling with his lawnmower in the street, laughing. Joe suggests filming it for a home video show. Lynn suggests Joe help, since he knows exactly what the problem is, but he's waiting for the cable guy. Lynn says it's the neighbourly thing to do. If he started getting on with the men in the street, she could get on with the women, and that would help her home hairdressing service. Steph comes out complaining about waiting for Michelle to get out of the shower. Joe asks her if she wants to watch 'the game'
STEPH: 'I'll spew if I miss Bosnich's first game back'.
Outside, Karl raises his voice shouting at the lawnmower. Lynne goes over to the window to see him throw his hands in the air in surrender, and looks back at Joe. He decides to get his meter out.
Joe comes out and tests the mower, confirming it is the spark plug lead and giving Karl a spare one he has. Karl invites Joe over for a beer later, but Joe says he's hoping to watch the game, and invites him over. It's obvious Karl has no real interest and is just being polite, but he says he'll bring some chips.
Dessie comes up to Tad and says that if he had a problem, he should have come to her. He clearly has no idea what she's talking about. She says that there are plenty of other kids who are keen for his job. She says she just spoke to Madge and Harold who say his school work is suffering. Tad says he's 'keen as a bean' to keep working there and she has nothing to worry about. Dessie says she certainly hopes so and leaves. Tad is relieved as he closes the bag on his bike, which is full of burgers.
Harold asks Paul and Michelle about their date, and says to Paul it's nice of him to make the neighbours feel welcome. Michelle says they are going out again tomorrow night. Joe comes in and catches her out. Pointing at Paul and Harold in turn he says 'This must be Jess, and this must be Sharnee'.Harold: 'sorry, who am I supposed to be?' Joe tells Paul that Michelle is too young for him and he should be ashamed of himself, and not to come near her again. Paul agrees, and Joe orders Michelle home.
No 26
Lynne is fixing the cable TV up. Joe comes in with Michelle and tells Lynne her and Paul were 'draped all over each other' in the coffee shop - they weren't. Michelle says they just went to a movie, and she was being neighbourly. Joe blames Lynne for putting the idea in her head, but Lynne points out he let her go. Joe says to them both it's the last time. Steph comes in and tells Joe the game's about to start. He settles down in front of the TV. Lynne wants to deal with Michelle, but Joe puts her in her place, telling her the footie comes first. The door goes and Lynne is forced to answer it, letting Karl in.
Paul is telling Madge and Harold that Michelle was blackmailing him, he was just helping Tad. Harold doesn't believe that 'that little girl' could be a blackmailer, but Madge thinks she didn't come down in the last shower. Tad comes in covered in burger sauce, seemingly having had an accident on the bike. He is furious at Madge for telling Dessie he wasn't happy with his job. He reckons he's about to get the sack, and asks her to stay out of it. Then he takes it back and asks them to help him fix up the burgers before he goes back to Grease Monkeys.
No 26
Watching the Soccer, Karl tries to get to grips with the 'offiside rule' (aren't we all?) and the red card, much to the annoyance of Joe, who tells him just to watch and he'll soon pick it up.
Paul is cooking while Tad tries to figure out the secret sauce recipe. Harold comes in and works it out. Madge says Tad has a pile of schoolwork to do, when he's done that and Miss Bell is worried abut him.
No 26
Karl is trying to make conversation about the game, but Joe isn't very keen. Lynne drags him into the kitchen and they start whispering. Joe says 'all I've done is fix his lawnmower and he's practically moved in'. Karl appears at the door and tells them he has to go, but Lynne won't hear of it.
No 24
Tad is tired at the computer. Madge asks if he's been sitting there all night, but he says he got up early to finish his book report. Paul is about to go out of the door, but Tad asks him to wait for him.
No 26
Steph is about to be late for work. Lynne complains that they're leaving her on her own 'a hairdresser with no hair to dress'. She suggest Joe get her her own salon, and he says as soon as his next big contract comes in it's hers. The door goes and Steph answers it. It's Harold. He's brought round a quiche. Steph gets Joe to the door while Lynne hides, as she's not dressed. Harold says he just wants to clear up any misunderstandings as Paul's intentions were entirely honourable. He gets nervous and flustered and says they were just being neighbourly. He goes to leave and almost forgets to give them the quiche. When he goes, Steph, Joe and Lynn start laughing.
Michelle approaches Paul in the corridor and thanks him for taking her out. She asks him out again, but he says he never will. Michelle starts singing 'Tad and Mrs Kennedy sitting in a tree, K I S S...', but Tad stop her before she can get to the end. She says she'll sing louder next time unless Paul comes to the party with her.
No 24/No 26
Paul, Harold and Madge clear up after dinner and Harold urges Paul to sort out his work experience. Madge suggests that she could use the help at the coffee shop.
PAUL: Oh, great, what a new eye-opening experience that would be.
Tad comes in having been to detentio and the library. Harold pulls him up for talking to them rudely. He's got to do his book report again, because 'the gorgeous Miss Bell' decided it wasn't good enough. Michelle rings and Paul picks up the phone. Tad begs him to be nice to her. She has made notes and runs through them. She asks him about the party, but he says he doesn't know if he'll go yet. Lynne hassles her about doing her homework and she gets off the phone and goes to her room. Joe tells her she's too hard on her, Lynn says he's King Softy. They snuggle up and assess everyhing that's happened since they moved. They decide the neighbours are a pretty close knit lot, but alright. Lynne says they'll take some getting used to. Joe says it'll take them longer to get used to the Scullys.
Harold is gardneing and Madge brings him a cup of tea. They look at No 26, and say what an alright 'lot' they are. Just then 5 bikers come roaring up and sit in the driveway of No 26, and they look on with bemusement.
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