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Neighbours Episode 3422 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3422
Australian airdate: 26/10/99
UK airdate: 18/01/00
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Daniel “Fanto” Hodges – Daniel Dinnen
Allie Bentley – Jade Bentley
Geoff Randall – Stuart Schulze
- "Local MP" by Wicked Beat Sound System
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Lance embarrases himself in front of Fanto
Fanto tells Anne not to get distracted by her brother or her best friend
Fanto apologises, but says he's seen people get distracted, caught up in other people's lives and makes art just a hobby. He explains how his family isn't close and they just think his art is a passing phase. He says art takes commitment 'There's no way I'm letting you finish up as some ditzy hobby painter'. Anne just smiles.
NO 24
Watching a pop video, Michelle talks while Paul listens unhappily. She's telling him how a lot of her friends think she looks older than her age
MICHELLE: How old do you think I am?
PAUL: I dunno, 11?
MICHELLE: No, 12, but people say I look heaps older
Madge and Harold come in and Michelle leaves. We hear her having a brief argument with Tad on the doorstep, Madge and Harold aren't impressed with him working late, and they tell him neither is Miss Bell very happy with his performance at school. They want to have a word with Dessie and get his shifts change, but he pleads with them not to do that, saying he'll talk to her.
No 30
Lance and Amy are trying to think of a few things they like about Fanto before conceding they both think he's a pig. They can't decide what she sees in him. Amy thinks that Lance feels the need to be protective towards Anne since Ruth left. Lance says she's babbling. He thinks Anne is an idiot for teaming up with Fanto, but she'll figure it out. Lance says they've got the place to themselves tonight, but Amy is going with Harold to the Salvos. Amy says there are people in need of her help. Lance says there's a man in need right there, and Amy laughs at his selfish attitude.
Tad comes in and pleads his case to Tess. He says if she has a problem in future come straight to him. She puts him in his place, calling him Wayne to wind him up, and telling him she's sorted more smart alec little brats than he's had hot dinners. She leaves telling him not to be late for school or he'll get a detention. Michelle comes in, and asks Madge if she has any work. Madge says she might be able to use some help with the wahing and ironing.
Michelle spots Paul talking to Allie in the corridor and gives her the evil eye. They pile into class and Miss Bell gets Flick to introduce herself to the class before setting them down to some Shakespeare. Tad rings a bell he's got hidden under his arm. Miss Bell hears it, but can't work out where it's come from, so she tries to get on with the lesson.
Fanto and Ann are planning to turn the warehouse into a public gallery. Anne thinks it won't cost them anything, but Fanto's idea is that Anne cover costs from the house rental. Before Anne can answer, Amy comes in. she complains about how many carrotts she's peeled for Harold, and says that she just wants to hang out at the warehouse. Fanto asks Anne if she wants work or a social life.
Miss Bell finally catches Tad with the bell, He denies everything and she tries to get on with the lesson. He rings it again and she threatens to keep the class back during the break.
Madge tells Harold that Lou has shown an interest in the flowers and he thinks he might want to start selling flowers in the pub. They discuss how competing with Grease Monkeys hasn't really worked. Harold suggests changing the theme of the coffee shop to a more Australian one, rather than American.
Amy is gossipping on the phone, to the irritation of Fanto. She's doodling over what turns out to be his sketches. They leave and she resists the temptation to doodle over his painting.
Miss Bell comes to see Tad at the end of the day. She asks him what he hoped to achieve with the bell stunt, which wasn't original. She's seen his type of behaviour before and it won't get him anywhere. He says he doesn't know what she's talking about.
Michelle tells Flick she's going to the coffee shop. Paul tells Allie that's where she's going and they all leave together.
Allie is copying everything Paul does. Flick tells Tad that she's noticed Paul looking at her and he's wasting his time, and she asks about Bill's workshop. Michelle asks Madge for her house keys, but Madge says she only said she'd talk about her working at the house. Michelle tells Allie to give up on Paul. Harold comes in with more roses, and an Australian phrase book. He wants to try some phrases on the customers. 'how are ya mate, alright' or 'stone the flamin' crows, it's a two-dog night'. Madge cracks up laughing.
Amy puts the finishing touches to a chair she's paiting and knocks the water over. As she's cleaning it up, she knocks Fano's painting over it. She tries to clean that up, but ends up rubbing the paint off. Fanto and Anne come back. She tries to cover up, but Fanto notices and shouts out. Anne says she should leave, and Fanto sits on the chair before she can warn him it's wet.
No 26
Michelle is in the house and hides when she hears Paul and Tad come in. They're talking about how obsessed Paul is with Flick. Paul says obsessed is more like Tad and Mrs Kennedy, which Michelle overhears.
No 30
Amy whinges to Lance about Fanto's attitude toward her. Anne comes in to see if Amy is alright, and Amy apologises about knocking the painting off. Amy tells Anne that Bill is planning to use Libby's spare ticket to travel overseas.
Tess comes in and gets confused by Harold's attempts at Aussie lingo She tells Madge that Tad is challenging her authority in the classroom and slipping behind in his schoolwork. Madge says he'll have to give up his job at Grease Monkeys.
No 26
Michelle asks Paul if he'll go to the cinema with her to see 'Phantom Menace' but he refuses. Tad is crashed out in a chair. Michelle leaves, saying she's prepared to tell everyone about Tad's crush on Mrs K. Tad begs Paul to take her out and gives him money.
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