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Neighbours Episode 3421 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3421
Australian airdate: 25/10/99
UK airdate: 17/01/00
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: David 'Fanto' Hodges: Daniel Dinnen
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "The Living Earth" by Richard Harvey
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Billy offers to take Drew's ticket and go away with Libby.
The Warehouse where everyone knows Fanto's Name
Fanto is asking why Anne hit the roof over Billy taking his love letters back; he doesn't understand why Anne cares when their not going out any more. Anne says that Bill was worried about Fanto reading them, and that she thinks they should be more considerate about Billy. Fanto feels that Anne still likes Billy, and doesn't want to be the third person in their relationship.
Fanto also explains that there's an exhibition to prepare for, so Anne had better get painting.
The Kennedys' where Karl is a Lone Parent
Karl says that there's no way that Billy is going trekking with Libby through the Himalayas, and Libbys says there's no way she's going trekking through the Himalayas, so that's okay, then. Karl doesn't want Bill to go at all - he has responsibilities with his business.
Karl thinks that Bill's being irrational - just as Bill appears at the door and hears everything that's said. He leaves and slams the door,
KARL: Who was that?
LIBBY: The irrational one. I think he got the message.
KARL: Oh. Great.
The Coffee Shop where Anne and ScaryFanto™ are Talking
Anne and Fanto talk about the upcoming exhibition, and she's looking forward to focusing on something positive. They order drinks, and Amy approaches trying to send Amnesty badges; Anne agrees to buy another one, and Fanto reluctantly buys one, too. Amy asks if Anne spoke to 'a certain person about a certain box of documents,' and Fanto leaves them to talk about Bill's love letters without having to talk in code.
AMY: My, my. Must be why Michael Angelo was so touchy when he painted the Christine Chapel.
ANNE: Yeah, that was the Sistine Chapel.
Anne explains that Fanto's sick of hearing about Billy - oh, and please can they talk about something else?
Ramsay Street where The Irrational One is being Watched
Flick is hiding behind a bush, watching Bill washing the car. Tad and Paul approach, and Paul looks rather put out. Tad whistles at her.
FLICK: Did you know you could get fined for whistling at a girl?
TAD: I told you it was sexist, Paul.
PAUL: It wasn't me!
TAD: Terrible thing, sexism.
They ask Flick what she's up to - she's about to go to the shops, but they have homework to do. They realise that they're all in Year 10, and Flick says that she'll see them at school tomorrow. She walks off, and Tad tells Paul they should go inside before his tongue gets cold.
Flick walks past Bill and bids him good day, asking if he works around here. She tells him how much she likes traditional woodwork and he tells her that she's standing on his hose.
Oo-er missus.
The Bishops' where Paul and Tad are Being Lads
Tad asks if Paul likes Flick so much, why he didn't want to go down to the shops with her - Paul wants to play things cool. Tad says that she's far too sophisticated for him, but Paul wants to aim high.
Lou's Place where we find Lou being a Schemer
Lou is doing some 'market research' to find out if love is still in the air - by asking Lance to do something with flowers that we're not really quite sure about, yet, but you can bet your life it's to be in competition with Madge and Harold. Billy enters the pub and Lou asks him how often he buys his girlfriend flowers. He says never, whether he has a girlfriend or not.
Billy asks where Amy is - isn't she usually strapped to Lance's side these days? No, no - apparently she's talking with Anne, but Lance is over the whole "isn't so cool to be an artist thing that Fanto has." How to make friends and keep 'em, eh, Lance? Bill smiles. Lance asks Billy if he wants to come over, and Billy agrees - because Karl's on the warpath about going oversees, and Lance wants to hear all about this one...
On the way out they run into Fanto who wants to talk about Anne. Fanto doesn't understand why Bill continues to hurt Anne, but Bill says that it was unfinished business and it's all over. Bill says he's not interested in getting Anne back, and it's over. SmarmyFanto™ stands at the bar looking very, well....smarmy.
The Coffee Shop Where Amy and Anne are Still Talking
Hey - didn't this exact same thing happen in yesterday's episode? Amy is trying to convince Anne to have a housewarming party at the warehouse, but Anne's not really into it - although she might be able to compromise on dinner. Fanto returns and Amy suggests dinner that evening - Fanto isn't taken by this idea - he'd prefer to do this at the pub. Amy says she'll speak to Lance about it.
Fanto likens Amy to eczema - hard to get rid of, and an itch that's always there. Anne defends her, saying that she's a really good friend, and her brother's girlfriend. Fanto makes snide remarks about having a cosy little dinner. Anne isn't looking too impressed by this behaviour.
The Kennedys' where Lovely Karl is enjoying the Internet
Unlike myself, whose entertainment never includes using my laptop for downloading, or writing fanfic, or downloading or MSN chats or...ahem. Karl is astounded that there are so many internet sites devoted to pushbikes. Wasn't that phrase last used in the 70s? And have you noticed how my recaps become so much more lively when we're in the vicinity of Susan and Karl? Susan's not actually here, though - she's away at a conference in case you haven't read yesterday's recap. I miss her.
Anyway, Karl...
KARL: Old bikes, new bikes, what's this...fantasy bikes? Oh, no, no, that can't be right can it? Ugh - there should be a law against this.
LIBBY: (leaning over his shoulder) Oh I think that anything with the word fantasy in it, dad, is asking for trouble.
KARL: Yeah, well - I'm gonna have to get one of those programmes (turns his head to the side to see something on screen) that vets these things...
Wonder if this was one of those filler scenes?
Libby goes to look at a budgeting travelling site. Karl doesn't know how Lib's going to afford this trip: "why is my wallet suddenly feeling very nervous." If Libby wasn't his daughter, I swear I'd be writing a fanfic right now. Libby says that Karl helped Mal establish himself in London, and helped Billy out with his business, so couldn't he help her go travelling? Equality, and all that? Karl's concerned about her missing out on any uni, and thinks that while his wallet will have a rest, this is more of a chequebook situation.
Libby is thrilled and throws her arms around Karl. Aw.
No 30 where we find the Boys having Boytalk
Bill's telling Lance that Fanto is stupid for needing something to prove. But he's definitely over it - the photos put it in perspective, and now he has the overseas trip to look forward to. Amy comes in and tells Lance that they're late - for what, he wants to know? Amy doesn't really want to say with Bill in the room, but Lance is getting the hint about that.
Amy says that they've been invited to dinner with Anne at Billy at the pub, and Bill is pleased that he can say the words "Anne and Fanto" in one sentence without foaming at the mouth. Oooh - I don't know, sure I can see little saliva, there, Bill.
The Scullys' where there is still a Lot Of Unpacking to do
Paul comes round to invite Flick round to watch a video - she seems uninterested, especially if Tad's there. Michelle would love to go though, but Paul doesn't seem too keen on anything she has to say. Flick has seen Romeo & Juliet and Titanic (saying under her breath that Leonardo DiCaprio looks like Billy), so Michelle's very pleased that it'll just be her, Paul and Tad. Flick wants a quiet night.
The Kennedys' where we find Gorgeous Karl being Manipulated
Bill's trying to persuade Karl to fund his trip away with Libby, but Karl's not convinced about the trip at all. Billy also points out that he's asking for a loan, not a handout. Karl doesn't think it's very adult of Billy to skip town just because things are getting tough, but Bill says it's only for a couple of weeks, during which time he'll recharge his batteries and be productive when he comes home.
Karl's not giving in on the loan - Billy has a business to run and money invested in it which he's going to protect, thank you very much.
Billy says he'll do it on his own and storms off.
Lou's Place where Amy Knows Art
Amy, Lance, Anne and Fanto™ are all having dinner together, and they are talking about the exhibition - Amy didn't think artists made money until they were dead. Fanto takes offence and doesn't think it's all about money - it is when the rent's due, though, comments Lance. Fanto seems mightily unimpressed. Amy is finding it hard to find anything in common with Fanto.
AMY: Hey, if you painted a painting with a lot of blue and a lot of green in it I think my mum would buy it.
FANTO: Yeah? Is she interested in art?
AMY: No, no not really. (Pause) But the couch is blue, and the curtains are green so I think she'd be into anything that matches. Or I could buy a painting - I'm into red colours.
Amy comments - oh so subtly - that Bill's going oversees. Anne says that she didn't know, but that she's really pleased for him. He'll have a good time. Neither she nor Fanto look happy about it - for very different reasons.
The Bishops' where we find some Babysitters
Michellle loved Titanic (although I'll tell you for nothing that it isn't the Titanic music in the background) but Paul and Tad are not at all impressed. Tad goes to make juice when the 'phone rings:
TAD: Reeves and McClain's babysitting service?
Tad has to leave, so he leaves Paul with Michelle, Romeo and Juliet. Quite literally.
The Kennedys' where Bill is investigating The Trip
Karl is cooking dinner while Bill and Libby are talking travel. Bill thinks he can raise some money by selling off some of his things, like books and CDs. Karl tries to give Billy another sermon on why he shouldn't leave but neither Bill or Libby are interested in hearing it. He says it anyway - if Billy's taking this holiday just to get away from Anne, she'll still be here when he gets back. Libby agrees their dad, and thinks the trip could backfire on him.
Lou's Place where we find some Psuedo-Confusion happening
Fanto is trying to convince Lance that Post-Modernism is history whilst Amy sucks the last of her drink through her straw. Lance talks about Pseudo-Intellectuals and Pseudo-Echoes which bypasses me completely - maybe the latter is an Australian cultural reference. Either way, he and Amy are taking the mickey out of Fanto, and declare that they have to leave now.
Anne and Fanto also get up to leave. Amy offers to have her mum come by and looking at some paintings, but Fanto doesn't think he's got anything in her colour scheme.
The Warehouse where it looks Really Cold
Is it me, or does this warehouse look really uninspiring and SO cold? I can practically see their breath. Fanto asks Anne if she's okay about Bill going oversees - she says that she's sure. She then asks if tonight was really, really bad for him? He didn't understand Amy or Lance's sense of humour - and was Amy really serious about her mother wanting a painting that matched her décor?
Fanto then puts down Lance about his understanding of art, and that his conversation has no merit or relevance. Fanto thinks they're 'nice' people but not his type, and they're not Anne's type either. In fact, Lance and Amy are just a distraction from working.
ANNE: Are you telling me you don't want me to see my brother or my best friend?
What an excellent time to be hit with...
End Credits
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