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Neighbours Episode 3420 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3420
Australian airdate: 22/10/99
UK airdate: 14/01/00
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Teresa Bell: Krista Vendy
Jeff Rowlings: Paul Robertson
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Jeremai
Billy finds photos of him and Anne and old love letters in Lance's car and takes them, claiming they're his, not Anne's.
The Coffee Shop where we find Amy Doing Her Bit
Amy is trying to sell Amnesty International badges to Coffee Shop customers, flattering men to sell lapel pins. Amy makes a mistake by saying that Amnesty help refugees, and a customer corrects her - they actually help prisoners of conscience; of course they do, Amy says, but if they had more money then they could help the refugees couldn't they?
Amy logic.
Ramsay Street where we find Delicious Karl in a Very Tight Spot
Actually, he's in a very tight and conspicuous cycling outfit - but I'm not complaining. Anne approaches and compliments him on his stretching. She's looking for Billy - Susan and Libby might know where he is. So guess where we're off to next, boys and girls?
The Kennedys' where Susan might know where Billy Is
Libby is complaining that Drew is so lacking in passion - he's too self-controlled. Busily hunting for something, Susan thinks he's perfect and won't hear a word against him. Anne comes in and asks if they know where Bill is? He's not at Pinhead's. Seriously - who names these people? They promise to get Bill to call Anne as soon as he's home, and she leaves.
The Park where we find Karl cycling Tightly
Karl cycles through the park and past Billy who's looking at photos of him and Anne when they were together. Aw - he looks all sad and morose.
BILL: Do you have any idea how tragic you look in all that lycra?
KARL: So you've told me endlessly. Why is it that when someone's over the age of 30 and they wear lycra it's tragic - that's ageist, you know.
BILL: You can wear normal clothes when you go riding - the lycra's not going to make you go any faster.
KARL: Well that is debatable, actually. You may well scoff but in a few weeks I'll have rippling muscles to compliment this lycra, you'll see.
Oooh - I can't wait. And with that, Karl cycles off into Amy. She tries to sell him an Amnesty badge, and he asks her if she gets a cut of the profits. Amy takes offence at this and says no - she cares about the starving masses. Karl points out that Amnesty helps political prisoners. She knows that, but she's speaking metaphorically about the masses who are starving for freedom.
AMY: Now do you want a badge?
KARL: I haven't got any money on me.
AMY: Huh, that's what all you stingy people say.
KARL: Come on, give me a break - look what I'm wearing!
AMY: Yes, well, I was going to mention that as well.
Karl takes a badge that Billy can pay for and cycles off again. Amy sits next to Billy and asks if Karl's going through a mid-life crisis. (Didn't he do that with Sarah?) Amy tells Bill not to go through photos of him with Anne - he needs to be a happy bachelor. But Billy doesn't want to get over her, and tells Amy to leave.
The Coffee Shop where Lou is Creeping Up on people
Madge and Harold discuss the fact that they haven't heard from Teabag in a while which has to be a good thing, but they're both still worried. Lou has crept up on them and Madge scolds him for eavesdropping. He only wants a lemon slice and a cup of tea, though.
Lou asks why they're now selling flowers, and Madge tells him that they're branching out. Lou comments that it'll never work as those flowers have no shelf life. Madge scolds him again - he may be right, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Lou sits himself down as Amy enters the place. She asks to offload all the cash she has gained so far, which she does, and Harold's pleased with her hard work. Amy says she gets a great feeling from helping - it makes her feel all warm and fuzzy. Harold offers to take her to the soup kitchen one night as she likes helping so much.
Anne interrupts and asks if Amy's seen Billy because he's no longer in the park.
The Kennedys' where Bill has Something To Prove
Bill tells Libby that he wrote the letters, but she claims that he then gave them to Anne, so they're not really his anymore. Susan says that Anne was around earlier looking for him
The Coffee Shop where Anne is still talking
Anne says that Bill grabbed the photos and letters from the car and just apparently took off. Amy thinks that's sweet, but Anne thinks it's just annoying.
The Kennedys' where Bill is still trying to prove Something
Libby tells Billy to stop agonising - just give the friggin' letters back already!
SUSAN: Well I can see your point. It's always been the etiquette that the writer of love letters gets them back when the romance is over.
LIBBY: Etiquette?
SUSAN: Yes, etiquette. Don't pretend you've never heard the word before.
BILLY: Thank you, at least someone's on my side.
The Coffee Shop where Anne is talking even more...
Amy tells Anne that she should get over it - he was in the park earlier looking at the photos and letters. Anne is cross with Amy, but Amy says that Bill was just looking at a really old photo of them together where Anne had an awful top on, but luckily her taste has changed. Amy tells Anne that Billy's just hurting.
The Kennedys' where Susan and Libby are still folding sheets
How many sheets? They've been doing this for their last three scenes. Lib tells Billy to photocopy the letters and give the originals back. Bill wants the originals. His originals. Susan tells Libby to stop teasing him, and Bill explains that he doesn't want Fanto (name, hello??) seeing them.
The Coffee Shop where Anne should Stop Now
Anne explains that she's cross because Billy should have just talked to her about it and he didn't. If he wants to get over her, he's really going about it the wrong way.
Lou's Place where Lou is No Longer Creeping
Libby and Drew come into Lou's Place where an enthusiastic Lou offers them a drink. They order, and Lib tells Drew that Bill must have all the sentimental genes in their family as he's going mad about breaking up with Anne, and of course Libby would never be soppy over love letters.
Drew laughs, saying that of course, Libby is a pragmatist about everything unless she thinks Drew's not being romantic - when she then just becomes plain unreasonable. But he'll get used to it.
Lou wants to know why Drew has given Libby flowers. Libby says that she complained to Drew about not being romantic, so he bought her flowers which was very cliché. Lou finds out that they come from The Coffee Shop...
Lib and Drew sit down and Lib continues to complain about Billy. Drew tells Libby that she clearly loves fights - she talks about Billy's and she picks them with him. Libby says that Susan thinks Drew's perfect, and Drew agrees that Susan is a very discerning woman.
Tess comes into the pub, also with flowers for her husband for their wedding anniversary. She also got them at The Coffee Shop, to Lou's horror.
The Coffee Shop where Lou is still in Horror
Lou says hello to Madge and asks if he'd left his glasses here earlier? No, he hasn't. He asks about the flowers and their business - apparently they've done well. Madge spots Lou's glasses in his pocket, and as Harold goes off to meet Amy at the soup kitchen at the salvo centre, Madge yells:
MADGE: And don't let her talk fashion with those poor people - they've suffered enough.
The Kennedys' where the Family are Gathering
Libby comes in and asks where Susan is. Karl says that she's in bed looking over school budgets, and he's about to join her.
LIB: Oh, into school budgets, are you?
KARL: No. But I am into spending time with your mother, and if that means I have to put up with school budgets then so be it.
Libby asks if Bill has spoken to Anne - he tells her to butt out. Bill asks how Drew is, and Libby says he's just the same. They ask each other if they've run into the Scullys since recently? Bill hasn't, but says that Lyn was all over Karl when she realised that he was a doctor, which Libby thinks Karl will love.
They watch TV together, and Lib tells Bill he has to talk to Anne.
The Warehouse where we find a Large Red Painting
Bill walks up behind Anne, calling her name, and she turns to face him.
The Coffee Shop where Madge is still talking Flowers
Madge serves Tess and Susan, and asks Tess how the roses went down with her hubby; apparently very well.
Tess tells Susan it was her wedding anniversary, and even her husband remembered. Susan asks how Tess is getting on with Year 10. Tess says they're fun, but very hard work, and that Tad is giving her a bit of a hard time. Susan says she actually misses having a homeroom class, and that she's off for a conference for a week tomorrow to learn about things which are nothing to do with teaching. Damn - no Suse in UKtv Gold for a bit, then.
Susan asks if Tess has any regrets about working here, and Tess says absolutely not, except Tad Reeves.
SUSAN: He's not really getting to you, is he?
TESS: No, I suppose it takes more than some wayward teenager to bother me. We'll come to an understanding, and it'll be on my terms.
Susan smiles, but looks a bit concerned.
The Warehouse where we find Anne being Very Very Cross
Bill says he didn't mean to take the photos and letters, but Anne isn't having any of it. He asks her why it's so important that she keep them, and Anne retorts that she has her reasons. Bill says that if she wants to get on with her life, his letters shouldn't even matter. Bill also doesn't want anyone here at the Warehouse reading them, and Anne yells that he can just keep them, then. He walks away and she looks really upset.
Lou's Place where we find the Lovely Drew
Drew comes in and asks Lou to sign something for the car garage. Drew tells Lou that he's bought a new coffee plunger, coffee mugs and now keeps the coffee in the fridge. Lou doesn't seem to like any little changes being made - he wants to be consulted at least.
The paper that Drew has handed over is for an advert for their business.
The Coffee Shop where Susan and Tess are Just Leaving
Susan asks Tess if she and Brendan did anything special for their anniversary. No - he had to work late and they were too tired to go out. Susan said that she and Karl don't do anything specific either, except for their 25th which was last year. Aw - I remember that ep.
They leave and run into Lou on the way out, who approaches Harold and asks about the Soup Kitchen. Apparently Amy got on well, but nearly fainted with shock when one lad told her he hadn't had a bath for a week. Lou asks about there flower buckets - Madge restocked this morning and Lou asks how they're selling. Lou takes his vanilla slice and leaves.
The Kennedys' where we find a Smokin' Fire
Libby finds Billy burning all his photos and letters with Anne. She begs him not to burn everything and keep some for sentimental value. Bill asks if Drew is still refusing to go away with her, and if so, he'll take Drew's ticket.
End Credits
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Jeff Rowlings, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3420
Jeff Rowlings, Amy Greenwood

Anne Wilkinson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Anne Wilkinson, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Libby Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Karl Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3420
Karl Kennedy, Amy Greenwood

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3420
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3420
Amy Greenwood, Anne Wilkinson

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3420
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Tess Bell, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3420
Tess Bell, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Dahl, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Dahl, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3420
Anne Wilkinson

Tess Bell, Madge Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Tess Bell, Madge Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Tess Bell, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Tess Bell, Susan Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3420
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3420
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3420
Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

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