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Neighbours Episode 3412 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3412
Australian airdate: 12/10/99
UK airdate: 04/01/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Natalie Rigby Nicki Paull (not in episode, but listed in credits)
Allie Bentley Jade Butler
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Hannah discovers the note in Paul's bag
Paul meets the mystery letter writer by the lake - Hannah's best friend.
Paul tells Allie that she's really nice/attractive but he's not available at the moment. She asks why he came and Paul tells her that he just wanted to see who the letter writer was. He didn't expect it to be Hannah's best friend. Allie asks if he thinks she's a rat. He says no, he does think she's nice. He asks why she didn't wait until after Hannah left. She says she just didn't want him to get with anyone else. He tells her that her and Hannah were going to try to keep things going long distance. Paul asks why she felt she had to keep things secret. She says she thought if he didn't say anything to Hannah (and Hannah didn't say anything to her) then he might be interested. She realises she's made a fool of herself and asks if they're still friends. As she goes to leave she grabs Paul by the hand and kisses him. Just in time for Hannah to come along and see!
NO 28
Karl arrives home with Libby, who's clutching travel brochures Karl refers to as junk mail. Susan is sitting on the couch with the magazine that Karl gave an interview to, and says he won't be happy when he's read it. He's amazed it's out so quickly but Libby says short lead time and journalstic quality don't go hand in hand. Karl flicks through the magazine until he gets to the two-page article headed 'Love Obsessed Doctor's Bush Ordeal' Libby reads a box out '...when his long suffering wife was no longer able to tolerate his philandering was herself driven to inidelity'. Susan says 'apparently I was so devestated when my lover abandoned me, I threw your father out of the house'. Karl thinks the article is ludicrous and Susan points out a bit about 'his long term liaison with his receptionist'.Libby says it isn't a classy magazine and no-one takes it seriously. 'While "Dcotor Love" himself was guarded on the subject, Marguerite learned from a close personal frioend...." Libby thinks they just made it up, but Susan points out that most of it is true.They are both horrified and considering their positions at work and standing in the community. Libby: Magazines like that are a standing joke, I can't think of one person in Ramsay Street who'd be caught dead reading that"......
Famous last words.
Lou is reading the article with his best 'Sid James' chuckle. Harold says it's not funny, and Madge says it's the last thing they need when they're just trying to sort things out. Drew wonders who the family friend is, and Harold says not to mention it until they do. The subject moves to Teabag and his menacing. Drew says they should go to the police. They think that'll just let him know they're worried. Madge hopes he gets run out of town.
NO 28
Karl has been on hold for 20 minutes to the magazine people. They won't put him through to the journalist he spoke to before, and they eventually hang up on him. Libby asks why he went to that magazine, and he says it was the first one that rang after he spoke to Susan, she thinks he's blaming her and he tries to calm her down. Libby suggests he should have done his research so he starts blamiong himself. He considcers suing and Libby says that although it has happened, he can be fighting them for years and will just give them extra publicity and Susan says they don't want that. Karl says they can't go calling people 'Dr Love' and get away with it. Libby says that they didn't, the claimed a neighbour said that, but try proving it. Susan says it'll all blow over in a few days
Amy is upset that Joel is upset with her about the Aeroplane Game. Lance is trying to console her, saying she did the best she could for everyone. Hannah walks passed them obviously in a bad mood, followed by Paul.
Lance follows Hannah in and tries to ask her what's wrong. She won't tell him and asks 'what's wrong with you people?' 'What people' 'Men'. Paul comes in and denies he was doing anything. Lance tries to make a quick exit, but Hannah runs to her room telling Paul 'I don't' care if I never see you again'. Lance "They always say that'
NO 24
Paul is furious that Tad let Hannah go in his bag and read the letters. Madge and Harold walk in and tell them about their day and the trouble with Teabag. Harold starts playing with the drums which Tad is using for the video. Madge asks they boys to do some chores while she's at self defense, and Tad says he has to go as he has a late shift at Greamse Monkeys. Madgte isn't so impressed that Desi is making him work late. As Tad gets up he knocks over a cymbal, and Harold tries to catch it, but it falls, causing Madge to shout at Harold
NO 22
Lou has signed a contract and wants Drew to sign, saying it's a draught and there will plenty of room for negotiations later, but Drew says he'd rather negotiate before he signs. Lou suggests calling it a 'deal memo' but Drew won't have it. He wants to run it past Phil, a suggtestion Lou is none too keen on. He takes himself upstairs to check Lolly, leaving Drew to talk with Libby Drew says if it was up to him, he'd walk away. Libby points out it is up to him, but Drew doesn't want to hurt Lou's feelings.
LIBBY: So you're worried Lou will be offended if you don't let him rip you off?
DREW: Er, Yeah, something like that.
Libby says what he needs is a little break away from everything. She pulls out the holiday brochures and wants Drew to look at them. He says he'd love to go but there's a problem with funds. He agrees to look at them though, 'only to be polite'.
NO 24
Paul is slobbing out on the chair watching TV and being pretty ignorant of everyone. He ignores Madge's request to answer the door and she ends up getting it herself, and when Susan comes in and says 'Hi' to him, he half-heartedly says hello. The ladies go into the kitchen. Susan asks Madge if she's ever read Marguerite and she denies that she has. Susan says they printed some silly things about Karl, but Libby told her it'll blow over. Madge says she's probably right, but her and Harold aren't big magazine readiers. Just then Harold comes out and, totally misreading the situation, says that 'normally Madge and I wouldn't glance at something like that, but a customer left it on the table open at the very page I might add' Madge apologises, but Susan says she appreciates the tact. She's just concerned as they got hold of some grains of truth.
HAROLD: "oh really, which grains might they be?'
They can't work out though who might have spoken to them.
On the way out, they get a similair response as before from Paul, and Madge thinks about using some of the self defence moves on him to liven him up. Harold goes over to the drum kit and starts doing a reasonably impressive solo until he drops the sticks.
NO 28
Libby asks Susan how her night went, did anyone meniton the article? Susan says no, and Karl hopes he's as luck as he's on his way out of the door. Susan then says that no-one mentioned it, but it was clear they'd all read it 'including Harold, and you know how subtle he can be'.She's clearly not looking forward to work. In an effort to change the subject, she asks Libby about the trip away she's planning. Libby tells her about her plans to go to Africa with Drew. Susan says that Drew might not be able to get time off, having just gone into partnership with Lou. Libby says that's not looking very promising with Lou trying to rip Drew off. Susan says if Drew doesn't want to go, maybe she will, as she'd love to get as far away as possible at the moment.
Amy is complaining to Madge about the Aeroplane Game, Lance comes along and orders. Karl comes along and Madge tells him that no-one takes the magazine article seriously. He politely agrees and walks off to the surgery. Harold tells her he feels sorry for him - everyone's talking about the article.
MADGE: Let's hope they're tactful enough not to mention it
HAROLD: Unlike us you mean?
Karl notices that someone has written Dr Love all over his surgery nameplate, and it's seen by Madge & Harold.
Hannah's friend comes up to her at the locker and asks to talk. She hopes they're still friends. She says Hannah can't still expect Paul to be her boyfriend when she's in Darwin. Hannah says that's what she wanted and she thought it was what Paul wanted too. Her friend says it wasn't Paul's fault, he didn't know it was her. Hannah says that's even worse if he thought he was going to meet a stranger. Paul comes along and tries to defend himself, but Hannah zhouts at him. Susan comes along and shouts at them all to keep the noise down. The bell goes and Susan orders them into class, as does Tess. Tad notices the article from the magazine on the board, but Tess stops him before he can get it, and orders him into class. Susan notices it, and calls after him. He explains he was trying to take it down. She accepts his explanation and lets him go, throwing the article in the bin as she leaves.
Libby reassures Karl that people who go around defacing signs are idiots, and anyone worth bothering about doesn't care about the article.
HAROLD: Bravo...that's what I tell people who come in here talking about the article...not that there have been any...well, one or two.
At the end of the lessson, Miss Bell tells her class to come straight in on the bell in future, and they musn't get involved in stupidity like embarrasing Mrs Kennedy. She dismisses the class, but tells Tad to stay behind. She tells him off for putting the article up on the board, which he denies. She doesn't believe him but lets him go. Susan comes in and basically explains that she knows it wasn't Tad. Tess still isn't sure, but feels she owes Tad an apology,
Tad goes outside and fills Paul in on what happened. Paul sees Hannah and tries to apologise. Hannah says she doesn't want to know any more. Paul points out about her and Teabag, but Hannah says 'if it's not clear, I'll write you a note, you seem to like that'. She is watched by her friend Allie.
NO 22
Drew is having lunch so Lou answers the door on his way out. It's Libby and he tells her that Drew has a surprise for her. She tells Drew that she has a surprise for him too. There's a bit of cuteness and Drew makes Libby go first. Libby says the tickets for Aftica are going fast and she had to make her mind up, so she's booked. Drews face falls. He's ironed out his differences with Lou and the contract, and signed. He can't go to Africa or anywhere else now.
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