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Neighbours Episode 3413 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3413
Australian airdate: 13/10/99
UK airdate: 05/01/00
UK Gold: 28/03/05
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Ruth lying to Phil and saying she didn't get the job.
Drew telling Libby he's now a part owner in the garage and Libby saying she's bought them tickets to Africa.
No. 22
Libby is annoyed with Drew for not telling her about the garage and Drew likewise with her for buying the tickets. To keep the peace Drew says they can go away later but Libby says she wants to go now, not as a retiree.
No. 28
Karl and Susan are keeping a low profile due to the magazine article. Bill says they should have better things to do with their time than gossip and that they should show everyone their marriage is strong.
No. 26
A cleaning frenzy is ongoing as someone is interested in the house and wants a second viewing. Anne notices that something isn't right about her mum. Ruth tells her that she hopes that the house does get sold but would be even happier if her kids got settled somewhere. Anne tells her not to worry, as Lance is moving into No. 30 and she will probably move into the warehouse. Phil is horrified at this but she reassures them and asks Ruth to come see it for herself.
No. 22
Drew is trying to suggest reasons why Libby shouldn't go overseas but she dismisses them. He tells her that he is investing in the garage for the future. Libby suggests that they are the most hopeless match ever made!
Anne is showing the place off to Ruth and she's relieved to see it isn't as bad as she though. Anne is telling Ruth about Fanto's plans for the future when Bill comes round with frames for her and discovers that she is going to be moving in.
No. 28
A relieved Susan is home away from the gossips at the school and notices that Libby is down. Libby tells her of how she imagines the rest of her life - doing boring articles for a paper, so Susan asks what brought his on. She tells her that she wants to travel and that it will make her a better writer. Susan wonders what Drew's views are on this and Libby says that he wants security and has bought into the garage. Libby tells her that she is scared that if she doesn't go (travel) now, she never will or at least until she is a retiree, so Susan tells her that she has to decide what she wants - Drew or not Drew.
Anne tells Bill she'll get the frames back to him later on today at the workshop, to Bill tells her not to bring Fanto with her, and she apologises for him turning up there before. In the end Bill tells her that he'll pick the up personally from her tomorrow before leaving. Ruth comes over and tells Anne that she's changed her mind about the warehouse - indeed even envies her but Anne points out that she has an adventure ahead of her too in Darwin. Anne also reassures her that she isn't moving in with Fanto, just sharing the same place as him.
Lou's Place
Karl and Phil are talking about the magazine article and Karl says he'd like to know who told the journalist the information so Phil quickly says it wasn't him. Karl lets slip that Ruth was successful with the job but turned it down, which surprises Phil.
Billy tells Drew of Anne's plans to move in with Fanto and you can tell he doesn't approve of this and Drew tells Bill about his troubles with Libby. Anne comes in and telling Bill they need to talk when the power goes down.
No. 26
Phil comes home to a house lit by candles saying he likes it because it is romantic. He then thanks Ruth for giving up the job and when she wonders how he knew, he explains that Karl told him.
Lou's Place
The generator kicks in and Billy and Anne have their talk. Anne tells him that she has nothing to feel guilty about as she was honest with him and reminds Bill that she isn't moving in with Fanto, only sharing the warehouse with him. Bill points out that she refused to move in with him and Anne tries to say this is different, that she needs somewhere with Phil and Ruth leaving. Billy's parting shot before leaving is to suggest that she wasn't committed to their relationship.
No. 22
Libby is trying to salvage food from the fridge when Drew mentions getting a generator for the garage and she goes all quiet. He asks her what she is going to do about the tickets and Libby says she has 3 weeks before making the first payment. Drew reminds her that he won't change his mind but she asks him one more time for him to think about it.
No. 28
Billy is on the phone turning down work because of Anne's involvement with the mirrors. Phil calls round and updates them on the power situation before giving Karl his old racing bike.
No. 22
Libby calls in and catches Drew on the phone - he's booked them a weekend away in a posh hotel in Sydney. She thanks him but you can tell she's not exactly impressed.
Ramsay Street
Karl is trying out his new bike much to the amusement of the neighbours.
Billy has called round to collect the frames from Anne but when she answers the door she is only dressed in a wrapped towel so he accuses her of moving in with Fanto but Anne says she's only round to use the shower facilities (no hot water at No. 26 due to the power failure). Anne hands him the frames she has done and asks when the rest are coming. Bill tells her he's cancelled the remaining order, as he wants her out of his life - no friendship or nothing. Anne looks shocked.
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