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Neighbours Episode 3411 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3411
Australian airdate: 11/10/99
UK airdate: 23/12/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Natalie Rigby: Nicki Paull
Lindsay Hall: Glenn Hunt
- "Tuba Electrica" by Chris Pettifer
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Harold telling Ruth about the video tape that he's showing to his band members that evening.
Paul and Tad about to watch a zombie move that evening, only to find that it's a tape of Harold on tour...
The Coffee Shop where it's about to be Really Embarrassing
Harold is welcoming all his band members and serving food, making sure that they can all see the TV for the tour video he's about to show.
CUT TO: Paul and Tad telling Madge they're cycling to the library before it shuts...
CUT TO: The Coffee Shop where the band members are clapping, wanting the video...
CUT TO: Paul and Tad telling Madge they have to go - they can't wait and chat to her...
CUT TO: The Coffee Shop where Harold's mates are singing 'why are we waiting...'
CUT TO: Paul and Tad furiously cycling...
CUT TO: Harold asking everyone if they're ready, and telling them they're in for a real treat, then remembers he needs to check the scones...
CUT TO: Tad and Paul still furiously cycling...
CUT TO: The Coffee Shop where one of the band members put the video in and presses play. Harold stands in the kitchen, checking the scones, when he hears screaming coming from the TV...
CUT TO: Paul and Tad leaping off their bikes...
CUT TO: Harold running out of the kitchen in shock, seeing the TV screen, when Paul and Tad come in.
Forgive me for not doing this scene by scene but it happened in the space of 2 minutes.
No 30 where we find a Very Nice Looking Joel
Joel comments that his poverty days are over as he waits for a return on an investment that he's recently made; his girlfriend Natalie seems very impressed. Toadie comes in and asks whether or not the MC job at her bar is still vacant, but unfortunately - she says - she's had to fill it. Toadie says that he's meeting Amy and Lance at the pub, and Joel comments that he'd also like a game of pool. Natalie has to go though. Good. I don't like her.
Joel asks if Nat's ok, and she says she is - she just wants to spend more time with Joel. They kiss to One Good Reason Why. Yeah - that's what I'd like to know - give me one good reason why you're dating her, Joel.
Lou's Place where we find Toadie from the Previous Scene
Lance is on the 'phone to Amy, telling her she can always go to the police, when Toadie appears. Lance tells him that Ashley - Mr Aeroplane Game man - has disappeared with everyone's money and that Amy's trying to find him. Toadie tells Lance that he was gullible and he can't believe that anyone falls for this sort of thing. Lance still believes that Ashley will appear and he's probably 'just gone shopping.' Oh, poor, poor na´ve Lance. He finally concedes that the "Aeroplane has crashed."
No 30 where Natalie is Confessing to Joel
Natalie tells Joel that she feels uncomfortable with Joel's friends, as she's the older woman, and thinks they're staring at her all the time. Joel comments that this actually works both ways - just as she's worrying about his friends, he's worrying about her son, Liam, and how he fits in with him. But it turns out that Liam doesn't even know about Joel, yet...
The Coffee Shop where we find a Furious Harold
HAROLD: Never, never in my life have I been so embarrassed. Now I'm going to ask you once and I want the truth - where on earth did you lay your hands on such disgusting, violent material?
TAD: Violent?
HAROLD: Torn limbs, headless bodies, blood and gore and I'm sick just thinking about it.
TAD: No, no - we thought it was a comedy.
Harold doesn't believe them for one second, and is very, very cross. He feels he's been shown up to be a complete fool and that his night is ruined. Tad and Paul look quite humbled as Harold storms out The Coffee Shop kitchen.
No 30 where Natalie and Joel are Still Talking
Natalie explains that she hasn't told Liam yet because he's "young, he's impressionable and he's been burned in the past." Joel wants to know how. Natalie says that when Liam knows about a new boyfriend, he gets attached, clingy, and things get difficult - it's nothing personal against Joel. She wants to protect him.
Joel says that he understands in an 'I don't understand' way.
The Bishops' where Madge is also Very, Very Mad
Madge reminds the boys that Pirate videos are illegal:
MADGE: Don't you ever watch the warnings that they play at the beginning of every tape? Those in receipt of unlawful videos will be fined. And on top of all of that you're underage. And that video was definitely R rated.
PAUL: Yeah, we know.
MADGE: Well here's something you don't know. For the next two weeks, access to the VCR is denied. Denied.
Madge walks off, handing Paul and Tad an envelope which arrived in the post, hoping that it's not another mail order movie catalogue.
Madge goes over to Harold and puts her arms around him to cheer him up. Tad asks Paul what the letter is - it's another love letter from the mystery woman, who wants to set up another meeting to reveal her true identity. Tomorrow afternoon, Lassiters Lake. I can see a scene coming up...
No 30 where Joel is about to receive some Very Bad News
Toadie and Lance are arguing about who's going to tell Joel that The Aeroplane has Crashed. "Tell me what?" shouts Joel from the kitchen. Oh dear. That was predictable.
TOADIE: That 1000 bucks that you gave Amy the other day, it's gone.
LANCE: Yeah, it looks like the Aeroplane game's going under and Ashley's scarpered.
TOADIE: And taken the loot with him.
NATALIE: Aeroplane Game?
JOEL: You mean - he's taken the money with him?
TOADIE: Well, he's vanished and that's all that anyone knows.
Toadie tells Joel that Amy's looking for Ashley right now, and Joel is livid. Natalie can't believe that Joel fell for anything like this and got so sucked in. Joel looks devastated.
The Coffee Shop where Harold and Madge are Very Pleased
Harold's on the 'phone looking very pleased and says that he'll see them at lunchtime. I wonder who 'them' is? I'm glad Madge asks as it'll bug me all day otherwise. Apparently there's a printing place nearby that need lunch for 30 - they tried Grease Monkeys and weren't impressed. Madge is also very pleased. Madge looks at what they want and says she'll nip to the bakery and get supplies.
Hannah suggests to Paul that they should do something really special after school today - go to the mall or see a movie or something. Tad - like myself - doesn't really think that going to the mall is very special, but Hannah tells him to shut up as he's not invited. Paul says he can't - he has an English essay to do. He gives in under persistence from Hannah.
Tad asks Paul what he's going to do - he also has a date with mystery woman.
Ramsay Street where Amy is A-Wanderin'
Amy runs into Lance and tells him that Ashley has bailed and she can't believe what he's done - he was her friend and she trusted him. She's also told Scott and Damien who are furious, and Lance says that Joel already knows., which Amy's cross about.
Cue Joel...
Erinsborough High where Paul is being a Bit of A Pain
Paul tells Hannah that he can't meet her this afternoon - something's come up. He says he has to work at the Coffee Shop unpaid, and Hannah isn't very impressed, so he offers to do something afterwards instead. Tad compliments Paul on his deception.
Ramsay Street where we're going to Have An Argument
Amy tells Joel that it was a sure thing until Phil stuck his nose into it, but Lance defends Phil and told Joel that he took a risk with this as an investment. So now Joel wants to know - who tipped Phil off? Lance says that it was a scam and he can't believe that Amy and Joel are dragging him into this.
The Coffee Shop where we find people Madly Cooking
Harold and Madge are cooking madly to try and get everything done for the lunch order when the 'phone rings. Harold answers it and it appears to be the printing people cancelling their order, and Harold is very cross. He realises that it was Teabag playing a joke on them, and Madge is very upset - they can't sell the food all in one day or freeze it, so what are they going to do?
They both look distraught and you can't help feeling sorry for them.
The Rotunda thing by Lassiters Lake where Romance Usually Happens
Paul is waiting by Lassiters Lake, looking at every girl who passes by to see who might be his mystery woman.
The Bishops' where there is a Knock at The Door
Tad is busy with a drum kit where there's a knock at the door and he goes to answer it - it's Hannah, commenting that Joel would be mad if he knew Tad was using his drum kit at all.
Tad tells Hannah that he has some great drum noises to show her. He plays Danger. Excitement. And Surprise. Hannah's going to miss Tad's weird ideas when he's gone. But in the meantime, please can she have the maths book which she lent to Paul? Of course she can, and his bag's "over there."
Of course it is, along with Paul's love letter...
The Rotunda thing by Lassiters Lake where Romance Usually Happens
Paul gives up waiting and goes to leave, when a young girl - looking very excited - approaches him. It's Hannah's mate, Ellie. She asks why Paul isn't working, and he says that he's just off there now, so if Ellie should talk to Hannah, then that's where he is.
Paul asks Ellie if she's seen anyone else hanging around - she hasn't, just her. As Paul walks off, she confesses that it's her been writing the love letters.
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