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Neighbours Episode 3410 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3410
Australian airdate: 08/10/99
UK airdate: 22/12/99
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: David Myles
Guests: Teabag Teasdale: Nathan Phillips
Charlie Thorpe: Katrina Baylis
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Susan reminding the class at school that pirate videos are circulating and if people don't hand them into her by the end of the day, there'll be consequences...
Erinsborough High where the Uniforms are Still Red
Tad, Paul and Hannah are leaving class, complaining that the pirate videos should be allowed - after all, we all have a right to free speech. Hannah suggests leaving the videos that Paul and Tad have in Susan's office, anonymously. Tad thinks it's a ridiculous idea. Hannah asks Paul if he'd like to do something that evening, but Tad would prefer to watch 'Zombie Death Squad' because Madge & Harold are out. Damn, why didn't I think of that when I was bored last night?
Hannah disappears off, and it seems that Paul has another love letter that he's found - we know this because Tad says "have you read the letter yet." A sure sign indeed.
A Green Hill where we get that Funny Piano Music
We cut to a green hill where that someone-is-about-to-make-a-dry-comment-or-a-really-funny-line-or-something's-going-to-go-completely-wrong piano music. I love that music. A lady in a fur coat - it'd better be fake - is walking a white dog. I don't know what sort of dog it is because I'm a girl, and like cars, I identify dogs by their colour. (What sort of car do you drive, Miriam? A red one.) Toadie spots the woman with her dog and approaches her. He seems to believe that this dog is Bob, although the woman claims that this dog belongs to her flatmate. Toadie asks to look at the dog's leg which freaks her out a little bit, but Toadie insists that he needs to check whether or not it's Bob. He believes that it is, but the woman says she has a date with reality and has to go.
Ramsay Street where we find a Full Dustbin
We cut to Ramsay street where we hear Lou whistling - I'd know that whistle anywhere - as he walks out to his dustbin. He is carrying a bag of rubbish, helpfully, and opens his bin to find it jam packed with other rubbish bags. He looks mildly annoyed, and spots Ruth - dungarees and all - dumping her rubbish into her bin, too. He comments that the rubbish strike continues, and asks if he can put his bag into her bin, which she kindly concedes, adding that she's having a clearout. Lou asks about her moving house, and how it's going:
LOU: Well, they do say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do.
RUTH: That. And losing a good friend.
Lou stares after Ruth in a longing way as she walks back into the house. It was quite a sad exchange, really.
The Coffee Shop where we have a Date with Reality
Toadie and Woman are having coffee - hands up everyone who could've seen this coming! Madge enters and comments that it's good Toadie's giving Bob some exercise, and Toadie thinks this is proof that Woman's dog is actually Bob. Woman agrees to swapping their dogs. Pur-lease. She doesn't even know Toadie, she's walking her flatmate's dog, and she's happy to swap him for some other mutt?? Toadie offers to take both the dogs to the vets and get their ages checked out as proof.
Toadie comments that he thinks he knows Woman from somewhere, but he can't quite place her.
Erinsborough High where we are Back in the Only Classroom
Hannah asks Paul if he's ok - he seems a little jumpy; Paul's worried about the video thing. Hannah asks Paul how he feels about her, and he asks the same question back - he's concerned about Teabag. Hannah wants to know before she leaves for Darwin, but Paul is trying not to think about it. Hannah suggests that they try and stay together, and Paul's prepared to try.
No 30 where we find a Pretty Man called Joel
Lou is at No 30 where he's telling Joel that he's a nice landlord really:
LOU: I hope you don't think I'm one of those awful Landlords, you know, one of those ones that come snooping around everyday.
JOEL: Never in a million years would I say that, Lou.
LOU: Hey - shouldn't you be using a chopping board - you're gonna scratch the bench.
JOEL: Is this a social call or a cooking class?
Lou reminds Joel that the rent's due and he doesn't want it to be late. Toadie comes in with Real Bob, and explains about the swap. Lou leaves, and Joel complains that he's driving him nuts with all his visits. Toadie's just pleased to have Bob back. Turns out that Woman is Charlie Thorpe, and Toadie really likes her, and still thinks he knows her from somewhere...
Ramsay Street where we find the Rubbish Bins are Still There
Harold collects a package in the letter box of number 24, and looks very pleased at his find. He also sees Ruth taking a rubbish bag to her bin. Seriously - it's a day for it. Harold comments that it's a lovely day, and tells Ruth that the package is a video of a tour he's just been on. Hey - maybe it's the MSB tour - that would all tie up very nicely.
Harold asks about the packing and Ruth comments that she's packing up Lance's room, so the bins are all full again - and she's about to start Hannah's room. As Ruth goes back to the house, Harold can't help but take a peek into the bin - presumably looking for more evidence of Lance's gambling habit that he found a couple of episodes ago...and instead he finds two editions of Ambrosia (including 'steamy photo shoot antics') causing him to say "oh dear. Oh my. Oh my goodness." In that very Harold way of his.
As he shuts the bin his keys get knocked into it, unbeknown to him...
The Radio Station at University where it's Dark
Joel is DJ-ing at the radio station again using every love cliché possible. Toadie is sitting with Joel when Charlie Thorpe walks past; Joel thinks she's cute, but Toadie thinks she's awesome. Joel thinks that Toadie should go and chat to her - it's fate!
On air, Joel calls her over, and she smiles amiably.
The Bishops' where there are Three Men and a Sofa
Harold, Tad and Paul sit on the sofa watching some TV programme - Neighbours, perhaps? It's the right time for it. Sadly, no. He's watching the video of the tour he was on - he's showing it to his band members tonight. Madge & Harold are on their way out where Madge notices a smell and asks "have you been going through Ruth's garbage bin again?" He admits that he has and he found some magazines, to which Madge feigns horror.
HAROLD: You know what I mean.
MADGE: No, I don't, and I don't think I particularly want to.
HAROLD: (outlining the shape of a woman's body with his fingers) THAT sort of magazine.
MADGE: Oh....ceramics? Pottery?
HAROLD: There were at least three of them love, and I wasn't going to delve any further.
Madge reprimands Harold and makes him promise not to look again. But Harold now can't find his keys and suddenly realises where they must be.
The University Radio Station where it's Darker Still
Charlie says that she's had a lot of fun, and Joel asks where she's from. England apparently. Yeah - right! She has the least English accent I know. But she's been here 18 months on a study visa, so maybe the Aussie accent has rubbed off on her a little. Toadie recognises her - she's been sitting at the back of the law lectures, but Charlie doesn't think that Toadie looks like a law student.
Toadie invites her out on a date, she's happy to go, and asks for his phone number. He kisses her hand and lets her go. Aaw.
Ramsay Street where it's a Lot Less Dark than at Uni
Harold is rifling through Ruth's bin again and finds his keys, frightened as he turns round to find Lou right behind me:
HAROLD: I do wish you wouldn't creep up on a person like that.
LOU: You should have told me things were this tough, Harold.
HAROLD: I lost my keys when I put some rubbish in Ruth's bin. You know what things have been like since the garbage strike.
LOU: You know, I always know when you're telling porkies. Your eyes go all shifty.
HAROLD: Oh! Well that is the pot calling the....can you keep a confidence?
LOU: Cross my heart.
HAROLD: I think Lance is gambling again. I found quite a lot of used scratchies in Ruth's bin. I spoke to Lance about it but he denied it, of course.
LOU: I'm not surprised.
HAROLD: There's something else. I decided to check the bin again and this time I found girly magazines. Quite a lot of them.
LOU: No! Really? (pause) How many?
Lou suggests that Harold has a problem and should join Garbophiles anonymous. Cue funny piano music again...
The Coffee Shop where we find Mad Mad Teabag
Teabag is complaining about the service so Madge tells TCS Girl not to serve him. Hannah, Paul and Tad come in, and Madge tells them to ignore him. Teabag walks out having not found a fight with anyone. Madge is quite upset at feeling unable to defend herself against a kid.
The Bishops' where Harold and Madge are Going Out
Madge tells Harold that she felt stupid before not being able to defend herself against Teabag, and the two of them leave Paul and Tad behind - who immediately put their video on. Now, when I was that age, I'd make sure that the car had left the drive before I'd do that.
The Martins' where we see a Real Estate sign
Hannah is packing up the kitchen with Ruth where Hannah tells her step-mum that she and Paul are going to try and stay together; Ruth's really pleased for her. Hannah asks how Ruth feels about leaving - she's relieved that they're finally doing it. Hannah says she's a bit scared, worried about how she and Ruth will get along, but Ruth reassures her that they get on fine. The girls end up throwing flour over each other in a fun play fight, when the 'phone rings.
Ruth answers the 'phone and seems pleased about something - they have a buyer for the house.
The Bishops' where Paul and Tad are watching Weird Videos
Tad and Paul are trying to find the video to watch and pop it into the video player. Paul comments that he's seen a couple of minutes at the beginning, and it's really good. They press play and...
TAD: Why is Harold in a zombie movie?
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