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Neighbours Episode 3404 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3404
Australian airdate: 30/09/1999
UK airdate: 14/12/1999
Uk Gold:22/03/2005
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Natalie Rigby - Nicki Paull
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Shona
Toadie tells Joel to go out with Natalie
The Hotel
Joel goes in, looking around and spots Natalie. He admits he was surprised when she rang, and she says she half expected he would say no. She'll get them some drinks but first she has to make a phone call. In front of him she shouts on her at a member of staff for being late for a shift, while Joel looks rather bemused.
The Coffee Shop
Ruth tells Susan that Lance has been gambling again, this time with scratch cards. She can't do anything but trust him though. And then she tells her about the senior position at the hospital. Phil isn't very happy, and she feels stuck in the middle - she's worried about leaving the kids. Susan tells her that her career is important as his - they might have to rethink the move.
Number 28
Meanwhile Karl and Phil are - surprise surprise - talking about the same thing. Karl thinks Phil has the edge as he's accepted the Darwin job. Phil tells him about Lance's relapse and that's making things harder. He also has to find new accountants for his clients. There's a knock at the door - it's Harold. He wants to talk to Karl alone and Phil leaves. He tells him about Madge's worrying behaviour since the robbery. She's been keeping a softball bat under the counter at the coffee shop and isn't sleeping. To Harold's delight Karl takes it very seriously, saying he isn't overreacting - she'll need some help but they have to get her to accept that.
The Hotel
Joel has been sitting alone, as Natalie has been called away. When she returns he suggests they go somewhere else, where she can calm down. To their surprise they discover they're both from the same place in Tasmania, and Joel went to one of her clubs back there (he was underage at the time!). They leave to go somewhere else.
Number 26
Amy gives Lance a kiss for being so brave and confessing his gambling relapse to Ruth and Phil. He says he might almost miss them. Amy says he has her when they've left - and if he falls off the wagon again, they'll go through it all again and then he'll climb back on the wagon. Toadie comes in - asking them to come to the pub to get away from the devil dog. He confesses they have the anti-Bob - the other one is missing. Amy thinks it's awful and Lance wants to be there when he tells Sarah. Amy makes it her mission to find the real Bob:
AMY: 'I'll get a pen and paper.'
TOADIE: 'And I'll get lashings of fruitcake and ginger beer! Come on, Timmy, we'll solve this mystery yet!'
He pulls Lance from the sofa and they leave.
The Pub
Lou is boring Susan and Ruth to death with baby photos. They get up to leave and spot Joel and Natalie. Susan says hello and they are introduced. As they leave the 'Famous Three' come in and Toadie says he has been practicing his MC act, trying to impress Natalie. Joel tells him not now and does the introductions. Once away, Amy comments that she's old. Lance says she's older and they should wish Joel good luck. Toadie says with that much luck Joel should take up gambling! Good shot Toadie, not insensitive at all!
Back at Joel and Natalie's table, Natalie thinks Joel's shocked his mates. Joel says she's only a couple of years older - late twenties? Thirty, actually and he must be mid-twenties. Twenty, says Joel. Natalie says she's been wondering how wicked she was and Joel has too.
Number 28
Karl is fobbing off a journo on the phone. Susan comes in and asks why he doesn't want to be famous. As much as Karl wants his gorgeous profile splashed over the paper, he doesn't want to be humiliated. Susan thinks maybe they should send Ruth and Phil to his escaped convict counsellor; they could do with some counselling right now. Karl thinks it's a bit rough on Ruth but Phil has the priority. Susan doesn't look happy and he quickly says it was Phil who said that, not wanting to get the wrong side of her. Susan says that she told Ruth the opposite. Karl says they've lit of couple of fuses then. Susan thinks they'll be alright.
Number 26
Phil can't believe the hospital's timing. Ruth says they can still consider it but Phil argues that they've committed to a decision after a lot of soul searching and effort. Ruth tells him to stop being inflexible. Phil rages that they've already put the house on the market, he has a job and they talked Hannah round - and that was no mean feat. Ruth thinks he believes that his needs take priority over everything else. She says he isn't listening and he says she isn't either.
The Pub
Joel and Natalie are talking. He asks about going somewhere else but she has to get home as she's up early in the morning. She goes to get some chips and Joel goes over to Toadie and his Famous Three associates, who've been spying on them all night. They ask what she's like and he says nice. Lou congratulates him, but Joel tries to play it down and Toad reminds him to put in a good word for him vis--vis the MC gig. Joel and Natalie leave. Lou says '26.' Amy believes thirty and Lance suggest they run a sweep. With their glares bearing down on him he adds 'Gambling addict humour'
Ramsay Street
The next morning Lance packs up the ute and sees Joel, teasing him about having to date potential employers to get a job. Lance is glad he's setting his sights on someone obtainable, not those who are secretly taken. Joel says he backed off the moment he knew they were together. At least he has good taste, thinks Lance.
Number 24
The phone rings and Harold answers, having a very short conversation. He tells Madge it was Ron. Ron Number (Oh, the humour!) Madge has been getting a few of those recently. Harold tells her to take the day off, relax. She says she's fine, but he tells her she isn't herself. Madge asks who she is - 'Sophia Loren, a Tellytubby?' He says she's been affected by the robbery. There's a knock at the door and Karl appears, saying that he knows she's been stressed out by the robbery. Madge insists she's fine. Karl is brutally honest, saying people suffer trauma and it's normal. She admits being edgy. Karl asks about her lack of sleeping and reliving the events. He tells her to come and see him if it persists. She agrees and, his work done, Karl leaves. Madge says 'Bigmouth!'
The Pub
Lance hasn't had the urge to gamble all day and Amy is pleased. Toadie appears and serves them, annoyed they're pashing in front of everyone. Lance tells her he bumped into Joel - he found out about the other woman in his life. Amy is confused and Lance says he should have a go at her for withholding information. He knows about them - his little crush. 'It was nothing, just a kiss' says Amy and thus puts her foot in it royally. Lance is shocked.
Number 26
Ruth comes back, and tells Phil she's been thinking all day about their situation. They can either divorce or she can accept not taking the position or they can reconsider. He says she wants him to abandon the move, but she just wants to reconsider. Phil wants to sit down and talk it through. Ruth says the pros of her job are no stress of the move and being here for the kids. Phil understands that but, at the risk of sounding selfish, he's already transferred half his clients. It's more than that - he wants a new start. Ruth thought she wanted to move, but maybe not as much as he. She says he can still stay and work here. But mud sticks, says Phil. He feels dead in the water here, he wants a change. He can't stay and the question is will she come.
The Pub
There are repercussions at the pub. Amy says she didn't kiss Joel back, but Lance is hurt - she was still kissing with him! She said he tried it on and thought she was free. Lance says she must have given him a vibe. They had a bond, says Amy. Lance says Joel wouldn't have kissed her without thinking there was a fair chance he would be kissed back. It's typical of her! She gave him such a hard time about the gambling and all the time she was lying! They stand up, fighting loudly and Toadie thinks it's just like old times. They both tell him to get lost and Amy gets her stuff together. She'll be going interstate for a few days and wants him to do some thinking. He shouts back that she should too - that's if she remembers how to!
Number 24
Madge is doing the dishes when she hears a noise at the window. She looks around, worried. It sounds like something on the roof. She goes outside and finds a rock on the porch.
Number 32
Toadie finishes a call to Sarah. Joel thinks he will be so dead, and Toad suggests they fatten up Evil Bob and give him tranquilisers - then she won't know the difference when she sends for him. Joel says they should find Evil Bob's owners. He's going to the bar and Toadie ribs him about it. He wants him to put in a good word. Toadie says with all the good looking women there, he makes him sick. The feeling is mutual, says Joel.
Number 24
Madge is on the phone to Harold, assuring him everything's ok and Tad will be home soon. She sits down, and a moment later there is another noise, a knocking. She shouts to Tad, saying it isn't funny. The noise continues and she goes to the window. She keeps shouting for them to stop it, and locks the door before standing with her back to it, upset.
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