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Neighbours Episode 3403 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3403
Australian airdate: 29/9/99
UK airdate: 13/12/99
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Natalie Rigby – Nicki Paull
David “Fanto” Hodges – Daniel Dinnen
Steve Formosa – Cameron Knight
- "Doin Fine" by Ol' 55
Summary/Images by: Pete
Amy confronts Lance over the gambling and Lamce asks her if they have a future.
NO 26
Amy tells Lance he was so good at covering up his gambling last time she's not sure if she can believe him this time. Lance challenges her and says she has his word, and asks for her support. Phil and Ruth walk in, realise there's tension and leave. Amy says she'll support him this time, but if he lies to her again, it's over.
NO 30
Toadie practises his swashbuckling for the medeival jousting society he and Joel have joined. Joel points out that he only joined for the women, and they haven't been inundated. Joel is nervous following his visit to the strip club where the women were like 'lions at a feeding frenzy' so he gets ready to go for a run to calm his nerves. Bob has used his trainer as a toilet. Toadie says Bob's behaviour is getting worse and he'll take him to the vets.
Anne and Fanto come in and explain to Lou they can't find anywhere suitable for their artist's studio. He says he can put some feelers out for them. It seems that Anne is still undecided about joining the project though. Fanto realises he's late for an appointment and offers the beer he ordered to Amy who's just come in. Amy teases Anne about Fanto and says she should just go for it, get some more experience. Anne says that for all her experience, Amy always ends up with Lance, but Amy is beginning to regret getting back with Lance, saying there's a problem.
NO 26
Phil and Lance talk over a cuppa about how they need to stabalise their relationships, although they're a little uncomfortable discussing Phil's relationship with Ruth. Ruth comes in and reveals there's the possibility of a job at the hospital. She forgot to tell them she's moving to Darwin.
Amy and Anne discuss what to do about Lance. Anne wants to tell Ruth and Phil, but agrees to delay fo a day so Amy can try talking to Lance herself first.
NO 30
Joel cleans up a mess made by Bob, Amy comes in and Joel tells her he doesn't want to do the audition. She tries to give him a pep talk and walks out, but he's still not really keen. Toadie comes in with Bob and reveals 'Bob as we know him, isn't really Bob'.
NO 26
Anne finishes speaking to Fanto on the phone and reveals that he's found a studio. Lance calls him loverboy and Anne tells him to grow up, as she leaves. Amy cmes in and tells Lance they need to talk about something really important.
NO 30
"Bob" won't answer to his name and Joel feels stupid. Toadie reveals everything the vet knows about Bob and makes the conclusive case that this is not Bob. Joel says this is the last thing he needs. He's still nervous about his stripping routine. Toadie offers to come along for support, but Joel says that won't help. He does ask for a lift though and accept Toadie's offer of his medeival sword for a prop.
Lance thinks he's being dumped, but Amy says she wants their relationship to work. Amy wants to talk about the scratchcards, but Lance accuses her of emotional blackmail. Amy reveals that she told Anne. Lance says everyone should just get off his back. He's in control and he'll decide whether he wants to tell everyone.
Toadie comes into the audition with Joel, who tells him not to laugh. As they enter, Natalie Rigby lets another stripper down, who tells Joel 'Good luck - you're going to need it'. Toadie starts massaging Joel's shoulder, and Natalie thinks they're a double act. Joel corrects her and she invites him to start his routine.
Amy pushes Lance further on telling Phil and Ruth. She points out that he felt better after telling them last time, getting it out into the open and she agrees. He's still nervous but she gives him a kiss.
Joel nervously does his routine. Natalie stops the tape, and isn't keen on the theme. He offers to do another routine, but she says his heart isn't in it. She says she's looking for a barman and an MC. Toadie is keen on the MC position but she doesn't offer it to him. Joel says he'll think about it.
NO 26
Lance finishes telling Phil and Ruth he's back on the gambling. They don't really know what to say but appreciate him telling them. Phil thinks he'll be OK, but Ruth says she can't contemplate leaving him like this.
Anne and Fanto talk about the new workshop. Anne has decided to join as she thinks some time apart from Bill will do them both good after recent tensions.
NO 30
Toadie practises an MC routine and says if they can work together at the hotel, all the rent problems are solved. "Evil Bob" comes in and starts barking. Joel says he's freaking him out, and they need to find 'Good Bob" and keep secret the fact that they've lost him and got a fake.
NO 26
Fanto walks Anne to the door and they're both happy about the workshop. He says goodnight and they kiss. Anne smiles and says it was unexpected. Fanto apologises but Ann says it's alright.
NO 30
Natalie has rung and asked Joel out for a drink. He thinks she just wants to talk about work, but Toadie says she's a spunk and doesn't think it's about work. Joel asks if he should go for it and Toadie says of course he should.
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