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Neighbours Episode 3402 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3402
Australian airdate: 28/9/99
UK airdate: 10/12/99
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Maurie Ryan – Neil Fletcher
Sgt Joanna Douglas – Matilda White
Viv Garnett – Emma Buckland
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Sam tells Billy that the safety belt wasn't at the site, and points out that Billy has a lot to lose.
No 26
Lance and Amy are cooking up some disgusting looking nachos and sauce concoction in the kitchen. Amy is complaining about the lack of take up on the Aeroplane Game. Her basic gist is that people have no vision these days. Lance basically just nods in agreement. They move over to the couch. She tries to grab a nacho, but he demands a kiss. She pecks him and he says he's had better kisses 'from the boys on the soccer team. She moves in for a more passionate kiss, as Anne walks in the door 'Just good friends, hey?'
Karl realises that Billy's distracted. He offers to listen to him, but Billy turns him down , saying he better not be late for his counselling session with Susan.
NO 26
Anne wants to know how long Lance and Amy have been back together. 'A few weeks' Anne is surprised that Amy has been lyin to her. Lance makes an excuse to get some millk and leaves. Anne drills Amy about why she broke their pact to stay single forever. Amy manages to turn it roud into Anne not being supportive and Anne feels like the bad guy, even though she's been lied to.
Lance finishes off a few scratchcards, then Drew comes in and he butters him up and loans $10 from him..Drew goes over to Libby and they order and sit down. She informs him that she's uncovered more dodgy dealing by Steve McCall. Drew suggests telling Bill but they both agree there's very little chance he'll listen to her.
NO 28
Karl and Susan come in having a play argument about him telling the counsellor about her hiding the chocolate biscuits. Bill comes and Karl notices he's upset. Susan pushes him to tell them what's wrong. He reveals what happened at the building site when Maurie bought his silence over the working practices.
Joel runs into Amy and they chat abuot his audition. She suggests they head down to the club to check out the crowd during another stirpper's routine.
NO 28
Libby explains to Karl and Susan how Maurie operates and how Billy fell for it because he looked up to him. Susan says they didn't give him a lot of support.
LIBBY: Well you guys have been busy with other things. (cue uncomfortable looks)
Libby says Bill has to stand on his own two feet, and it's true that the baby of the family is always spoilt.
KARL: I don't think I ever favoured Billy
SUSAN: No, you were just as hard on all of them
It's late at night, but Billy wants to see Sam. Despite his insistence the nurse refuses to let him, so he hands her one of his favourite CD's for him
NO 26
Lance checks the form guide and the racing, but switches off and hides the newspaper as Amy comes to the door. She invites him to check out the stripper with her and Joel. She finds the form guide and wonders if he's still gambling. He denies it and says he's just checking out how a favourte horse is doing.
Lou tells Drew he's decided only to sell half the garage. Drew says he's been thinking about it too, so they go into the back to talk some more. Bill tells Anne that he tried to get hold of Maurie and that he should have stood up to him harder. He realises the truth about Maurie now and he feels an idiot. Anne says he isn't and shouldn't feel bad.
NO 30
Lance and Joel are shocked by the behaviour of the women at the strip club, including Amy who ran up and grabbed the stripper's G-String. Amy says they're just being a couple of wet fish, but Lance is now thinking of pulling out of the audition.
NO 28
Next morning, Karl and Libby are concerned as Bill reveals that he's going to have it out with Maurie. Libby suggests she go, but he knocks her back. Karl thinks backup would be a good idea. Billy says they can back him up later, when he needs a doctor and wants to do an interview about it.
Bill meets Maurie outside. He's in a bad mood following a conversation with Sam's mother. Bill tells him that he can't cover for him any more. He knows that the safety harness wasn't at the site until after the accident. Maurie says if he tells anyone about it then the copright infringement suit will come back to haunt him.
NO 26
Anne lets Amy in but she's on the phone and dstracted, looking for something. She leaves the room, and Amy picks up Lance's coat to sit down and discovers a pile of scratchcards.
Sgt Douglas comes from a visit to Sam and asks Bill if he'll answer a few questions to clear up some inconsistencies. Bill nods that he will.
NO 26
Amy flicks through the scratchards, counting them and hides them as Anne comes back into the room. Anne is leaving and Amy asks if it's to meet Fanto Anne reveals that she's lending him some notes and tells Amy not to say another word about it.
Bill points out that Maurie hasn't done anything illegal. Sgt Douglas agrees, but they're interested in Maurie on a number of fronts anyway. Libby comes in and Sgt Douglas points out they've run into each other a lot recently. Bill says he told her the truth and Libby says she's really proud of him.
NO 26
Lance comes out of the shower and Amy confronts him, saying he's just substituting one form of gambling for another. Lance denies it and says he expects better treatment from someone who says they're in love with him. He says he doesn't have a problem with the scratchcards. She says it's just the same, he makes her so mad she doesn't know why she goes out with him. He thinks she's just looking for an excuse to call it off and asks her to tell him if they have a future together.
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