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Neighbours Episode 3401 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3401
Australian airdate: 27/09/99
UK airdate: 09/12/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Teabag Teasdale: Nathan Phillips
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Sam Rodgers: Matthew Albert
Bevan Kent: Anthony Higgins
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Skateboard Thrills" by Ol' 55
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Teabag threatening Paul and goading him into being hit.
The Allotments where Paul is Hurt
Tad and Hannah find Paul on the ground where he explains that Teabag hit him right in the gut; Paul tells them that he told Teabag he was going to go to the cops, and Hannah says that's why he got so cross - he was accused of something he didn't do. Oh, wake up and smell the Teabag, Hannah.
Hannah says she'll find Teabag and sort this out.
The Kennedys' - Hurrah!
Libby is at the computer and Billy gets home from work. Lib tells him that she has spoken to the hospital that Bill's workmate, Sam, is at, and the news is bad - he's got a fractured spine and cord damage. Bill is gutted, but Lib reassures him that he's not in the coma anymore. Libby warns Billy against the site owner, Maurie, and says that is seems that Sam is allowed visitors, although Maurie's told Bill it's family only.
Bill does what he usually does when he's confused or upset and he goes to open the fridge.
Libby asks if Billy knows anything about the nail gun incident, and Bill says that Sam brought it on himself - Maurie told him, although Billy wasn't actually there. Lib tells Bill that he can't be a bystander to this sort of mismanagement any longer.
Lou's Place where Bill is Wising Up
Maurie is taking up a collection for Sam, and Bill mentions that he's going to try and visit him. Maurie says that Sam's stable, but Bill says he heard that it's not sounding too hopeful at the moment; he tells Maurie that Libby told him. Maurie clearly doesn't like journalists, and tries to manipulate Bill by telling him that he's worried about Sam's parents if they get all the hassle from a journalist.
The Kennedys' - Hurrah!
Libby tells Drew that he's working too hard, and needs to rest some of the time, too. Drew reminds her that he's saving up for the garage, when Libby asks if his parents are helping him out?
DREW: No, don't bring my parents into this. You don't go running to your parents whenever you're in a...oh, well, actually you might.
LIBBY: I would not!
Drew chastises Libby for not being very good at saving money, and they banter for a while about saving up, when Libby suggests - jokingly - that she save up and then takes a long trip round Europe. Oh, and why doesn't Drew join her? There's a knock at the door? Who is it? I can't guess! Oh, the tension's killing me. SOMEONE JUST ANSWER THE DOOR!
It's...Maurie! Looking threatening.
Maurie says that he likes Billy and says he's a good worker. Maurie thinks that Bill's loyalties are a bit divided, and threatens to let Bill go if Libby continues to pursue the story. Maurie offers Libby full access to the site and a chat with him before she starts inflaming things in a newspaper. Lib thinks that this is a good idea - as is going to see Sam, which is what she wants to do.
Then suddenly, she realises that she's been making a mountain out of a molehill, plays innocent, and says if she wants to pursue anything, she'll call Maurie first.
Oooh - that girl's up to something.
Drew tells Lib that he doesn't want her going back to that worksite ever again.
The Bishops' where Paul and Tad are Waiting
Hannah hasn't returned from going to see Teabag, and Paul and Tad are getting a bit concerned, although Paul doesn't think Teabag will hurt her. Fool! Fool, I say!
Just then, Rose appears, delighted to be home, and leaves the Tardis, asking how long she's.....ooh, hang on, I just switched over to Doctor Who by mistake.
The Martins' where we are On The Doorstep
Hannah asks Teabag why he went for Paul, and he says that Paul's a waste of space. They agree to go to Grease Monkeys and talk, which means we'll cut to...
Grease Monkeys where we were Going To Cut To
Teabag confesses that he broke into Bill's place and trashed it; Hannah is dismayed and doesn't understand why he attacked Paul. Teabag said he was desperate for money, and starts to spin a sob story about how his dad hits his mum, and he's stuck in the middle, but he didn't know how to get the money for the bond on the flat, and had no relatives to ask. Hannah starts to go all soppy again, and feels bad for him.
Teabag says that if he'd known Bill was a friend of Hannah's he'd never have done it. He tries to blackmail her by saying since he met her he has tried to stay on the straight and narrow.
The Bishops' where Tad and Paul Can't Believe It
Tad and Paul can't believe that Hannah's going to give Teabag a second chance - how stupid is she (that's also what I'd like to know)? She says that everyone deserves a second chance, and explains the parent story - but the boys aren't buying it. Paul wants to go to the cops, but Tad thinks that they'll get hurt if they do. Hannah states that Teabag would never hurt her.
TAD: Look, Hannah - you are the definition of stupid. Teabag will hurt anyone he wants to. That's the type of guy he is.
Go Tad!
They leave to go and tell Bill they know who did it. Which - ooh, ooh, ooh - can only mean that we're off to...
The Kennedys' - Hurrah!
Lib is recounting the story of Maurie and his threats to her about her newspaper article to Billy. Who's by the fridge. Heh! Billy defends Maurie and thinks that he's probably just concerned that Libby would invent a story. Drew backs up Libby, but Bill's not having any of it.
Tad and Paul come to the door and tell Bill they need to speak to him. They tell him that Teabag broke into his workshop - he admitted it to Hannah. She starts to say that Teabag isn't a bad person, but she's shouted down - Tad calls her delusional.
LIBBY: Even if someone's your friend you can't ignore it if they commit a crime.
Oooh - there's a double meaning in that.
The Martins' where Hannah is Miserable
Phil is cross that Hannah's home late, and tells her that her dinner's in the oven and dried up. Ugh. Hannah looks very morose and explains the whole story to Phil and Ruth - she can't justify the fact that he's a thief and she feels awful. Especially as she lost him as a friend, too. And now Paul doesn't trust her anymore.
Phil gives Hannah a hug and tells her they love her, and that's why they want her to come to Darwin with them. She agrees to go to Darwin.
Ramsay Street where No 26 is Up For Sale
Bill and Hannah talk about Teabag - she says she hasn't seen him recently. By that, I assume she means since Grease Monkeys, yesterday. They look at the For Sale sign outside of No 26, and Bill says he'll miss her. Ruth and Phil come up behind Hannah and they all look at the sign together; Phil encourages Hannah to talk to Paul before she leaves.
The Bishops' where we find True Love
Hannah comes in and asks to talk to Paul.
TAD: Oooh, erm, I think I hear someone calling me from another room. (he walks away, then) How was that for diplomatic?
Subtlety, thy name is Tad.
Hannah tells Paul that she's made the decision that she's going to go to Darwin with her dad and Ruth. Paul calmly accepts it, and Hannah doesn't want to leave, still hating each other. Paul tells her she should have thought of that before sticking up for another guy.
The Kennedys' - Hurrah!
Bill tells Lib that the police can only charge Teabag if they find stuff from his workshop in his possession. Lib says that she's going to see Sam at the hospital - he is allowed all the visitors he likes. Billy says he'd like to see him first, and Lib agrees.
Erinsborough & District Hospital where Billy is Visiting
Billy goes into Sam's room and asks him how he is. They have a chat, and Bill speaks to him about the accident - Sam says that the safety harness wasn't there on the site when he needed to use it.
He drops the bombshell - he won't ever walk again. Bill is gutted. Sam says he asked for the safety harness, but Maurie refused it. Bill says he thinks Maurie is a good guy, but Sam says he's not - he just has a lot of work, and Bill needs that right now.
Bill realises he's right, and gives us his cutest contemplative look as we cut to:
End Credits
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