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Neighbours Episode 3400 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3400
Australian airdate: 24/09/99
UK airdate: 08/12/99
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Teabag Teasdale: Nathan Phillips
Becky Niedermyer: Diane Viduka
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Joel invites Amy to watch him at his audition, and tells her he likes her as more than a friend. They kiss.
No 30 where we find Joel and Amy doing Something They Shouldn't
Amy and Joel are kissing, and Amy says that they can't do this - she gets up to leave. Joel says he thought that Amy liked him too, but she says she only likes him as a friend. Joel doesn't understand why she kissed him, but Amy doesn't want to have this conversation, and leaves.
The Bishops' where Harold and Madge are Very Cross
Madge and Harold are cross with Paul for not telling them that Tad was working at Grease Monkeys.
MADGE: You waited for Harold to go there and find out and you nearly gave him a heart attack.
HAROLD: Well I wouldn't go that far.
MADGE: You're not getting any younger, Harold.
Tad comes home: "I'm dead, aren't I?" Paul nods. Tad apologises, and Harold and Madge are really disappointed in him.
The Allotments where Hannah is being Gullible
Teabag greets Hannah enthusiastically, but she wants to know who Teabag's pretty friend is. Teabag admires Hannah's hair, and she tells him that she might have a job at Grease Monkeys, and she can then move in and rent a room with Teabag. He offers her his room for free, but she reminds him that she has a boyfriend. Ugh - I can't stand this guy.
The Bishops' where Madge has a Cunning Plan
Tad explains that he asked for a job at TCS 17 times (he was counting), and couldn't get one, so he just applied for a vacancy at Grease Monkeys. Harold tells him that Tad isn't going back to work there, and as his guardians, he has a right to have a say in Tad's extra-curricular activities. Tad is livid: "you can't punish me because you can't compete" which, of course, sparks an idea in Madge's mind...
HAROLD: I know that look. What are you plotting?
MADGE: Our salvation, Harold. You can keep your job, Tad. On one condition.
Yep - the scene really did end there.
Lou's Place where Joel is now being Very Unattractive
Toadie is trying to talk French to Lance and his pronunciation is appalling. He teases Lance for spending too much time with Amy for a couple who are supposed to be friends. He sounds like he's been on the sugar, or Red Bull at least. Amy and Lance sit down and chat together about just being friends - Lance suggests that they split up, and she doesn't want to - she wants to announce their romance to everyone now. She's changed her mind about a clandestine relationship.
Or she's feeling bad about Joel...one of the two.
She kisses him in the middle of the pub. They're officially out. I always forget how good these two were together.
Toadie joins them, and tells that he's brilliant for guessing earlier that they were back together, just as Joel appears. Joel is surprised at this news, and even more surprised when Lance tells him that they've actually been together for a while - it's just been a furtive relationship, that's all.
The Bishops' where Madge is Badge....ring Tad
Tad says that Grease Monkeys gave him a job - he can't just betray that. Madge: Tad, it's only a bit of snooping. She wants to know when things change, new menus, new products, promotional things. Harold defends Tad.
HAROLD: Oh come on, listen to yourself. You're badgering the boy into doing something
MADGE: Harold, we're grown ups. Badgering is what we do.
HAROLD: I thought we were here to guide.
MADGE: Tad, are you with us or against us?
Tad says he can't do it - and Harold backs him up. But Madge almost then breaks down and asks Harold who will pay the mortgage when they're not even covering costs at the moment? She gets upset and walks away.
The Martins' where Hannah is Being A Teenager
Paul is telling Phil that Hannah's ok - he shouldn't have to be worrying about her. Paul also says that his loyalties are to Hannah, just as she walked in. Phil wants to know where she was - she says she was with Teabag, and she doesn't understand what the big deal is. Ruth subtly gets Phil out the room and Paul confronts Hannah - she said she was going to Ally's and she wasn't there. Hannah confesses that she had to tell Teabag something, but she can't tell Paul what it is in the house. But she wants to stay in Erinsborough, and her staying depended on seeing Teabag about it.
Paul tells her that he has to go home and leaves, much to Hannah's chagrin.
The Bishops' where people are Eating Toast
Harold compliments Madge on her toast and marmite. I think the words we're looking for are 'okay, then...' Harold accuses Madge of sulking, and Tad says that he has to leave to go and wash cars. Madge snidely suggests that he's going to Grease Monkeys, which he isn't. Paul returns and Harold reassures the boys that Madge will come round.
Tad notices another love letter at the door - Paul claims that it's from Hannah, but Tad still has his suspicions. Oh, he's a bright boy, that one.
The Garage where VandalTeabag™ shows up
Teabag arrives at the garage, and starts chatting to Tad, who doesn't look very comfortable about it. He makes a comment that Tad works for a tough boss, and Tad doesn't really disagree with him. VandalTeabag™ suggests that the real money is in the cash box, and that's where Tad should really be looking. Tad declines the wish to steal, and will stick with the vacuum cleaner - he tries to make a joke to get Teabag to leave, but it all goes horribly wrong when Teabag kicks off and storms out, having just suggested that he's been stealing from the garage, as well as other places...
No 30 where we find a Problem with a Shoe
Joel and Toadie are discussing what costume Toadie could wear to the Norman feast. Joel is in a foul mood, and Toadie tells him not to take his anger out on him - Amy and Lance are back together and there's nothing Joel can do about it.
Joel holds up his shoe.
TOADIE: It's a shoe, Joel.
JOEL: The stupid, idiot, mutt.
JOEL: The dog has peed in my shoe.

(Raucous laughter from Toadie)
Amy turns up at the door and asks to work things out with Joel. He agrees.
The Bishops' where Hannah is Still Being A Teenager
Tad is telling Paul that Teabag virtually confessed to stealing, and what happened at the garage. There's knock at the door, and it's Hannah for Paul, and Tad delights in telling her that it was Teabag who broke into Bill's workshop. Hannah refuses to believe it - after all he's done for them in the BMX video, why would he do that? Paul can't understand why Hannah's so desperate to defend him all the time.
No 30 where Amy is trying to Explain...Badly
Amy says that she didn't kiss Joel back, it was a reflex only. Toadie comes in briefly to announce that there's no other dog pee around the house - it was obviously just the show and therefore clearly personal to Joel.
After Toadie leaves, Amy still tries to defend her perspective - she was forcing him away with her lips...until she admits that Joel's cute, funny and has beautiful lips and gorgeous eyes, and they both agreed that they enjoyed it. Amy apologises, so does Joel, and Amy reminds him that she's with Lance. They agree to keep the kiss as a memory between the both of them.
Grease Monkeys where Tad has been Badge...red by Madge
Tad sees a sheet on the latest GM promotions, just handily sitting round, and he quickly notes down what they are before handing them to...
The Coffee Shop where Everyone Knows Your Name
...Madge who is absolutely delighted. Tad says that he won't do any more work for him. Harold is disgusted.
HAROLD: You know who you've become?
MADGE: You are just miffed because Tad and I got off our behinds and did something.
HAROLD: Lou Carpenter, that's who.
The Allotments where we find PsychoTeabag™
Paul runs into Teabag and accuses him of breaking into Billy's workshop: "you're scum, you know that?" Teabag reacts with a strange series of body movements which lead me to believe that he really is a bit psychotic. Paul says that he's going to the cops about Billy, but Teabag just becomes very aggressive (and refers to Paul as Pauly-wauly which is rather strange) and goads Paul into hitting him, but before we can find out if he does, we cut to:
End Credits
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