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Neighbours Episode 3397 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3397
Australian airdate: 21/09/99
UK airdate: 03/12/99
UK Gold16/03/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Sgt Joanna Douglas Matilda White
Sgt Terry Walsh Doug Bennett
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Karl walking towards Splinter Falls, meeting 'Alan Porter', and sleeping there for the night.
Bill telling Anne he still loves her and wants her back.
Number 26
Anne doesn't know what to say - she's surprised. She does love him and always will. Bill says what they had was special and they can have it back. Anne knows it isn't that simple - she loves her independence, and wants them to be just good friends. Bill realises it's been a bad idea and leaves for work. Anne calls after him if he's okay. He says he's fine.
Number 28
Susan didn't sleep well last night, finally dropping off at five. Libby gives her a coffee, telling her it'll be ok. Susan is tempted to call Tom's but she doesn't want to be seen as checking up on Karl. Libby thinks she should and Susan will do, after her coffee. Then the phone rings and Libby hopes it's Karl - however it turns out to be Drew. He has a mysterious outing planned for her today. Susan says it sounds fun but Libby says they both know what country boys are like - 'Big dags!'. Susan still looks worried and Libby mentions Tom's again, but Susan says Karl's capable of taking care of himself. But when Libby leaves she starts to dial a number.
The Coffee Shop
Ruth and Phil are having coffee, and Phil, looking over a newspaper, mentions that the authorities still haven't apprehended that escaped convict yet. Real estate has made Phil hungry and he hankers after some cheesecake but Ruth won't let him have any. They talk about the favourable estimate for the house and Ruth seems a little sad. Putting the house on the market has brought it home to her that they are leaving. But she isn't having second thoughts. She wonders if maybe they should rent the house like with number 32, but Phil reminds her that if they sell the house they can set up comfortably in Darwin and support the kids here. Ruth knows it makes sense - she was just being sentimental.
Number 22
Drew is on the phone to Lou, telling him that there was an electrical fault at the pub and the place has burnt to the ground (naughty Drew!!) while Libby looks on, laughing. When he hangs up Libby reminds him that Lou went away to get rid of his anxiety attacks. Drew was sick of telling him everything was alright. Libby asks what he has planned, but he won't tell her. But he gives her a hint: she'll need a blanket and something warm to wear. 'A picnic!' says Libby. He brings up her moving in but she tells him that, even though it would be fun, Susan needs her at home. Drew says just as well he's patient and Libby wonders what she did to deserve such a nice guy - awww!
Number 28
Ruth is over, saying she'll bring the account over later. She knows Susan's worried and Susan says she hasn't heard a word. He isn't at Tom's and this isn't like him. Then there's a knock at the door - it's Joanna Douglas, wanting to speak to Karl. Susan asks what's happened - has there been an accident?
Number 28
Joanna fills them in - it appears Karl was involved in a high speed police chase earlier this morning. There was a positive ID on the vehicle. They had to call off the chase when it became too dangerous for the public. Susan and Ruth can't believe what they're hearing. Libby and Drew appear and Ruth fills her in. They've found the car but there's no trace of Karl. Susan says there's no evidence of Karl driving it and Joanna reminds her that she told her he left yesterday in a highly emotional state. Libby believes there's another explanation. Drew and Libby will go with Susan to the country while Ruth holds the fort and tells Bill. Joanna says to Ruth that if Karl calls he should get in touch with them right away.
Number 26
Ruth fills in Anne. She has to go to the hospital, and Anne offers to tell Bill and stand by the phone at the Kennedys.
Grease Monkeys
Anne comes in, and sees Bill. He doesn't want to talk about earlier but Anne isn't here about that. She tells him to come - she needs to fill him in.
Police Station
The gang arrive. Sgt Terry Walsh appears. There are some things he wants to clear up - Karl and Susan's disagreement before he left. He might have taken his anger out on the road. Libby says not her dad. Walsh says something's happened - it is Karl's car. Susan asks if they can come to see the car and Walsh agrees.
Number 28
Bill won't take it seriously - something must have happened. Karl's an expert of going to the bush and getting himself lost. Anne suggests they try his mobile again. He says she doesn't have to hang around but Anne doesn't mind. He must want some friendly company. Bill thanks her.
The Bush
A recovery vehicle sits by to take Karl's car away. Susan says Karl couldn't do what they think, and Walsh asks where he is now. Susan doesn't know. Libby puts forward the theory that he was mugged by a hitch-hiker but Susan concedes that he isn't in the habit of picking up hitch-hikers. Walsh walks with Susan, saying he understands her defending her husband but they have to assume he was driving the car. They have to find him and let him explain, thinks Susan. Walsh assumes he stopped to buy petrol as he's travelled so far and they'll check the stations. Susan says desperately that he always uses his credit card and Walsh says he'll do a check. But for now they should go back to Warang - it could be a long wait.
Police Station
Libby and Susan sit. Walsh says they've widened the search. He tells them they should go to a B&B, just down the road. Susan wants to stay but Libby says he has a point. She reluctantly agrees and Walsh promises to phone her the minute he knows anything. 'Where is he?' Susan asks her daughter, quietly.
Number 28
Anne is trying to get Bill to eat but he isn't hungry. She tells him he'll be all right, but Bill is worried about him being lost in the bush at night. Anne says he might be somewhere nice and cosy. Bill says that would mean he'd be guilty. There's a knock at the door and Bill springs up. It's Phil and Ruth, and Bill is disappointed. When they say there's no news, Phil brightly says no news is good news. Food seems to be on his mind today - he says he'll get them some take-away. But Bill isn't hungry. Ruth asks about Bill's work and tells him to be careful, after that accident. Bill tells them he was there, but Sam will be ok. Ruth's face says anything but. She tells him there was some hospital gossip - although he will regain consciousness, he doesn't have very good chances of a recovery. Bill is in despair.
Drew brings them fish and chips. It's starting to get chilly and Susan wonders why they haven't called. She can't eat. She's so glad they're both here though. She's been going over it in her mind - Karl would've stopped if he'd been speeding, so he's either been taken hostage, or got lost in the bush, or something worse. Libby tells her to stop it. Knowing his luck he's probably found a farm somewhere and right now he's boring the owners with one of his corny stories. Susan disagrees - he would have phoned, reported the car as stolen. Libby doesn't know. Susan looks at the sky, hoping he took a jacket and wishing she'd handled this differently. The phone rings and Drew answers - there's been a development.
Number 28
Bill tells them about him encouraging Sam to stay on at the site. Ruth tells him it isn't his fault but those at the site. She hears that Maurie's too lax about safety, but Bill instantly jumps to his defence. Ruth and Phil decide to head home. Anne wants to stay. Phil asks if he can't get them something to eat (food on the brain) but there are leftovers they can have. Phil and Ruth leave. Bill thanks her for staying and says sorry for this morning. She's sorry she let him down, but he's glad they're honest with each other. They hug and he tells her he'll always love her and doesn't want to lose her. Anne jokes 'until a gorgeous babe comes along' and is happy when she gets him to smile.
The Police Station
Susan paces the floor until Walsh appears. The credit card search came up trumps - it was used for petrol and a pack of smokes. They got a description of a light-brown haired, unshaven man. Susan says that isn't him and roots around in her bag for a picture of Karl. Libby believes it proves the car was stolen - what about the escaped convict? Walsh says it's a possibility, he fits the description. Susan asks what escaped convict and Libby fills her in - he's been described as extremely violent. Walsh says he could be violent and there may be a link. Susan is alarmed.
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