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Neighbours Episode 3398 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3398
Australian airdate: 22/09/99
UK airdate: 06/12/99
UK Gold: 17/3/05
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Constable Walker: Paul Collins
John Larson: Matthew Molony
Newsreader: Barry McQueen
- "Medicine Man" by Chris Wilson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Susan telling Libby and Drew that Karl has either been taken hostage or is lost in the bush.
Libby telling Susan about the escaped convict and Susan worrying.
Outside B&B
Susan is still worried about Karl despite Libby's reassurance. After returning with fresh coffee Drew offers his reassurance too but Susan is still worried, so they head off to the police station.
A search is on to find Karl. They've found his wallet, which Susan had identified. The police also confirm that the escaped convict took the car and try to suggest that Karl left the car unattended with everything in it, which Susan dismisses. The officer tells them to be patient and to go home.
No. 28
Billy wakes up with a crash - falling off the sofa. Anne says that there hasn't been any news and offers to cook them breakfast. Just then Susan calls to say they're heading home.
No. 26
Lance is checking his lottery scratchcards when Anne comes home, so he quickly hides them in a drawer. He wrongly thinks that Anne staying over means that she and Billy are back together again until Anne corrects him before bringing him up to speed with the latest news about Karl.
No. 28
Billy and Toadie are mindlessly playing cards when Susan, Libby and Drew arrive home. Susan refuses to sleep in case any news comes through and asks Toadie to stay when he suggests going home.
The search for Karl is continuing. As Karl is moving towards the sound of a helicopter, he falls and collapses.
No. 30
Amy comes in and hears an appeal on TV about Karl. Joel fills her in on the news and suggests she doesn't visit No. 28, which was her first reaction. They change the subject to Joel's routine and he is very reluctant to show her when Amy presses him about it.
No. 28
They're passing time playing cards when Karl phones. He's safe and well but the emotion of it all gets to Susan and she starts to rant a bit before starting to cry.
No. 30
Joel has shown Amy his planned routine and she is very impressed. He is less so with Bob for chewing his costume so Amy volunteers her mum's services to repair it.
No. 24
Harold is back from his tour with the Salvo's and Madge is ever so pleased. He tells her about the tour and she fills him in with the news about the Kennedy's and Tad and Paul but fails to mention TCS hold up. Madge tells Harold about the security system that is being installed and he's a bit annoyed. She then tells him about the hold up at TCS.
No. 30
Joel invites Amy to dinner as a thank you just as Lance comes in to tell them about Karl being found. He isn't happy when he finds out about them going out for dinner.
No. 24
Harold is annoyed at Madge for not phoning and letting him know about the hold up. She says it has all been forgotten about but Harold isn't so sure, but Madge changes the subject to Karl.
Ramsay Street
Susan, Libby and Billy are waiting for Karl to come home. A police car eventually comes and there are tears as they're reunited.
No. 24
Tears over, it's jovial bantering now. The press are on the phone wanting an interview but Susan tells them to read all about it in the next edition of The Erinsborough News. Everyone bails to leave Karl and Susan alone. He tells her he's been an idiot and hugs her.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is trying to rope Harold into the aeroplane game with little success. Lance comes in demanding a word with Amy. When they are alone he tells her the secret love between them is over. Amy thinks they should prove to people they aren't together to heighten the fun between them.
No. 22
Libby knocks back Drew's invitation to move in whilst Lou is away in case it ruins their relationship. She wants them to have a long-term courtship, which Drew backs up. They settle instead for Libby coming over for the odd evening instead.
No. 26
Billy is thanking Anne for what she did whilst Karl was missing and she looks at him wistfully as he leaves.
No. 28
It's clear the air talk time. Susan thought it was over between them until the police arrived, then she wanted him home again as she couldn't imagine a life without him. He apologises for the stupid things he's done and says he couldn't go on without her. They hug each other with renewed love between them.
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