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Neighbours Episode 3396 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3396
Australian airdate: 20/09/1999
UK airdate: 02/12/1999
UK Gold16/03/2005
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Teabag Teasdale Nathan Phillips
Russell Burgess - John Scott
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Alone With You" by The Sunnyboys
Summary/Images by: Shona
Libby taking a photo of Billy, Maurie and Steve.
Lou's Place
Libby wants to talk to Bill and fills him in on seeing him talking to Steve McCall and Maurie. Bill is angry when he finds she was taking photos for her article. She goes on to say what she believes Steve is up to, colluding with Maurie. Bill can't believe it - they're just mates, having a chat. Drew brings up Sam and Bill says defensively that it was an accident. Maurie has explained his relationship with Steve and it's all above board and he wonders if Libby wants to get him sacked. Drew says if something's going on he should tell the truth, but Bill decides to leave, not feeling in a very sociable mood anymore. Libby hasn't finished with him though.
Number 26
Ruth comes in with a tray of mugs, to Hannah, Teabag and Phil sitting on the sofas. 'Hope you don't mind teabag tea, Teabag,' she quips (That's one for Quote of the Moment!) but he says he doesn't. Phil wants to know more about him. Teabag says he does this and that and, to Phil's dismay, believes that it's easy living away from home. He says he never looked back, and pats Hannah's leg. Phil's eyes nearly pop out of his head but luckily Teabag leaves before he can deck him. On his way out Teabag does his cool handshake with Phil, who looks immensely confused. Hannah arranges to meet him later at Grease Monkeys.
The Bush
Karl drives along, looking deep in thought.
Number 28
Meanwhile in Erinsborough Susan re-reads Karl's letter. Libby and Bill come in, arguing about Maurie and Susan tells them not to argue. Nonetheless they carry on. Susan looks away, upset. She tries to get them to stop again and then shouts at them to shut up. Bill notices she's upset and she says she needs to talk to them about Karl.
The Bush
Karl parks his car and walks in the direction of Splinter Falls.
Number 28
Bill asks if Karl's just run off. Susan says it's just a break - there's a locum - and he'll be coming back, but Bill thinks he's run away from them. The note tells them nothing. Susan says brightly that he's probably gone to Grandpa Tom's and will be back soon. They're committed to making their marriage work. Libby thinks that he hates them. Bill tells Susan to be honest and Libby pitches in, saying it's affecting them too and maybe it's time to accept that the marriage is beyond help.
The Bush
Karl seems lost. He looks a little worried, saying 'Terrific' in a rather sarcastic manner.

We go to what would have been an Australian ad break and we're back to Karl, still lost. But then he spots a man lying down by a little camp fire. He announces himself and the man sits up, a little startled. He explains he's lost, also dropping in that's he's a doctor (useless information). The man makes him a cuppa, and introduces himself as Alan Porter.
Number 22
Libby spills out her fears about Karl and Susan to Drew - she thinks Susan is in denial. Drew remarks it isn't like her. Libby is pessimistic about the future and she's dreading Karl coming back. Drew suggests she stay with him for a while - with Lou away there's plenty of room. Libby doesn't want to leave Susan. But he says she'll be close. Libby says she'll think about it.
The Bush
It's now dark and Karl is spilling his guts about his marriage problems to Alan. He feels like he's being excluded from part of Susan and realises that running away maybe wasn't a great idea. He apologises for being a deranged city slicker, dumping his problems on him. Alan says it good to see other people have problems too. He suggests, as it's so late, that Karl kip under the stars - that's if he can cope with it, being a city slicker. Karl thinks it's exactly what he needs.
Number 28
Susan looks at her watch and Bill suggests they send Dahl out looking for Karl- maybe he's a homing gallah. Susan said she was wondering about Libby. Bill apologises for earlier but he was just being honest. The last two years haven't been great and they never know what they're coming home to. Susan is resolute they can keep the marriage together. Bill says maybe she should think about letting go, but Susan tells him to have a little faith. But Bill tells her that he's disillusioned with both of them. Karl cheating was one thing but Susan...she's not meant to make mistakes. Susan is amazed by his double standards. Bill says he always had her on a pedestal. Susan asks if he can see how unfair that is and he says he's just being honest. She tells him it's time he realises she and Karl are human. Bill walks away, says he's going to eat out and Susan retorts 'fine!'
Number 26
Hannah doesn't think Phil can be serious banning her from Teabag. Phil knows he's trouble, but Hannah says being a high school drop-out doesn't mean he's a loser and Ruth agrees. Phil's angry she's on Teabag's side, but she isn't - just saying that dropping out of school doesn't brand you a loser for life. Hannah walks off and Phil pursues her.

Bill comes to the door and Anne answers it, whilst on the phone to Fanto. She says she'll call him back and Bill doesn't look happy at the mention of Fanto's name. She asks what the matter is and they go to the pub.
Grease Monkeys
Teabag sees off some of his mates. Hannah comes through the door, looking around. He asks if she's embarrassed to be seen with him, and she fills him in on Phil's ban. Teabag says there are jobs going here - she should get one so she stop sponging off her parents and live with him. Teabag thinks it's dorky - they should go to the pub or something. She says she's underage. He suggests the coffee shop, but she might run into Ruth. He says about his house but she makes to go home, she doesn't want any more grief. He pulls her back and says he has to go away for a few days, but asks her to the movies when he gets back. She says yes.
The Bush
Karl thanks Alan for the beans. He asks about Alan - he's been prattling on about himself all night. 'Nothing to tell,' says Alan. Can't hold down a job, likes being alone. Karl envies some things about his life but Alan says he'd miss the stuff he has if he lost it. Karl feels he owes him, having said more to him than the marriage guidance counsellor. Karl goes to go to sleep, but first takes his phone, wallet and car keys out his pocket, laying them at his side. Alan takes a drink as Karl drops off.
Lou's Place
Bill talks to Anne - he feels useless. Anne says he can't work it out - it's up to Karl and Susan. She says he should give Susan some support. Bill holds her hand and thanks her for making him feel better - she always does. Anne says she knows what divorce is like and he can talk to her at any time. She doesn't want to lose that between them and neither does Bill.
Number 28
Susan is having a lonely meal, with two other plates sitting untouched beside her. She stands as Libby comes in and apologises about dinner. She goes to help Susan. Then Susan starts to cry, saying she didn't want to cry in front of her. 'It's good for you,' says Libby. Usually it's the other way round. Susan's been thinking about what she and Bill said earlier, and she agrees she's been avoiding the truth. She has to accept that the marriage may be over. It's been over half her life and she wishes Karl could come home so they can sort it out. Libby, upset herself, tells her it's alright and gives her a hug.
Number 26
The next morning, Bill comes in and Anne says he looks awful. He didn't sleep last night. Anne asks if Karl came home, but Bill says it wasn't about them - it was her. He can't accept they're not together. He loves her and wants her back.
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