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Neighbours Episode 3395 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3395
Australian airdate: 17/09/99
UK airdate: 01/12/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Steve McCall: Adam Palmer
Teresa Bell: Krista Vendy
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl admitting to the marriage counsellor that he kissed Sarah at her wedding.
Susan telling the marriage counsellor that she almost left with Martin when he asked her.
Drew's car
Drew and Libby are tailing as part of Libby's investigative journalism. But they are not having any luck in catching their quarry (Steve) doing anything incriminating.
The Pub
The historical costume club have turned up at the pub, but they're all blokes so far so Joel isn't too impressed. Toadie is excited at the club doing medieval feasts and jousting.
A road
Libby and Drew are waiting for the bloke to come out of his house. She wants to get one photo of the bloke on a building site - he's supposed to be de-registered. Drew says he can only do another fifteen minutes - he has to work.
School Office
Susan shows a woman called Teresa in for an interview for the teaching position. Madge comes in and joins them. She is a bit flustered and rather unprofessional compared to the other interviewers.
Outside the Garage
Libby is explaining to Drew how much patience is required for investigative journalism. She asks Drew to join her again after work and he rather reluctantly agrees. Drew doesn't want Libby to get into any trouble though.
Lou complains that Libby is keeping Drew from his work - and building them a nest egg. Libby is surprised by the use of the word "nest egg" but Drew brushes it off.
The Coffee Shop
Maurie tells Bill that Sam is in a coma. Maurie isn't concerned but Bill is very worried. Karl comes in and Bill joins him at the counter. Bill asks how it went with the counsellor but Karl doesn't really want to discuss it. Bill is not happy at this answer.
School Office
Tess is doing well in her interview and Susan and Madge look impressed. At the end she mentions wanting to be independent from her husband.
When Tess has gone, Madge and Susan talk. Susan accidentally spills coffee over herself and gets a bit upset. Madge asks her what's really wrong. She insists Susan coming home with her for lunch so they can talk. Susan accepts gratefully.
The Garage
Drew asks Lou to keep their business discussions confidential. For example, he doesn't want Lou to mention his long-term plans for him and Libby in front of her just yet. Lou is surprised and apologises.
Lou says he's had a few more enquiries on the garage, but Drew says he's not upping his offer. Lou says he doesn't have to - he can go into partnership instead. Drew isn't happy with this - he wants to own his own business. Lou gets riled up at this, but Drew stands firm - he's only interested in the old deal. Lou seems to have changed his mind - he doesn't want to sell, really. Drew doesn't think Lou can handle a partnership - he's still order Drew around like before.
Lou is getting more and more het up so Drew tells him to sit down. Drew gets him his water as Lou continues to insist that he "does things his way".
Madge has prepared lunch for her and Susan and they sit down to eat and talk. They chat about Tess and then Tad's essay. Madge says she figured out what had happened and comments that Karl must be really worried to have a rival in Tad(!). Susan gets a bit sad and Madge notices her mood. Susan says Karl and her will just have to work through their problems together.
The Garage
Drew has called Karl in to Lou and he is exmining him. Karl says that Lou must stop and get some proper rest. Lou is grumpy and says he can't afford to turn his back for a minute. Karl tells him there's more to life than money - he should take a break and go and see Lauren and his grandson. Drew thinks it's a great idea, but Lou says it's not possible at the moment.
Susan comes in to find Karl sitting on the sofa. He says he came home so they could have a talk. They talk casually about the school interviews and Karl mentions Lou being sick. Neither of them really know how to broach the subject of their relationship.
Finally Susan says that all the time Karl was apologising, she knew it wasn't really over with Sarah. Karl insists that is was over and the kiss at Sarah's wedding sounded more than it was in the counselling. He says that the score is even between them now, but then realises what he's said and tries to take it back. Susan gets very angry and says that the slate isn't clean. Susan says it is going to take a whole lot more than counselling to save their marriage and storms out, upset.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Madge is mopping down the tables when Lou comes up. She jumps a mile and Lou says it's not uncommon to be jumpy after a robbery. Madge brushes off his concern. Lou tells Madge about Karl and Drew wanting him to take a holiday and Madge is very sympathetic. Lou says he just doesn't like being told what to do! Madge thinks a holiday would do Lou a lot of good though, so he says he will. They banter amicably and Lou hugs her.
Karl is leaving a note for Susan. He's packed a bag and looks very depressed. He sadly picks up the bag, walks to the door and after a backward glance at the room, walks out.
Drew's car
Libby and Drew are on the investigative journalism again - they are following Steve's car.
Susan comes in and finds the house empty. Then she sees the note from Karl on the table.
"Susan. Don't worry. I'm fine. I've gone away for a few days. Karl."
A road
The car that Libby and Drew are following stops at a building site and the bloke gets out and shakes hands with Maurie and Bill.
Libby takes a photo with a long-angled lens. Libby can't believe that Bill is talking to Steve but takes the photo anyway. She also photographs money changing hands between Steve and Maurie.
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