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Neighbours Episode 3394 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3394
Australian airdate: 16/9/99
UK airdate: 30/11/99
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Angela Ronning: Maureen McInerney
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
KARL: I had an emergency!
SUSAN: Fine Karl, if it takes an emergency to get your attention, how come you're ignoring the biggest emergency you've ever had in your life - our marriage.
Karl insists that he's not ignoring his marriage, but his patient had to come first. Susan apologises for what she said and Karl grudgingly accepts her apology. Karl says he's committed to fixing their marriage and he'll make another appointment with the marriage counsellor himself.
Grease Monkeys
Susan and Ruth meet in Grease Monkeys and laugh. Susan says she's only there to avoid bumping into Karl at the Coffee Shop - she tells Ruth what happened with the appointment. Ruth knows all about it - she was there when Karl was doing CPR on the patient. Ruth says maybe Susan could cut Karl some slack.
The Pub
Karl tells Phil that he's only there to avoid bumping into Susan at the Coffee Shop(!). He tells Phil that Susan is obsessed with seeing a counsellor - Karl thinks they're way beyond that though. Karl thinks it should be enough to tell Susan he loves her. Karl also tells Phil about Susan and Martin, much to Phil's surprise. Phil admits that he met Martin and Susan at a restaurant while Karl was away. Karl says that Susan says it never got started between her and Martin - so he's worried about going to the counselling: he's worried that he might find things out that he didn't want to.
Grease Monkeys
Susan tells Ruth that nothing happened with her and Martin but it easily could have - that's why she wants to go to counselling. Ruth wonders if Karl is overreacting due to his guilt over Sarah. Susan says she feels guilty about Martin too, but she's upset that Karl doesn't think that their marriage is worth fighting for. Ruth says maybe he's just being an ostrich (head in the sand). Susan thinks a man who's devoted his life to caring as a doctor should care a bit more about his marriage.
Toadie comes up and asks if they're spying for Madge(!) They assure they won't tell Madge he was there!
Lance has bought some scratchcards and rubs the foil of while noone is around.
Amy begs Toadie not to tease Joel - he's about to do his final undress rehearsal. Joel comes out wearing a cowboy outfit(!) and starts to strip. Bob barks in anguish. (I am a bit anguished by Joel's nipple ring!)
Karl has managed to get an appointment with the counsellor for tomorrow. Susan apologises again for flying off the handle. Karl admits he's terrified of the whole process and he wouldn't go through with it if he didn't love Susan. He says it's because he's being a male idiot not in touch with his feelings. He doesn't know what Susan thinks anymore. He wants to know if Susan talked to Martin about him and Susan admits she did. She also admits that Phil did see them together in a restaurant.
Joel tells Amy that he and Toadie have joined a historical impersonation club at uni - only because a lot of girls go there(!). However, Amy gets an idea - Joel should change his cowboy outfit to a knight's costume(!) She goes off to start the choreography.
At that moment Amy smells something bad - Toadie says Bob must have left a little present around the house.
Ruth is worried about leaving Anne and Lance behind when they go to Darwin. Phil is worried that he's found another scratchcard - he hopes Lance isn't going back to gambling.
In the other room, Lance answers the door to Amy. She kisses him on the doorstep much to Lance's delight.
Toadie and Joel are reading a book on dog psychology. Toadie reckons that Bob's "present" leaving was a cry for help - he thinks Bob is pining for Sarah!
The Pub
Amy and Lance are holding hands under the table while Amy plans her "Aeroplane Game" and the people who have signed up for it. Lance kisses her but Amy says they're supposed to be keeping their relationship secret - she wants to hang on a bit longer.
Joel says he's starting to appreciate why Lance went out with Amy - she's fun to be around and not too hard on the eye. He says he's not interested though. Toadie says he mustn't start on Lance's ex-girlfriend because it's asking for trouble. Joel says that he himself wasn't upset when Drew started going out with Geri (we all know that this is a lie!!) Toadie tells Bob that they've got big trouble coming.
Lance is cooking a fry-up. Amy calls round and Ruth looks at them suspiciously. They kiss in the living room. Amy says she needs the money for the Aeroplane Game soon. She's also off to help Joel with his rehearsals for the stripping. She tells Lance he has nothing to worry about - she's not impressed by muscles. Lance isn't sure how to take this(!)
Counsellor's Office
Susan says that things changed around the time of Sarah's wedding - Karl became distant. Karl isn't happy at this but Susan says they never really talked over the Sarah situation properly. She wants to deal with it properly - they just ignored it before.
Karl says he wants things to go back to the way they were, but Susan says the only way is forward. The counsellor asks Susan if she's worried that Karl still has feelings for Sarah. Susan says she isn't - she's quite sure he has.
Outside the Martins
Phil gives Lance some money to pay the newspaper bill. Lou comes up and says he wants to sort out Phil's issue of 2% in the garage. Phil says he's willing to sell. Lou says he'll drop off a cheque tomorrow.
Counsellor's Office
Karl says he was attracted to Sarah, but he deeply regrets it. The counsellor asks Karl how he felt about Sarah getting married. He says it was a bit hard to deal with, but he was fundamentally pleased. He admits under pressure that maybe he hadn't completely resolved his feelings for Sarah. Karl admits that they kissed at the wedding. Susan looks shocked.
Toadie is still reading the dog psychology book very seriously. Amy tells Joel that the knight-stripper will be fantastic. Joel thanks her for her help and kisses her on the cheek. Toadie sees this and his eyes widen.
When Amy has gone, Toadie tells Joel not to go there. Joel says that he kissed Amy out of brotherly love and he's not interested! Toadie does not look convinced.
Counsellor's Office
Susan says that Martin was there for her when she was feeling a bit low. Susan admits that when Martin asked her to leave with him she almost said yes. Karl looks shocked this time. Susan eyes him coldly and says, "Surprises all round".
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