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Neighbours Episode 3393 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3393
Australian airdate: 15/09/99
UK airdate: 29/11/99
UK Gold: 14/03/05
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Maurie Ryan Neil Fletcher
Snr Constable Walker Doug Bennett
Kev Quilby Kirk Syrett
Summary/Images by: Pete
Maurie orders Sam to climb to the top of the structure without a safety harness, and he falls off.
A bald man pulls up in a vehicle and places a safety belt under the tarp in Maurie's truck.
Billy watches the ambulance take Sam to the hospital. Maurie tells the police that Sam is always 'skylarking' and doesn't watch what he's doing. He later says he didn't ask for a safety harness, but it wasn't illegal.
Libby shows up with a camera and a notepad. Someone's rang the newspaper about Sam's accident. She questions Bill who tells her the same as Maurie told the police, before Maurie comes along and takes over the interview.
Drew tells Lou that he now has the money to buy the garage. Lou says he's changed his mind, and offers him 50/50 partnership. Drew says Lou can't do that, he has other people to consider 'Libby and I have plans' Drew doesn't think it'll work, but Lou tells him to think about it,
Maurie tells the police he advised Sam to wear a safety harness. He finds out that Libby is Bill's sister and gets shirty with her at first, but believes them when they it was a neighbour who called the paper. He and Bill stick to the story, but Libby isn't convinced.
NO 26
Amy is still trying to convince Anne to join the aeroplane game, but she still thinks it's dodgy. Lance comes in and Amy tries to get him involved, but he won't. He's received a letter from his nan, thanking him for helping them move to Broome, and enclosing a scratchcard. There's excitement from Amy as he scratches it. He's won nothing, but from the look on his face, he's got the bug again, as Amy tells him 'someone must win the big prize'.
NO 28
Susan is sorting through some application forms. Karl tries to show an interest but it's awkward. She tells him that she's sorted an interview with marriage guidance. He gives a non-committal shrug. She suggests he hates the idea, which he denies at first, but is forced to admit he doesn't like the idea of talking to strangers about their problems. Susan says the first time is the worst. He says it doesn't benefit everyone, but he tells his patients it benefits everyone. He says he's not trying to get out of it, he just thinks they can sort their problems out between themselves. Susan gives a little laugh and finally he agrees that he will be there.
Maurie buys Bill a pint and says he'll recover from the shock. Bill asks if there's any word on Sam. Maurie says he'll be alright 'No brains, no feelings'. Bill says that Sam isn't stupid. Karl comes in to see how Bill is, and asks about Sam. Karl says he shouldn't be drinking alcohol when he's in shock, and takes it off him and goes to buy him an orange juice. Maurie says it just seems like Karl is trying to get a free beer.
NO 28
Karl tells Susan and Libby that he saw Bill. She asks why he didn't bring him home, but Libby points out he wasn't in the accident, only saw it. Libby is writing an article about a de-listed builder who writes books. Some of his projects are looking pretty dodgy, but they don't know if it's the same one Bill's on.
Libby says she won't be home for dinner and leaves. Bill won't be home for dinner either. Karl thinks it's just their age, but Susan says it's because they're avoiding being around them at the moment.
NO 26
Amy has talked Lance into going to a meeting about the aeroplane game, but Anne can't be convinced. Amy leaves and Anne asks Lance if he's serious about going in for it. "You bet I am". Anne says it's a paper empire based on greed. They always collapse and someone always loses their money. Lance doesn't think it's any different from the stock market, but Anne points out stockbrokers already have money, but Lance isn't convinced.
Maurie tells Bill not to worry about Sam, he always looks after his blokes. He says Bill's done alright. Bill says he's grateful, but Maurie says it's loyalty, not gratitude he wants, and says he'll pop into the hospital to fill Sam's parents in and say they're supporting him. He goes to leave and sees Libby coming in with Drew 'Here's trouble' he says. They come up to the bar, and comment on how tired Bill's looking. He snaps at them. Libby says Maurie didn't look too concerned. Bill says he's no criminal, but Libby reckons he comes close, according to her sources. Lou has told her he has a bit of a reputation. Bill snaps at her and tells her to go to hell.
NO 28
Susan reminds Karl about their appointment, but he says he isn't likely to forget. She says there's no point him going if he's going to be negative and have an attitude. They start rowing about it but stop when Bill comes out. Susan leaves and Karl goes down the corridor. Libby comes out and they complain about Karl and Susan's constant rowing. Libby asks what was up with Bill at the pub, and tells him that she agrees with Lou that Maurie is dodgy. Bill sticks up for Maurie again and says there's nothing going on. "Nothing to do with safety anyway" says Libby. Bill says he knows Libby is desperate for a story, but nothing illegal happened, it was just an accident.
Lance wins $5 on a scratchcard. Amy comes in and tells him she's got another passenger for her plane. She takes up Lance's offer of a coffee, but says she has to be quick as she's helping Joel with his routine. She says Lance could do that if he worked out for a couple of years and had Joel's looks. He says she might spend some time with him then. She tells him not to get jealous which he denies.
Libby tells Drew that Lou might change his mind about sharing the garage, but he doesn't think he will. Drew thinks he'll have to look for a different garage.
NO 28
Maurie admires Bill's work and pays him cash in hand. Bill asks about Sam, Maurie says he's stable, he's going to pop in later. As he's leaving Anne comes in She wants to pick up her saw and sculpture from the workshop. Bill is a bit short with her at first, but then asks if she's got time for a chat. He tells her about what happened at the site, and gets upset. He tries to change the subject, but she pushes it a bit further. He tells her that he feels it's his fault because he talked Sam out of leaving. She nervously touches him on the arm and tells him it's not his fault.
Karl hasn't shown up for the counselling session. Susan nervously tries to explain his absence, by saying doctors sometimes have consultations that go on too long but she isn't convinced herself.
Anne picks up her stuff and makes sure Billy's alright. She tells him that Fanto is picking her up.
NO 28
Susan comes home and shouts at Karl for turning up or phoning to explain what happened. He says he didn't think of it at the time, there was an emergency at the surgery and the ambulance took its time and he forgot.
SUSAN: Fine Karl, if it takes an emergency to get your attention, how come you're ignoring the biggest emergency you've ever had in your life - our marriage.
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