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Neighbours Episode 3392 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3392
Australian airdate: 14/09/99
UK airdate: BBC: 26/11/99
UK Gold: 14/03/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Teabag Teasdale - Nathan Phillips
Maurie Ryan - Neil Fletcher
Desi Grant - Katherine Mclean
Sam Rodgers - Matthew Albert
Daniel "Fanto" Hodges - Daniel Dinnen
Gwyn Tennant - Robyn Betts
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
- "Ill Be Your Lover" by Paul Kelly
- "Alone With You" by The Sunnyboys
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Hannah tells Phil and Ruth she's moving in with Teabag. She visits the house and is horrified.
NO 24
Paul is frettng that Hannah will like Teabag's house. Tad says if she does, then it gives them an excuse to ride with Teabag and his mates. Paul thinks Teabag fancies Hannah, but Tad doesn't. Tad is filling in an application form for GREASE MONKEYS. Paul says he needs experience and says Madge and Harold are hardly going to write him one. Tad says he's going to borrow Toadie's mobile 'for Paul' but doesn't tell him why.
Desi gives Tad a brief interview while walking around He says he has experience washing cars for Lou and at 'Milo's Café' in Tindara. She asks for a reference and he says one is on the way. In the meantime she asks for a name and contact number. Tad pulls out his little black book 'How about that, I've still got his mobile number - his name's Paul McClain'
Sam tells Bill he's looking for another job. Bill says he thought he liked it here, but Sam thought about what happened with the nail gun and what Billy said, and decided he was right. Bill says Maurie isn't such a bad bloke. Sam is surprised that Bill has changed his tune so much.
NO 24
Paul puts some prompt cards out and turns some music on just as Desi calls for Tad's reference. He makes some sound effects to make it sound like he's working in a café. He's blatantly reading from Tad's script, but Desi seems to fall for it, and offers him a tryout.
Anne and Fanto come in with their art folders. Desi comes over to talk to them about their artwork submissions. Desi doesn't know about art, but she knows what she likes, so she announces she's going to hold a Paint-Off.
Teabag makes Hannah a cup of tea. The milk in it has gone off, because there's no fridge. Teabag doesn't seem too bothered. Loud music starts up and Teabag shouts at 'Freddy' to turn it down. Another guy starts playing guitar in the lounge and Teabag argues with him too.
TEABAG: I'm trying to talk to this chick, alright.
Hannah is not impressed.
Maurie, Bill and Sam are chatting over a pint. Maurie tells them that he's impressed with Bill's set up at the workshop and the work he did on the cabinets. He tells Sam he cold learn a thing or two. Sam tries to talk to Maurie, but he ignores him and leaves. Sam tells Bill he's got a new job as a labourer. Bill talks him out of it, saying no job is ever perfect, and Maurie is a pretty good bass, as bosses go. Anne and Fanto come in and she sits with Bill while Fanto orders. They talk about their various problems at home, and joke that there's a problem with biorhythms in the street.
NO 26
Anne tells Ruth about the Paint-Off. Phil is distracted, worrying about where Hannah is. He's disappointed that she's not as excited about the Darwin job as he is, and suggests pulling out. Anne says she's just being completely selfish. Phil says Anne must understand how she feels, which she doesn't answer. Phil just wants Hannah to see it as a terrific adventure.
N0 24
Hannah comes round and Paul drags her in to tell Madge that she doesn't mind having a smaller room. Madge says she still can't stay. Hannah announces it's OK - she's found somewhere. Paul asks if she's moving in with Teabag. Hannah says she can't believe he's jealous - the main reason she's staying is because of him.
NO 26
Hannah finally arrives home. Anne tries to warn her that she's in trouble, but Phil comes out of the kitchen furious at her and says she can't go out. She tells Anne that it's not fair, they're treating her like a child 'the whole stupid moving thing was their idea anyway' but Anne tells her he's talking about cancelling the whole thing. Hannah says they can go - she just doesn't want to go with them. Anne asks about Teabag, but Hannah says it's none of her business. Anne says she hasn't changed, she's still the same spoilt selfish brat. Hannah says it's alright for her, she's not the one being dragged away from the only people who like her.
NO 24
Madge is checking the locks after Paul has gone to bed. He gets out of bed to check if she's alright, but she's short with him. She's obviously not.
Teabag says he was surprised Hannah wasn't at the BMX track. She said she wasn't up for it. She tells him that she won't be moving in with him either. Her parents can stop her as she doesn't have financial support. He suggests telling Human Services she's a child at risk, but she says she can't go through with that. Paul and Tad come in. Tad suggests sitting with them, but Paul tells him he can if he wants to.
NO 26
Bill comes in and wishes Anne luck for the Paint Off, and asks her if she's thought any more about Dawber Uni. She's polite, but she's in a rush to leave.
Tad comes in to sign his contract Fanto jokes with Anne, and Tad thinks the Paint Off is great and something the Coffee Shop should do. Paul leaves, dragging Hannah behind him, as he wants to talk to her. The Paint Off finishes, and it's time for the customers to cast their votes.
Maurie sends Sam up onto the roof of one of the structures with the nail gun. Sam asks for a safety harness, but Maurie is rude to him "I'll change your nappy as soon as you get down". and tells him it'll be OK. Bill tells Maurie he's nearly finished the job he gave him and Maurie is impressed, telling him he's got plenty more work to chuck his way.
Madge worries she's left the back door of the house open and asks Paul to look after the shop while she goes home and checks. Hannah asks him what's wrong so Paul tells her about finding her checking the locks last night. Hannah thinks she just misses Harold.
Most have the men have stopped for lunch, except Sam. He decides he's coming down, and as he puts the nail gun down, he slips and falls.
The votes have been counted. Anne has won the popular prize, and Fanto the judge's prize. Desi announces that the popular vote is the winner. Anne says that Fanto should have won, but he thinks his painting would look totally wrong in there. Anne isn't sure what he means, but he says she paints for a result, he paints because he can't help it. She asks what he's going to do when he finishes the course. He says he dreams of opening an artists commune. Anne says he'll probably do it too.
The police arrive as Sam is taken away in an ambulance. Bill asks Maurie why Sam wasn't wearing a safety harness. Maurie says that he told Sam often enough where they were and it's his own fault, basically. He asks Bill if there will be an investigation. Bill thinks there will be, and Maurie says he can rely on Bill to back him up.
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