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Neighbours Episode 3391 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3391
Australian airdate: 13/09/99
UK airdate: 25/11/00
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Teabag Teasdale: Nathan Phillips
Beaver: Campbell Clerke
Freddy: Luke Anderson
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Hannah tells Phil and Ruth that she'll miss them both when they go, Phil says she's got her wires crossed - she's going with them. Hannah says there's no way she's going to Darwin.
Hannah tells Paul how she feels, he suggests that he could ask Harold and Madge if she could move into Number 24. Paul tries to convince Tad to give up his room for Hannah, Tad thinks the whole idea is silly and that they shouldn't be imposing on Madge and Harold. Hannah tells Phil and Ruth that she's not going to Darwin, she's moving in with Madge and Harold. Phil says that's ridiculous. Hannah says she's 16, legally an adult and she can live where she likes. Hannah then suggests sharing Number 32 with Lance and Anne - but Lance says he's going to look after himself and Phil continues to think the ideas are ridiculous. Paul tries to convince Madge to let her stay with them, but to no avail - she's in too bad a mood to really listen anyway.
Tad sees that Grease Monkeys are advertising a job in the newspaper.
Lance tries to convince Joel to join the Aeroplane Game - a pyramid money-making scheme. Joel says he's totally broke now. Amy comes in and says she's got the most amazing way to make money, it's called the Aeroplane Game.... after some more persuasion, Joel says he could ask his Mum for some money. They continue to harass him about it and they try to get him to ring his Mum right away. Amy and Lance agree they make a great team when they're sure they've convinced Joel to join.
Joel gets a call from the lady who took the nude modelling shots of him, wanting him to take part in a strip show. Amy asks him how much he'll get, he says $100 a show - Amy is excited at the prospect because she realises he can now quite easily join the Aeroplane Game. Joel doesn't want to do it but Amy says stripping is nothing, she demonstrates for them but Lance pulls the plug on her act when he sees that Joel is enjoying it! Amy offers to coach him and goes on about how nice his body is - Lance starts to get jealous. Joel decides to do an audition and so Amy says they should start soon and he should work out what his costume will be.
Later, Amy starts her coaching - Joel can't get into it though, especially not with Lance teasing him! Amy sends Lance packing. Joel changes his costume from a tracksuit to a suit and tie. He still can't get into it! Come on, doing the Full Monty can't have been that different! Amy tells him that he's young, a complete spunk and she thinks he's ace. It convinces him to try again.
Bob chews one of the cushions at Number 30. He's also barking excessively... methinks something's amiss.
Tad runs into Teabag at the Coffee Shop and lets slip about Hannah's predicament. Hannah meets Teabag later and he suggests she move in with him - he lives in a share house and, according to him, there's always room for one more resident. When Hannah goes back home, Phil tells her that he's called Human Services and she could only leave home at 16 if she could support herself financially. Hannah says that whatever she does has nothing to do with him, he says he's her father, she says that doesn't matter - she's 16 and she's going to stay with Teabag. Ruth says they don't know anything about him, Phil says it doesn't matter who it is, she's not moving in with him. Hannah walks out and runs off to Teabag's.
Hannah checks out Teabag's - his mates are laying around and the house is a complete tip. There's even a chicken wandering about!
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Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3391
Amy Greenwood, Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson

Joel Samuels, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3391
Joel Samuels, Amy Greenwood

Hannah Martin, Teabag Teasdale in Neighbours Episode 3391
Hannah Martin, Teabag Teasdale

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3391
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

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