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Neighbours Episode 3390 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3390
Australian airdate: 10/09/99
UK airdate: 24/11/99
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Ian Bensen: Reville Smith
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Amy and Lance agree that they're back together, but they're going to keep it a secret.
The Martins' where we find The Lovebirds
Phil is trying to convince Ruth about moving to Darwin, and how he feels he might be able to make a real contribution in a job that he's been offered there, it's a real opportunity for him and Ruth. Ruth agrees that she's been thinking about it all afternoon, and the more she thinks about it, the more she likes it - it will be like an adventure and a new start for the whole family. She agrees that she'd like to go, but there are three small problems - Anne, Lance and Hannah.
The Bishops' where we find one of the Small Problems
Hannah and Paul are sitting together eating crisps - which now really, really makes me want some. They are trying to guess who 'SK' is - the initials that Tad has been scribbling all over his work. Aw, I think it's so sweet the way he loves Susan so much. If he weren't so young...
Ooh, just scared myself there.
Amy comes over to collect her video camera, and seems pretty cross that Paul has had it for so long. Hannah and Paul agree to watch a video of BMXing - what do they see in it?! But then what do I know? I'm a girl. A bike has a function, that's all I care about...
Lou's Place where Billy is Manipulated (part one)
Billy is talking to his boss, and agreeing that the extra money coming in is good as it means he'll be able to build up his tool collection more quickly to be a carpenter again; he enquires after his colleague Sam, and his boss tells his that Sam's been transferred to a different site on lighter duties. Maurie leaves and gives Billy some money for another drink before he goes. Billy seems impressed, whilst a chorus of fans behind him scream "don't believe him, Billy!"
Anne comes into the pub - she's meeting some uni friends here - and Billy apologises for trying to kiss her the other day. He asks if she would be a good friend and let him talk to her about his parents arguing all the time. Anne isn't sure, but Bill looks like he really needs to talk, so she gives in.
The Bishops' where I'm being Bored By BMXs
Hannah loves the video and tells Paul that she'd like to enter a dirt competition (I'm guessing this is some BMX thing), because Teabag thinks she's ready. Paul doesn't like the idea - Hannah just isn't experienced enough. Phil calls - there's a family meeting back home and please could Hannah come back?
The Martins' where the Three Small Problems accumulate
Lance and Hannah are wondering what's up, and Hannah thinks that she must be in trouble to have to get the whole family together like this. Phil tells her that this is actually good news, so Lance thinks they may have won the lottery. (I can't believe Phil thinks for one minute that they're going to like this news.) He announces that he's been offered a job, and is giving up his own business. The kids are really happy for him until he drops the bombshell - the job's in Darwin.
If looks could kill. None of them are happy and all throw out arguments, shouting over each other.
LANCE: Honestly, Phil, who on earth would want to go and live in Darwin?
PHIL: It's a great opportunity for us all. It would be like a new start!
RUTH: Where's your sense of adventure.
HANNAH: I haven't got one. Not when it comes to leaving Erinsborough.
Anne won't leave uni. Phil and Ruth suggest opportunities for all of them (like, it's near Bali which would make it great for holidays), but the kids really aren't having any of it.
ANNE: Yeah, well I'm going back to Bill's because we're having a serious discussion.
PHIL: *I'm* being serious!
The Kennedys' where Bill and Anne are Talking
Bill and Anne talk about moving to Darwin, and Anne thinks that maybe, possibly, it is a good idea. But Billy is trying to talk Anne out of it - he'd miss her like crazy. He thanks her for letting him talk about his parents ("talking to you has always helped), and Anne says she'll go home and face hers now, too.
The Martins' where we find a Comfortable Sofa
Amy and Lance are kissing on the soda and discussing moving to Darwin. Anne walks in and spots them kissing, but Lance and Amy deny it - Amy was just giving him a friendly kiss when she heard the news. Anne's not fooled, though. Hannah joins them all and they all go to leave the house.
PHIL: Where are you guys going?
ANNE: Out.
PHIL: I thought we could talk a bit more about the move.
Ruth asks them not to just dismiss Darwin, but think about it. When they leave she tells Phil that she can't go if she has to leave her family behind.
The Bishops' where Hannah is Offloading
Hannah tells Paul that she really loves her dad and doesn't want to be separated from him, but she doesn't want to leave Paul, either, because she has feelings for him. She'll go down to the trails and practise BMXing to take her mind off it. She needs to practise for the competition anyway. Paul thinks that she's gutsy and kisses her before she leaves.
Lou's Garage where Lou Almost Says Strewth
Paul is helping Lou out, and tells Lou the bad news that Phil and Ruth are moving to Darwin. Lou is shocked, and asks if there's a reason as to why they're leaving - Paul says they needed a new start. Lou does his 'strewth' face.
The Coffee Shop where Amy is Being a Fool
Amy is complaining that she couldn't sell her video camera for enough money to invest in the Aeroplane Game and pay off her credit card. Phil overhears and asks if she's going to sell it for the aeroplane game - she denies it.
Amy and Lance leave to go to Ashley's to start the game straight away.
As the exit TCS, Lou walks in and asks Phil about Darwin - he agrees that he is moving, and Lou asks why. Phil says that he and Ruth wants to make a clean break, and move as far away from Erinsborough as possible. Lou thinks that Darwin's a bit too far, but Phil tells him that the people in Darwin have a great sense of community. Lou wishes him luck - albeit begrudgingly.
The Worksite where we find Billy Measuring
Billy's boss announces that there'll be an inspection at the site later, and asks him to make sure he's clear with the inspectors that he's happy in his job. We get that scary violin music in the background where it tells you that something's not quite right.
The Coffee Shop where the Three Problems are Talking
Lance and Anne agree that neither of them are going to go to Darwin. Amy says that she doesn't want Lance to leave, either - but not because she likes him - they're just good friends and she needs someone to lean on! Hannah says she's also staying, but wants to fight to keep the family together and try and convince their parents, too. Hannah tells Lance that she'll refuse to budge, but Anne and Lance point out that she's under 16 so might not have a choice. Her dad's not going to forget that.
The Bishops' where Hannah is Whinging
Hannah is whinging to Paul that it's not fair that because she's only 16 she'll have to give in to her dad's wishes, and that Anne and Lance don't seem to care about her. She's screaming a lot and really annoying me.
HANNAH: I'm 16! I'm old enough to drive!
PAUL: What?
HANNAH: In Adelaide!
Paul says he couldn't bear her not being there, and will do anything to keep her there. Hannah doesn't think that her dad and Ruth care how she's feeling. Paul tells Hannah that she needs to calm down first, and she agrees.
The Worksite where Billy is Manipulated (part two)
Billy is telling the inspectors that he's happy on the worksite and that he has no safety issues. The inspectors are suspicious that the staff have been drilled to say those things, and tell the boss what they think. They leave, clearly unhappy.Maurie tells Billy he's pleased with him.
Boo! Hiss!
The Martins' where The Problems are about to Make An Announcement
Lance and Anne tell Ruth that they have discussed this and are not happy to go to Darwin. Ruth says that Darwin's a really interesting place to live, but the kids are not impressed. Phil also points out that it's only a two year contract, and Ruth says she's done research, and Darwin's growing into a major city - they won't be living in the middle of nowhere!
She gives up, and is not happy about their decision, but as they're over 18, she can't do anything about it. Lance walks over to her - she's obviously upset that she's going to miss them both so much, and they promise to visit all the time. She tells them she'll try and change their minds until she actually leaves!
Hannah asks Phil if he'll change his mind, and then says she'll miss him so much. Phil tells her that she's going with them, like it or not. No way, says Hannah.
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