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Neighbours Episode 3386 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3386
Australian airdate: 06/09/99
UK airdate: 18/11/99
UK Gold: 09/03/2005
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Teabag Teasdale - Nathan Phillips
Daniel Fitzgerald - Brett Tucker
Constable Walker - Paul Collins
Summary/Images by: Shona
Teabag tells Tad to smash a brick through the window of Grease Monkeys for the opening shot of their video.
Grease Monkeys
Tad is just about to throw the brick when two torch wielding cops spot them and they run away from. Once they find a hiding place, Hannah hopes that Tad wasn't going to go through with it, but Teabag says that he was - and if he didn't, he would have.
Lou's Pub/Club
Lance and Amy are dancing, and Lance is being particularly daggy. They are about to go onto another club but then Anne comes in - Fanto is elsewhere and they won't be hanging out as planned, so she wants to hang with them. Lance says it's quite late and he might go home. He spots Bill coming through the door, wearing a blue polo neck and suede jacket combo that he must have stolen from Karl, and sarcastically remarks that it's like one happy family. Bill tells Anne that work couldn't be better, and that he was mistaken about thinking that Maurie was crook. Anne suggests they have a celebratory drink on her and drags Amy to the bar, telling her not to leave her alone with Bill at the moment. Meanwhile Bill tells Lance that Anne was pretty friendly and this is turning into one good day. Lance looks bored out his skull.
A Large Building
Teabag, Hannah, Paul and Tad go into a large building of some sort, the identity of which this summariser has no clue of, and Teabag bemoans their almost getting caught. Teabag takes Hannah aside and asks why she doesn't have a bike. She can't afford one. He tells her to meet him at Lassiters Lake tomorrow, giving her no reason why. When he has left Paul asks what he was talking about and she mentions the bike. Hannah asks Tad again if he was going to do throw the brick and he says no - but he couldn't have planned the cop's arrival better himself. He did all that stuff back in Tindara and it's not worth the hassle. However they have to keep Teabag on side. Hannah says that they should have told the truth to Teabag. Tad thinks she's mad.
Number 26
Lance, Amy and Anne watch a movie. Lance is distinctly displeased and says it's getting late to Anne (hint hint). Anne says he looks tired and should go to bed. He suggests the same to her but she wants to talk to Amy in private. Lance slops off to his room. Anne wants advice about asking Bill about doing her sculpture in Bill's workshop - should she ask him? Amy says she should - why not? She'll never know if she doesn't ask. Amy asks is that all - she drove Lance to his bedroom for that? Anne didn't want Lance to know. Amy doesn't know why she's so worried about it.
Number 24
The gang watch the video and Teabag's BMX-ing is great. Hannah thinks his name is stupid - why not just call yourself 'Instant Coffee'? Their arguing wakes Madge and she tells them to go to bed. Hannah goes off to finish her essay. Tad has done some of his and Paul wants to know what it's about. Tad's not telling. Paul won't tell him either.
Number 28
Bill comes in to Susan ironing. She couldn't sleep and hasn't noticed that Bill has nicked some of Karl's clothes. Bill is quite enthusiastic about Anne - he had a good time and things are better between them. Susan hopes it turns out well for both of them. He kisses her hair and goes to bed, Susan smiling on after him.
Number 24
Tad is sitting, writing his essay on his 'Secret Love'.
'This has never happened to me before. But sometimes, when you feel so much for someone...'
The camera pans over and we see that in front of him is the picture Libby took of Martin, Paul, Tad and Susan.
Number 28
Susan tries to arrange meeting Karl for lunch but they can't find a mutually suitable time. Anne arrives just as Karl and Susan are leaving. Bill is happy, saying he thought she might drop over. Anne wonders if Amy's been talking to him. 'About what?' Bill is lost. Anne tells him the sculpture idea and he says it's fine, even though it's clear from his tone that it was not what he was expecting to hear. He'll enjoy the company. She leaves and Bill looks disappointed.
Erinsborough High
The essays are being read out in front of the class. All are anonymous and have been passed around the class, so no one knows whose they are reading. Paul finishes reading one on BMX and thinks it was Tad's. Hannah is chosen to read the essay that she's been given. Shock, horror, it's 'My Secret Love'! Tad goes a little red and looks over at Susan.
The Coffee Shop
Lance and Amy are talking about a pyramid scheme and Lance says it's a rip-off. Amy can't get involved anyway as she hasn't $1000. Karl comes into get coffee and lunch and Madge remarks that Pippa hasn't been in recently: must be getting her lunch at Grease Monkeys. Karl says he doesn't inquire on these matters.
Erinsborough High
Hannah finishes reading and there is a bit of laughter. She wants to guess who wrote it but Susan won't have it. She says it was very well written. Tad keeps his eyes on Susan.
Bill's Workshop
Bill and Anne are working on their separate projects. Anne gets a splinter. Bill looks at her hand - they need some tweezers, he diagnoses. They are close and he goes to kiss her. She says no, but he does it anyway. She breaks away and tells him she didn't want it to happen. He did and she knows that they belong together. Anne says yes, but...Bill asks what's stopping them. Anne decides working there is a bad idea and leaves on the pretext of getting some tweezers.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah thinks Paul wrote Tad's essay, but Paul says no. Tad is quite interested that she thought it was good. Tad has to go, and Susan grabs him as he tries to hurry away from her, telling him to come over for his tutoring early. They need to discuss something.
Number 28
Karl moans about a stain on his shirt and Susan says nothing lasts forever. He notices her mood. She tells him about Tad's crush and he makes fun - saying she's been leaving a string of broken hearts behind her for years. She is annoyed and tells him she wants to let Tad down as gently as possible. Karl thinks Tad's ego could do with a bit of denting and she angrily retorts that, if that's his opinion, she doesn't want it. He says he'll keep his thoughts to himself in the future.
Lassiters Lake
Teabag turns up late with a BMX for Hannah. She says it's too big a present - but he says it was his old one. She points out it looks new. He says he polished it up for her. She's happy about it. He tells her he likes her and she says the same. He asks how much - he likes her a lot.
Number 28
Tad is prompt for his meeting. He sits down with Susan and she tells him she needs to talk about 'My Secret Love'. He has a very distinctive writing style and she knows it was his. He says it was a good story and she thinks it was very heartfelt. Tad says he was just mucking around - it wasn't real or anything. Susan says she's glad - inappropriate feelings are unfortunate, although they happen to all of us from time to time and they will pass. Particularly when you realize those feelings could never be returned. Tad nods - he gets the picture. He asks to go and she looks worried once he's left.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
Tad mucks about, looking deep in thought. He goes for the big jump...and falls. Then he gets up and starts to kick his bike.
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