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Neighbours Episode 3385 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3385
Australian airdate: 3/9/99
UK airdate: 17/11/99
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Teabag Teasdale: Nathan Phillips
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Phil that their friendship is over and shuts the door in his face.
Hannah is looking at a storyboard of Paul and Tad's video. Hannah teases Paul that he's not appearing in the video - only footage of Tad is mentioned on the storyboard. On the pad, Hannah sees the letters "SK" and teases Tad that he's got a crush on someone. They make potential suggestions, much to Tad's discomfort.
Libby and Drew are back from the movies in a good mood. They come in and find Lou sitting stewing in a chair. Libby decides not to have a coffee but to go home instead.
When she's gone, Lou tells Drew that it tooks like he'll have to sell the garage. Drew suggests that Lou buries the hatchet with Phil. This doesn't go down well with Lou.
Phil is sitting up in his pyjamas, thinking. Ruth comes out and tries to comfort him. Phil tells Ruth that he doesn't want the world - a good job, happy family, a few mates. Ruth says he has all that. Phil says that maybe it's time to get out and have a change. He says life has got in the way of all his plans - every year another ideal drops by the wayside. He thinks it's time to leave the comfort zone.
Harold is worried about Lou but Madge can't see what they can do to help. Paul is still trying to guess who "SK" is. Harold answers the phone to someone. Afterwards, Madge asks who it was but Harold evades her question.
Hannah answers the door to Tad and Paul. They need her help for the BMX video - they need Hannah to sweettalk Amy into lending them her video camera. Hannah tells them to forget it, but Tad says he will do some filming of Hannah if she agrees.
Drew is feeding Libby some toast and they mess about with Spanish accents(!) Drew then gets serious and tells Libby he's been thinking about the future and it's time to take the plunge. Libby looks worried. Drew says he'd be a lot more confident if she didn't look so panic-striken every time she thought he was going to ask her to marry him(!). He says he's saved some money and he wants to buy the garage.
Later at the Kennedys
Drew says he's always wanted to run his own business. Libby doesn't know how he'll afford it but Drew says his Dad will help him out too. He says he's going to ask Phil for advice, but Libby tells him to tread carefully given Lou's feud with Phil. Drew thinks Libby seems a bit lukewarm on the idea, but Libby admits that when he said "a lot of money" she thought he was going to spend the money on her(!). They laugh and wrestle on the couch.
Madge is haranguing Harold about the phonecall. Finally he admits that the Salvation Army band is going on a tuba and offered him a place. But Harold refused because he doesn't want to desert his wife and business in their hour of need.
Hannah, Paul and Tad come in. Hannah has managed to get the video camera from Amy. Harold comes up to them and says he's not happy about them riding down the allotments - it's supposed to be a place of serenity. Finally he agrees though as long as they don't wreck the garden or perform dangerous stunts.
Drew has come to see Phil. Phil is concerned, but Drew says that he trusts Phil and he doesn't care about his quarrel with Lou. Phil agrees to give Drew some advice.
The Allotment
Paul is filming Tad on the BMX. Hannah takes the bike and performs and amazing jump, much to the surprise of some guys who are hanging around. One of them introduces himself as Teabag. Teabag offers to feature on the film. He rides off to start the jumps.
Lou says he'd be happy to sell the garage to Drew if he can afford it. Drew says he's had some advice from Phil. Lou is not impressed at all and says he might not want to sell now. Drew says he's being stupid but Lou says Drew should stand by his mates.
The Allotment
Hannah and the guys are performing fantastic BMX jumps while Paul films them. Tad and Paul are very impressed. They can't understand where Hannah learned to ride.
Teabag is impressed with Hannah's riding skills. Teabag suggests that Tad gets some street riding on their video and he could help out if Tad makes it worth his while.
The Coffee Shop
Tad, Paul and Hannah come in with Teabag. The Coffee Shop is a bit dead as everyone is off eating at Grease Monkey's apparently. Teabag suggests some places he knows for BMX riding and suggests that they meet there late that night.
Phil has been to a charity dinner and is feeling a lot better. He has been offered a job with a Foundation that provides funding for homeless people throughout Australia - in Darwin.
Tad and Paul are jumpy and tell Madge that they're going to Hannah's to watch a movie for school.
Madge corners Harold and tells him that he must go on the Salvation Army band trip. Harold is still worried about the Coffee Shop, but Madge is insistent. Harold goes off to make the arrangements.
The Pub
Lou is still being dour with Drew. Libby drags him on to to the dancefloor and makes Drew dance. He starts his "moves" and he is right - he's not very good(!), but he and Libby look like they're having a good time anyway(!)
Outside Grease Monkeys
Teabag thinking breaking the front window of Grease Monkeys would make a great opening shot. Paul, Tad and Hannah exchange looks of disbelief.
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