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Neighbours Episode 3384 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3384
Australian airdate: 2/9/99
UK airdate: 16/11/99
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Martin Chester: Gil Tucker
Janet Parkinson: Fronica France
Kerry James: Kylie Watkins
Melissa Goodman: Michelle McClatchy
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Martin telling Susan that if she can tell him with all honesty that she's perfectly happy with Karl, he'll never bother her again.
Susan's Car
Susan tells Martin that she's not happy with Karl and hasn't been for a long time - more than a few weeks or months. Martin says he could make Susan happy and she should just leave Karl! Susan laughs an empty laugh and says she can't give up on 25 years of marriage just because she's not happy - it's not reasonable. She insists she has to stand by the commitment she made 25 years ago. Martin gets out of the car and walks away. Susan drives off.
The Coffee Shop
Amy and Lance are trying to decide if they're going out or not(!)
Toadie and Joel come in arguing about an offer to do nude modelling. Dominator Sports want to do a calendar and make Joel Mr.May! Joel doesn't want to do it, but Toadie says he has no choice - he has rent to pay. Lance sides with Joel, but Amy says he was fine for the Full Monty and the Pear Passion. She says Joel has nothing to worry about! Joel looks very uncomfortable.
Toadie reminds Lance about a singles dinner that they're having tonight. Lance says he's got other plans, but Toadie insists that he has to come and bring food as well. Lance says he'll come, but he's not bringing any food - he's finished with cooking for them!
When Toadie and Joel have gone, Amy is not impressed that Lance is going to a singles evening. But she doesn't think Toadie and Joel will make a good job of the evening anyway.
Joel, Toadie and Lance are cooking. Lance tells Toadie that he's not in the market for a new girlfriend and Toadie guesses it's because of Amy. He says he doesn't care what Lance thinks of Amy, he just has to be "swinging" tonight.
Amy comes in with some bags of food for them. She says that spaghetti bolognaise and caramel slices won't cut it. Toadie protests, but has to admit he's prepared fettucine bolognaise and caramel slices with icecream(!). Joel is worried that Amy spent a lot on food - he hasn't got the money to pay her back. Amy offers to do the cooking while the guys eat dinner with the girls. Lance isn't impressed with that - he doesn't want Amy breathing down his neck all night.
Toadie and Joel go off to change, still bickering about the Mr May calendar shoot.
The Coffee Shop
Karl comes in and sits down with Martin. Martin looks worried that Karl is going to tackle him about Susan.
KARL: Our pasts have caught up with us. It's inevitable I suppose. Some passions just can't be denied. You and I have got some very serious talking to do.
Later at the Coffee Shop
It turns out that Karl wanted to talk to Martin about doing a reunion of "The Right Prescription". Martin looks relieved, but he's not too keen to reform the band. Also, he's going away to Alice Springs for a few months to work in Aboriginal health - the oppotunity has just come up. Karl says it can wait until he gets back. Karl also thinks the time is right for a re-release of "Free As A River" (!)
Karl tells Martin that he's been trying to get Susan to go away for a weekend but she keeps making excuses. Martinlooks uncomfortable and excuses himself.
Outside Grease Monkeys
Anne has just come out of Grease Monkeys and Madge creeps up on her and reprimands her for shopping away from the Coffee Shop. Anne is a bit embarrassed but tells Madge that Desi Grant is commissioning some of her artwork. Madge is unimpressed. Her parting shot is that the next time she sees Anne, she hopes it'll be in the Coffee Shop!
The Coffee Shop
Karl is upset that Martin doesn't want to reform the Right Prescription. Ruth and Susan are with him. Madge come up and tells Ruth rather crossly that Anne is eating at Grease Monkeys.
Karl tells Susan and Ruth that Martin is off to Alice Springs for a few months. Susan suddenly gets up to go saying she has a meeting she's forgotten about.
Lassiter's Lake
Susan and Martin are sitting in the gazebo. Martin admits that he's leaving because of Susan - there's no reason for him to stay. Susan looks very sad and Martin says they mustn't pretend that there's nothing going on between them. But Susan repeats that she can't give up on 25 years of marriage. Also, she can't have an affair because her kids would hate it. Martin says he's asking her to have a relationship, not an affair. Susan explains that all their lives fell apart when Karl got involved with Sarah. Martin says she shouldn't be trapped in an unhappy marriage. He says he doesn't need an answer now, he's prepared to wait for her, no matter how long it takes.
Lou has had another panic attack and Karl is checking him over. Lou tells Karl that Phil is no longer his accountant. Karl says he must get another accountant because doing his own accounts is making him ill. Karl says they'll need to do some blood tests. Lou suddenly says it's Lolly he's worried about - he's a basket case and there's nothing he can do to fix the things that have gone wrong in his life - it's out of his hands.
The guys and their dates are having dinner while Amy busies herself in the kitchen. Lance is getting on well with the red-head girl. It turns out that Lance works for the red-head girls uncle. Amy is not impressed and stomps around pouring the wine. Joel and Toadie start talking about films and getting a bit boisterous. Their dates don't look very impressed.
Lance suddenly shows Amy out thanking her for her help that night.
Susan comes in to find Karl cooking the dinner. Karl shows her the photo of her and Martin at the school in the paper and says they look very cosy. He innocently remarks that Martin always had a bit of a thing for Susan. Karl chats about their kids. Susan says he's too hard on all their kids. Karl asks her what's wrong with her. Susan says she's got a lot on her mind. Karl presses the point saying they should go away for the weekend. Finally Susan half-shouts that she can't and doesn't want to get away right now and she doesn't want to discuss it anymore.
Toadie tells the girls that they can ask him any question they want. Their first question is, "How long have you known Lance?" (!) Apparently they are quite taken with him.
Hallway of No.30
Amy has crept back and surreptiously calls Lance over. She tells him off for being charming. Just then the red-head girl comes out and thinks Lance is talking to himself. She doesn't look impressed.
Phil has heard about the state of Lou's health and has come over to see if there's anything he can do to help. Lou tells him very angrily that he is facing bankrupcy and he doesn't need any more help from Phil - he got him into this mess. Everything he's worked for will be gone. Phil says he's trying to salvage a friendship. Lou tells him their friendship is over and shuts the door.
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