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Neighbours Episode 3383 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3383
Australian airdate: 1/9/99
UK airdate: 15/11/99
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Martin Chester Gil Tucker
Maurie Ryan Neil Fletcher
Daniel Fitzgerald (Teacher) - Brett Tucker
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Bill tells Lance about the dodgy dealings, and Lance says he's an accesory to fraud.
Billy goes to walk off the site but Maurie stops him. Bill says Maurie doesn't seem to kow half the things that go on on the site, like the incident with Sam and the nail gun and the fraud with the hot water systems. Maurie says it's not up to him what the lads do on their breaks and Bill doesn't really understand how things work on a building site, but if he'll give him 10 minutes, he'll explain.
No 22
Libby says the place looks great now the decorating's finished. She asks Drew if he's alright for dinner at her place tonight - their first official family gathering Libby says that the pressure's on, Karl is completely different now their an item. Drew says he doesn't see what the big deal is, he's met them before. She admits she's winding him up, although Tom had them married from the minute he set eyes on them. Drew likes the sound of this idea. He asks Libby how she feels about them. She says it's strange after them being friends for so long. She says that actually, she feels shy around him. Drew says they'll have to do something about that and reaches in for a passionate kiss.
Bill tells Maurie that Sam is too scared of losing his job to say anything. Maurie says that Sam is a big practical joker and is just whinging because he got his comeuppance. Maurie says it's just skylarking - something that happens on every building site. Bill says that's not all, it's the way everything is done around the site, such as the cost cutting. Maurie asks Bill what his idea of the Big Australian Dream is; Bill says it's to get a patch of land and build a house. Maurie says it's only middle class people that can afford that, and if he were to follow every rule and regulation he'd price himself out of the market. He's in this to put as many young Aussie families into their first home as he can, not to get rich.
Hannah and Paul are talking to Martin about how she's getting on with the Virtual Baby programme. He spots Susan and leaves them to ask her if she's free for lunch. She says no, but changes her mind very quickly. He says he'll meet her at his car, but she says she'll take her own car.
Karl is having a coffee when Libby and Drew come in. He tells Libby not to keep Drew from his work "if you're going to date my daughter you need to apply yourself". Libby tells him to give it up, but he says it's just a bit of friendly advice. Drew says that he does have to get back to work, and Karl says to keep it up, Libby has very expensive tastes. As Drew goes, she tells Karl off, saying that Drew is nervous enough about tonight and he's not to do the concerned father bit.
KARL: But I am a concerned father
LIBBY: No you're not, you're a mean old man with a very sad sense of humour.
Drew comes back and asks if there's anything he can bring. Karl says lots of bottles of red are a very good bribe. "Noted, understood" says Drew, and kisses Libby on the forehead as he leaves. Karl 'ahhhh's and Libby shoots him a look, which Karl says she stole from her mother. He wonders where Susan is, she's late. "Maybe she finally saw the light" Says Libby. "No, she's already seen that" says Karl :That's why she married me.
2 cars pull up and Susan gets out of her car and into Martin's. He says she hasn't answered his question. She tells him this has to stop but he just says she's avoiding the question. Again she avoids the question, but he wants an answer. He says she left him without an answer years ago. She says she didn't, he's just reinventing the past - he never asked the question. Martin says he's asking now.
Tad cycles past and sees them together.
Susan tells Martin about Karl's affair and how she thought of divorcing him over it. She has no intention of being a hypocrite. Martin says this is different - they'd be doing something they started years ago. Susan says he's seeing the past in a different light - they were already split up before she started seeing Karl, but he says he still wants her. She says she doesn't want them to see each other any more and leaves the car. He calls after her, but she gets in her car and drives off.
Maurie asks Bill if he'd like some extra work building kitchen cabinets. Bill is of course desperate for money so he accepts. Maurie tells him that if he was to go by the book he'd have to get proper certified carpenters in. This is how it works though, bend the rules a little and eveybody benefits. They shake hands on it.
Susan interrupts the class to give Tad and Paul results of their baby test. They did quite well in most areas except notably rough handling. The class clap and cheer. Susan then says she'd like to bring back the school magazine, to much groaning. She invites them to write an essay on anything they like, including as Hannah asks 'how much you hate a certain teacher' She asks Tad what he'd write about, but he gives her a frost reception and says he doesn't know - ask someone else.
No 22
Drew is ironing wearing nothing but a towel. He answers the door to Libby, and they kiss. He breaks off making a lame excuse and she pulls at his towel. They joke about a bit. She comes over because she wants to come up with an excuse to leave the dinner early. She wants him to say they're going to a nightclub. He agrees until he finds out she actually wants to go to the nightclub. He says he's a rubbish dancer.He says to imagine "the clumsiest, uncoordinated lead footed dancer you could imagine, next to me this guy is Michael Jackson" Libby says that's an offer she can't refuse.
No 28
Susan is checking over Tad's work and says it's improving. She says she's a little surprised by his reaction to the school magazine. She says obviously something is bothering him. At first he just shrugs but then he says he saw her with Martin
Susan says that they all hung out together at university "The terrible trio". Tad seems happy enough with that. He asks if Martin is going through a bad patch, Susan says he is, but she can't say more than that. She asks if it looked odd. He says it did, but he didn't want to pry. She gently persuades him not to say anything to his friends. He says she's a 'top chick' and the only person who treats him like an adult. He looks at her a bit too long and she asks if he's OK. He says he is and leaves, slightly embarrassed.
Over the family dinner, Karl is telling Drew that she applauds his daughter's choice of boyfriend, but is he sure motor mechanics is a stable career. Bill jokes Drew should just call him dad. Libby tells him the Victorian Father routine is wearing a little bit thin. Karl says he's only joking, but uncomfortably, Susan says he isn't, he genuinely wants to know how much money Drew makes. Libby makes their excuses and they leave to go to the club. From the look on her face, Susan is not pleased with Karl's behaviour.
No 22
Drew wants to stay at the house, but Libby wants to go the club She says no-one will be watching them. He agrees to go later in the week. Libby says how about they go to Lou's club instead. He worries about bumping into people he knows. Libby says she can't believe how embarrassed he is. He says once she's seen him dance, she'll know. She says she's not giving up and is going to have him cutting up that dance floor if it's the last thing she does.
No 28
As Libby and Bill have breakfast, Karl irons and Susan gets her stuff together for work, she issues instructions to Karl to pick something up from the deli, and a video. Libby jokes the video should be something with Cary Grant. Susan leaves and Karl goes to get dressed.
BILL: What is it dad says? Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a pauper?
KARL: I'm glad someone listens to me around here.
BILL: Is that why you eat like a pig all the time?
Libby asks him if he thinks mum and dad are going psycho. "What individually or together?" says Bill. They where so tense last night and now everything's normal. Bill says her and Drew will end up like that which makes her laugh. She says she wishes dad wouldn't act 'like a prawn' as people don't know how to take it. Bill says apart from that, it was a pretty good night. He reckons they should get their act together. It's about time she was happy 'you've been a pain in the bum for months'. She puts on a silly voice, thanks him and cuddles his head, calling him pig boy
Susan is driving along and spots Martin behind her. She pulls up and he gets out and gets in her car. She asks him what's going on, she's late enough as it is. He says he just wants to ask her one more thing.
MARTIN: If you can look me in the eye and tell me with all honesty that you're perfectly happy with Karl, then I promise you I'll never bother you again.
She doesn't answer, but shakes her head.
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