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Neighbours Episode 3382 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3382
Australian airdate: 31/08/99
UK airdate: 12/11/99
Writer: Stuart Gaunt
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Desie Grant: Katherine McLean
Sam Rodgers: Matthew Albert
- "Dont Look Down" by Chris Wilson
- "On The Prowl" by Ol' 55
- "Alone With You" by The Sunnyboys
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Pete
- Amy and Lance turn down the room at No 30, and later they enjoy a fireworks display at which it looks like they're about to kiss.
Lassiters Complex
Standing really closely together, Lance says that since they broke up, his life has been a disaster. He tries to say he'd like it if they got back together, but Amy stops him, saying they should leave it for a while and see what happens.
No 24
Over the dishes, Harold tells Paul and Hannah that he's not happy about the BMX jump down by the allotment. Paul and Hannah argue that it's nowhere near the flower beds and it's keeping kids away from the streets. Madge says the BMX jump is the least of their worries, with Grease Monkeys opening the following day. Hamnah says that they're offering half price hamburgers, everyone knows that. Madge wants to redecorate the coffee shop. Harold thinks it's a bit obvious and will make them look scared of the opposition. Madge says that she is scared of losing customers and tells Paul and Hannah that they musn't "snack with the enemy".
No 30
Lance and Amy are watching TV and playfighting over the remote control when Anne comes in. She's been out drinking with 'the uni crowd'. Lance makes a 'woo' sound while Amy suggests that Fanto was there. Amy thinks that Anne is leading him on, which Anne disagrees with.
AMY: Y'know, if you're going to keep hanging out with him, he's going to think you like him.
ANNE: Y'know that's an interesting pint you're making there Amy, have you ever thought about taking your own advice? Anyway, I happen to think it's possible for men and women just to be friends, I mean look at you too.
AMY: Yeah of course it is
LANCE:(not very convincingly) Absolutely.
Changing the subject, Anne tells them that Lou's lastest theme is a nightclub called The Carpenter Club. They all agree the name is so naff, it's got to be worth a look. Anne's friend Samantha from her pottery class is going to the opening night, and she wants to mee Lance, despite Anne trying to put her off. Amy starts fishing for information on Samantha.
The Coffee Shop
Lance comes in and Bill thanks him for putting the extra gardening work his way as it got him the job at the building site. Lance says actually it's Anne who he needs to thank, as it was her suggestion. This is news to Bill and Lance says he doesn't know what's going on between them but she obiously still cares about him.
No 24
Harold has been invited the opening of Grease Monkeys as Erinsborough Citizen of the Year, which Madge thinks is funny "Vintage Portia" as obvoiusly she knows that the coffee shop is her competition. They are very impressed with the invitation and it makes them worry about the kind of money she's got to put behind the business. Madge suggests getting the builders in straight away, but Harold isn't keen on her 1970s idea. Harold suggest an Olde English Coffee Shop look, which Madge says sounds more like 1870s.
Building Site
Bill discovers that a colleague, Sam, has been shot with a nail gun by some of the lads on site. Bill wants to tell Maurie, but Sam says forget it.
Erinsborough High
Hannah asks Paul if he wants to go to Grease Monkeys, but Paul says he can't as Madge and Harold would kill him. He says he's going to practise his jumps and he thought Hannah might like to get some practice in in the day time? Hannah laughs and says she doesn't know what she's talking about.
Coffee Shop
Madge says It's quiet in the coffee shop. Harold says it's due to Grease Monkeys opening and things will pick up again after the initial excitement. Anne and Amy come in and comment on how quiet it is. Harold says it's due to Grease Monkeys opening This reminds them that they're doing half price burgers, so they decide they'll have coffee at the coffee shop and go and eat at Grease Monkeys.
Grease Monkeys (1st appearance - Woo! A new location!)
The place is buzzing with people and atmosphere. There's 50s style music on the jukebox and Anne and Amy seem very excited about the range of options on the menu which they 'must come back and try'.Lance comes in and Amy invites him to sit with them. He just says 'maybe' and walks off. Anne asks Amy how come she's friendly with Lance now when they weren't talking a couple of weeks ago. Amy says she doesn't hold grudges. Hannah comes over and says it's a great place, but she's going somewhere quieter to eat. Bill comes in and introduces Sam to the girls. He thanks Anne for the work and she invites them to sit with them. He refuses saying they have business to discuss. Sam is surprised he turned them down. Anne says that Sam seems nice, but Amy is busy looking at Lance
Hannah jumps on the BMX and Paul says how good she is considering she's had no practice. Hannah suggests they go to Grease Monkeys.
Grease Monkeys
Harold and Madge visit and run into several RSR's including Paul and Hannah.
Building Site
Billy notes that Sam's cut is getting worse and says he should tell Maurie. Sam says he already knows, it's just one of those things that workers always play pranks on the new guy. Billy says he's going to say something to Maurie if he doesn't, but Sam asks him not to as he really needs the work.
Grease Monkeys
Outside Harold and Madge are livid and think they've lost all their customers. They're particularly angry about Paul. A woman walks by and Madge tells her not to bother going inside, the food is average and the service even worse. The woman is sorry to hear that, she's Desi Grant, the managaress of Grease Monkeys and Portia's daughter. She offers them a complimentary meal.
No 26
Lance and Amy are pillow fighting. Anne comes in and says every time she leaves the room they are 'at each other' which Lance denies. Amy asks if they're all going out together. Lance says what if they meet the man or woman of their dreams. Anne says it's everone for themselves then.
Lou's Place
The pub is done up like a nightclub but Lou is nowhere to be seen. Anne and Amy do some special cheesy dancing to Human Nature and move to the bar. Anne says this is the first time she's been out dancing without Bill and she's having a really good time Amy says there's no one there worth dancing with.
No 24
Harold says he's disappointed in Paul - spending money in Grease Monkeys is a direct threat to their livelihood. He says he didn't spend any money there, and anyway, what where they doing there? They all decide they were spying on the place, and weren't impressed. Madge tells him not to 'frequent' the place and he leaves the house. Madge and Harold continue to worry about the buzz Grease Monkeys has created.
Outside, Paul finds Hannah trying to unchain his bike. Hannah says she doesn't understand why he doesn't like the'Nerdmobile'. Paul tries to get Hannah to steal the bike, but she refuses.
Lou's Place
Desi is floating around giving out Grease Monkeys leaflets. Bill comes in and looks at Anne dancing before talking to Lance (who throughout the conversation is doing a cheesy bop). Lance asks how the job's going, but he says not too well, he'll talk to him later about some problems. He decides to leave. Amy comes over and tells him there's a really hot guy she's thinking of making moves on - him. Madge comes in and starts bopping while asking Lance if he's seen Lou. She spots Desi giving out leaflets, and introduces herself properly, before challenging her about advertising 'competitoin'. Desi tells her to 'chill out'.
Building Site
Bill tells Sam to go to the doctor's and he'll cover for him while he's gone. Sam tells him how to do the joh - removing the labels from the new hot water tanks and putting them on old ones. Lance pulls up and Billy tells him what Sam has been doing. Lance says that if they're selling dodgy gear, that makes him an accessory.
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