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Neighbours Episode 3381 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3381
Australian airdate: 30/08/99
UK airdate: 11/11/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Joel winning the triathlon
Lance telling Amy about the scam that Joel and Toadie have been pulling
The Kennedys' where we find My Favourite Couple
Susan is flicking through leaflets when Karl tells her that he's very proud of Joel; as a doctor he doesn't condone what he did, but as a person he admires his courage. Hang on, wasn't that in yesterday's summary? Susan is uncharacteristically quiet, and Karl asks her if everything is alright, because she seems a bit preoccupied. Susan says it's because she's been missing her husband and she's so happy he's home. Mmm-hmm - I don't recall those being your precise words in 3371, Suse.
Karl says he was hoping that things would be less tense now he's returned, but Susan thinks that the break was good for them. Karl suggests a weekend away together somewhere, just the two of them, and he'll let her choose. Susan uncomfortably agrees, and Karl kisses her.
Number 30 where Bob is sitting on the Kitchen Table
Ugh - how unhygienic.
Joel is upset that the triathlon was his last race, but Toadie tells him it could have been worse - he could have come last. Toadie overdramatically states that Joel has ended his career on a high, and has proven that he can fly. Lance and Amy are clearing up from the night before, and are telling the guys about all the clearing up they've been doing before they leave. Just as they are walking out, they overhear Toadie and Joel discussing how great it's been having two slaves, but as the rent is due next week they need to make a decision tomorrow - which they'll do by flipping a coin. In the next 24 hours, though, there's plenty to be done. Amy and Lance stand together in the hallway looking livid.
Lou's Place where Everyone gets together
Amy and Lance are whinging to each other about the way they've been treated and decide that they need a plan to get back at Toadie and Joel - luckily she already has one and the boys are going to pay.
In a nice reflection on the previous episode, Amy tells Lance that he should know "when it comes to deception, I am the ultimate Queen." Never let it be said that Neighbours lacks continuity.
The Martins' where the Lovebirds are Reunited
Phil opens the door to Ruth who is home earlier than expected. Phil is thrilled to see her, and Ruth explains that now her parents are settled into their home, she wanted to come back - she was worried about Phil after their last 'phone conversation. Ruth says that Phil sounded subdued and depressed; he said it was because he was missing Ruth, and there's a 24 hour bug going round. Ruth says she has brought back a surprise for Phil:
PHIL: What, you bought me a present?
RUTH: No, I bought me a present.
It's a string of real pearls which were expensive, and as Ruth knows they can afford it, she bought them. Phil immediately tells her that they can't afford them, and Ruth is left looking concerned.
The Kennedys' where Susan still has Long Hair
Susan is making sandwiches when Karl asks her about going away on a houseboat instead of to the country. They could fish, swim, have an onboard romance, suggests Karl. He goes on to propose that he could be the captain if Suse will be his first mate, immediately sending millions of Kusan fans into a fanfic frenzy.
Karl, being his inimitable self, kindly ruins the moment by saying that it's cheap at this time of year, too.
He offers to meet Susan for lunch, but she's already made his lunch for him. Ah - the good old days. He asks to meet her for dinner instead, and Susan distastefully asks "are you always like this when you've been away for a while." (Almost 30 years of marriage, Susan, and you didn't know this, yet?) Susan says he's not usually this jolly when he's been away and she'll have to get used to it. She kisses him on the cheek before wandering off.
Number 30 where we find that Pancakes are Being Made
Amy and Lance are cooking up a fabulous breakfast for Toadie and Joel, deliberately tending to their every need, whether it be pancakes, bacon and eggs, or lightly buttered toast. Toadie smells a rat - why are Lance and Amy working together on this one, and not competing against each other? Amy explains that they've buried the hatchet - there's no point competing now, as there's only a few hours to go until the decision is made. Toadie commends the both on their maturity. Amy tells Toadie and Joel that she'll be cooking them dinner tonight, too, and it's an extra-special recipe that's been handed down through the Greenwood women for generations...
The Coffee Shop where Everyone Knows Your Name
Ruth is taking some coffees to a table when she runs into Lou. She asks him about his meeting at the tax office today:
LOU: No doubt Phil has filled you in on everything, then.
RUTH: Yeah, he mentioned you had a meeting at the tax office today.
LOU: I've been worrying about it all night.
RUTH: I'm sure it'll be fine, Lou.
LOU: Yes, well with any luck they'll let me keep the clothes on my back.RUTH: They know about Rex's shonky scheme, and apparently he's left the country - hardly the actions of an innocent man. I'm sure they'll figure out you're the victim and not the perpetrator.
LOU: Let's hope you're right. Thank you for the words of encouragement.
Ruth takes the coffees to the table where she sits with Susan. Suse is admiring the pearls, and can't believe that Ruth's going to have to take them back. Ruth tells her that now Phil has lost business with a major client, she'll have to. They talk about finances for a bit, then Ruth asks about Susan and Karl, and how things are now Karl's back. Susan says she thinks the break did them the world of good, and Ruth invites them over to dinner than evening.
Susan enquires after Hannah - how's she coping with the mechanical baby? Ruth says she's doing fine, and asks what Martin Chester does for a living - does he sell the mechanical baby programme to schools? Susan says her no, he works as a doctor for a living, and proceeds to tell her about her history with Martin - she dated him for a while and that's how she met Karl. Ruth asks if she has any regrets about choosing Karl over Martin. Oh, no, no, no says Susan.
Just keep convincing yourself of that, then.
Number 30 where we find an Unusual Use for Animal Food
Lance and Amy are garnishing some crudités and other nibbly bits. Toadie comes in and tries one - he thinks it's a bit salty, but delicious, and eats some more. As he leaves he runs into Joel who was on the phone to Max Reed (who previously offered him a triathlon sponsorship deal), who is looking for models for a sports calendar. Joel isn't keen, and goes into the kitchen where he also helps himself to nibbly bits much to Amy and Lance's delight.
The Kennedys' where we find Karl wanting some Susan Love
Susan is telling Karl that they've been invited to dinner at the Martins' tonight. Karl wants to get out of it - can't he spend some alone time with Susan, please? Susan suggests that Ruth and Phil need some friendly support right now with Phil's business and financial problems.
Karl caves in, and tells Susan that he loves it when her eyes flash with anger. Are you sure it was anger, Karl?
The Martins' where we find some Neighbours Having Dinner
Phil and Ruth are joking that they'll have to cancel the new Merc, their live-in maid and the Round-the-World trip. Karl sees that as a great cue to tell them that he and Susan are thinking about going away for a few days, somewhere quiet, secluded and romantic. Phil offers some suggestions of a place near a lake which Karl seems to like. Throughout the whole conversation Susan is looking unnerved and awkward - I can't believe that no-one's picked up on the fact that she doesn't want to go.
Her face goes from strained to shocked when Karl announces that tomorrow he's calling Martin to see if he'd like to reform The Right Prescription, Karl's band from years before. Ruth and Phil find this very funny!
There's a knock at the door and it's Lou. Phil asks how it went at the tax office.
LOU: I'll tell you how I went. Thanks to you and your advice, I've been hit with a fine of $51,000. Apparently it comes under the heading of recklessness. Penalty - 50% of tax owed.
KARL: That's a bit tough, isn't it?
LOU: Tough? Add that to the $102,000 on the original bid and see what you get.
Number 30 where the Evil Plan comes to Fruition
Toadie compliments Lance and Amy on their cooking, but wants to come straight to the point about who's going to move in. Joel and Toadie say that they can't decide, so the best and fairest way is to toss a coin. Lance calls tails, but it's heads, so Amy wins.
That's a shame, really, because Amy doesn't want to live here anymore with all the cleaning and cooking. Well, it's lucky that Lance is still available then. Wait - actually, Lance no longer wants to move in either. "But the rent's due and we need your week in advance," says Toadie. But Amy and Lance are off to the pub and to watch the fireworks at Lassiters.
As they leave, Amy reminds them to but more dog food at the shops, because that was the main ingredient of their earlier crudités. Joel and Toadie are horrified and are left with all the washing up to do.
The Martins' where we find that Things have Soured
Ruth asks Phil if he's going to go and talk to Lou, but Phil doesn't really know what to do about it all, and feels bad for recommending Rex Hawthorn. Ruth and Phil apologise to Karl and Susan for ruining their evening with Lou's situation. Karl and Susan offer to leave, but Ruth still has dessert. Phil's not staying, though - he's going to pop over to see how Lou is.
Lou's house where we find a Very Unhappy Man
Lou opens the door to Phil and is not interested in any apology that he has to offer. Phil suggests that Lou needs to start taking some responsibility for what happened, too. They argue over who said what - and then Lolly appears on the stairs, telling her dad that she can't sleep. Lou kindly asks her to go upstairs and he'll be there to see her in a minute before turning to Phil:
LOU: Well I hope you're happy. You can see yourself out.
Number 30 where there is a lot of Washing Up
Joel discovers that the clothes that Amy left in the washing machine have all turned pink. Toadie is staring at all the washing up. They realise that they need money fast, and Toadie suggests that Joel should take up that modelling job, but Joel says that "hell would have to freeze over first." Joel says that he'll go and ask Lou for an extension to the rent date...ouch, I can see this one coming.
Lou's Place where Amy and Lance said They'd Be
Amy and Lance are having a drink and making a toast to teamwork when Lance realises that the fireworks are starting. They decide to go to the lake and watch them from there.
Lou's House where we could See This Coming
LOU: What do you think I am? Some sort of charity organisation? You've had weeks to find somebody else.
JOEL: I know, but...
LOU: No, either you pay the rent on time or you move out.
JOEL: All I'm asking for is a couple of days.
LOU: And all I'm asking for is that you stick to the terms of the lease. The rent is due once a month, every month, or I'll be looking for new tenants.
JOEL: I know, but...
LOU: I am not made of money, Joel, and I am sick and tired of paying the price for other people's financial mismanagement. Now if the rent's not paid by the due date I'll be changing the locks.
Near the Lake at Lassiters where we find Lance and Amy Walking
Amy and Lance are complaining about their parents and families to each other when they run into Karl and Susan. Karl tells them that they came to see the fireworks, and it reminds him of when they used to have picnics on the beach and watch the New Year's Eve fireworks from there. Now, of course, they just lie on the sofa, take out their teeth and watch the telly.
Susan looks mightily uncomfortable still, and I can't believe that Karl hasn't picked up on it - even I can see it for crying out loud!
They say goodbye and Amy and Lance gaze at each other as the final fireworks are set off. They don't kiss, but you can bet your life they're going to.
End Credits
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