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Neighbours Episode 3387 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3387
Australian airdate: 07/09/99
UK airdate: 19/11/99
UK Gold: 09/03/05
Writer: David Allen
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Teabag Teasdale - Nathan Phillips
Mark Berryman - Clint Wood
Summary/Images by: Shona
Susan tells Tad that he should realise that his feelings can never be returned
Tad kicks his BMX after falling off it
Number 24
Tad slams the door and Paul asks what's up. When he bites his head off Paul asks what his problem is. Tad sees that he's reading his BMX magazine and wants it back, leading to him wrestling with Paul on the sofa to get it. Madge comes in just in the nick of time and tells them to cut it out. She orders Paul to prepare the vegetables for dinner and Tad to tidy his room as she thinks they have too much time on their hands. They walk off.
Number 30
Lou is round. Toadie hides out in the kitchen as Joel struggles to deal with Lou's demands for the rent money. He makes up a story about the bank mucking up his standing orders and now he's out of pocket. But he assures him it will be fixed in a few days. Lou doesn't seem to believe him but nonetheless warns Joel he'd better have the money the next time he calls. Joel guarantees it. 'Like you guaranteed you'd look after Bob?' Lou asks. Joel says he's out in the back yard. Lou reminds him he wants cash and leaves. Toadie congratulates him on a job well done. He'd better have the cash next time Lou calls though. Has he been sweet talking Amy and Lance? Joel says they won't budge. The only other idea is selling his bike - he's put an advert in the classified. Toadie says the Dominator calendar is a better option - he doesn't want to sell his bike, but Joel disagrees. They talk of the 'freaks' they got applying for the room from the Uni ad and Toadie asks if Bob's really out the back. Joel says he'll come back when he's hungry - he always does. He 'guarantees' it. Toadie doesn't look convinced.
Number 26
Phil has a meeting with the people about the Darwin job. Ruth is taken aback - they haven't even talked about it yet! Phil assures her it isn't a job interview, just an informal chat to get more information. Ruth asks if he's sure that's what he wants, with it being such a big move. Phil tells her maybe, but not to worry. Hannah comes in with the new bike Teabag gave her. They question her about it and Phil wants to meet him, ASAP!
Number 24
Paul and Tad are still in a huff with each other. Tad offers an olive branch and says he was just stressing last night. Paul agrees to be mates again. Paul wonders who wrote 'My Secret Love' and they throw names around. Paul thinks being the one people think wrote it isn't too bad. Madge comes in and tells them Amy called - she wants the camera back by the end of the week as she's going to sell it. Tad and Paul are not best pleased.
Ramsay Street - outside number 26
Hannah is on her new bike (with matching helmet, of course). Paul and Tad appear and ask where she got it. Paul thinks it's so much better than his (well, anything's better than a daggy Dawson) and Tad is impressed. Hannah is pleased with herself. Tad asks if she still thinks Teabag's bad news and she guesses not. Paul says how cool can someone be?
Number 24
Phil is polishing his shoes when Lou arrives. He wants all his files - he's looking for another accountant. Phil says 'Come on' but Lou is determined. He goes to get the files, leaving Ruth with Lou.
Number 30
Joel takes a phone call on the bike but they aren't offering anything like as much as he wanted. Toadie appears from hollering out the front door for Bob, who's yet to turn up. Toadie said that offer was worth two months rent! Joel believes the bike is worth more. Toadie says there's only one option now- the Dominator calendar. Joel tells him to forget it and won't sink that low. He changes the subject to Bob and says Sarah won't be happy. 'I know that' says Toadie and goes to the back door, shouting out to Bob that his dinner's ready. Joel reminds him that it's breakfast time - Bob missed dinner.
Number 26Lou and Ruth are still standing in an awkward silence when Phil appears, having retrieved all the files. Ruth tells them they shouldn't let it destroy their friendship, after all these years and reminds Lou he was best man at their wedding. Lou leaves without saying a word.
Ramsay Street
Joel asks Madge if she's seen Bob and tries to play down his disappearance. He asks about work at the coffee shop, but she says she's a little broke herself with the Grease Monkey's effect. Lou appears and Joel asks him about work at the pub. 'So everything you said last night was baloney?' says Lou, with his financial files under his arm. Joel says he'll have the rent money - you can rely on him. Lou wants to know right now if he hasn't the money but Joel says they have no problems in that area - he just wanted to know about a job. He slopes off and Madge gives Lou an earful, saying he was just trying to get the rent money. But Lou's having none of it - they knew they had to get a housemate when Sarah left. Madge walks with him, asking if he's been to Phil's. Lou tells her to steer well clear, before he ruins her with his dodgy advice as well!
The Coffee Shop
Hannah is telling Tad and Paul that there were complaints about the 'My Secret Love' essay - parents thinking that it was too raunchy or something! Tad asks if they know who wrote it but Hannah says no. Paul wouldn't be telling if he had written it - it's so personal. Teabag appears and Paul asks if he wants a shake. Silly Teabag shakes his hand in the 'modern stylee' but Paul meant a drink. He scampers off to get a cola for him and Teabag sits down in his seat, turning the back of it to the front like Henry did in the good ol' days. He keeps his eyes on Hannah as Tad talks about the video, winking at her as she smiles back.
Number 30
Joel is still having no luck with selling the bike. After hanging up he thinks to himself, then goes back to the table and dials Dominator sports, telling them he wants to talk about the calendar.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
The boys are filming and Teabag does a fancy jump thing. Hannah is astounded. Tad and Paul start to discuss the camera angle. Teabag asks Hannah if she'd like to do a little street riding but she motions to Tad and Paul. He tells her to forget them. Paul's her boyfriend, she reminds him, and he tells her to dump him. She says she just can't get rid of him like that - it wouldn't be fair. Teabag tells her to suit herself and laughs at Tad and Paul, deep in discussion - thinking she's going to change her mind about him soon. Hannah isn't sure. She goes to do some street riding with him and Paul is annoyed Teabag's gone - blaming Tad.
Around Lassiters
Joel and Toadie shout for Bob.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie goes in and asks Madge if she's seen Bob. She isn't surprised they lost him - they haven't been doing a very good job with him. And then there's Tad...Toadie doesn't see the connection. He orders a coffee. Phil comes in and Toadie asks him if he's seen Bob. 'Bob who?' says Phil. He came to ask Madge about the books for the coffee shop - he can do them tomorrow. She doesn't seem enthusiastic and Phil knows Lou's got on to her about him. He thought she and Harold were friends and Madge says they are. 'Well not friends enough,' Phil leaves. Madge tells Toadie she hates when that happens - so unpleasant! Toadie doesn't blame Phil being upset - after all Lou's troubles are not his fault. Madge reminds him that Phil recommended Rex and with him being a professional, people like them rely on people like him. Toadie says Lou knows the score. Madge says Lou might push the limits but he wouldn't knowingly break the law.
Number 26
Paul says Hannah shouldn't have taken Teabag away like that - they still had shots to do. They got bored, Hannah tells him. Tad is annoying Paul at the moment - he thinks of himself as halfway to Hollywood. Hannah warns him that they can't carry on like that - they'll lose Teabag.
Phil comes home, unhappy. He tells Ruth about Madge wanting to drop him. Ruth says she'll change her mind and asks about his meeting. Phil is enthusiastic - the job sounds really interesting. It's about the only good thing that's happened all week. He can't help thinking he wants to get out of Erinsborough for a while. If they offer him the job, he wants to give it some serious thought. Ruth thinks it's a bit sudden and she'll need some time.
Number 30
Toadie answers the phone - it's Dominator for Joel. Toadie watches him with interest as he takes the call. When he hangs up, Joel says they're still interested and Toadie starts laughing. Joel getting photographed in the nuddy to pay the rent! Joel starts to dial Dominator back, saying Toadie is bad enough and they haven't even taken a picture! Toadie tells him he either loses his bike or his pants - what'll be more painful? Joel leaves the phone and Toadie chuckles to himself.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is closing up early due to the lack of customers. Lou says he's been hit too - who'd have thought it would have done so much damage? Madge hopes it's a flash in the pan - they'll come back. Lou leaves.
Lou passes a man going in the direction of the Coffee Shop and tells him he'd better hurray if he's going there as they're closing up. The man thanks him, saying he left something there earlier. He looks around and slowly approaches the door. Inside Madge is busy putting chairs on tables. He pulls a tan stocking over his head and opens the door. On hearing the door open Madge starts saying 'Sorry...' but trails off in shock when she sees him.
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