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Neighbours Episode 3378 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3378 (Libby Kennedy and Drew Kirk get together)
Australian airdate: 25/08/99
UK airdate: 08/11/99
UK Gold: 3/3/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Martin Chester: Gil Tucker
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Drew kissing Libby.
Libby quickly recoils form Drew's kiss and much to his shock and disappointment gets into her car and leaves.
The Coffee Shop
Maurie is chatting to Billy about his job on the building site and giving him some pointers. Billy is asking him questions about the low numbers working at the site but he brushes it off saying that he's a chief and Billy is an Indian.
Lou's Place
Lou is moaning to Anne about Libby being late for work and changes subject to ask her about Billy's new job. Anne tells him about the break in and the insurance not covering it, which sets Lou off on a little rant. Libby eventually turns up and gets the brunt of his bad mood before leaving her to it. Anne goes up to see how she is.
No. 28/The Coffee Shop
Susan is on the phone to Martin. They're taking about Tad before he asks her out to help him with a problem he is having with his ex-wife. Susan invites him round instead for leftovers to discuss it. As soon as she's off the phone to Martin, Phil calls round for their pre-arranged supper that she has forgotten about, so she fobs him off for dinner with Martin instead.
Lou's Place
Libby brings Anne her order but since her mind is on other matters, she gets it wrong. Lou tries to send her home but she's having none of it. Drew walks in and they look at each other.
No. 28
Susan's "leftovers" turns out to be a fancy home-cooked meal. Billy comes in and informs her he's knackered and isn't going out. As much as Susan tries, he's not going out so she has to tell him about Martin coming round.
Lou's Place
Lou is trying to get Libby to talk to Drew, so she now tells him she wants to go home. Drew watches her go and then goes after her to talk to her. She gives him reasons why they can't go out with each other but Drew dismisses them saying they've got a special relationship with each other and that will see them through any problems that might arise. Libby asks him to be friends but Drew says it's a relationship or nothing. Libby chooses nothing.
LIBBY: Can't we just be friends?
DREW: I don't want to be just friends!
LIBBY: Please!
DREW: I want to be your lover. Your partner, your friend, all of those things. It has to be all or nothing, Lib. I'm sorry, that's the way it has to be now!
LIBBY: Well, then, it's nothing.
No. 28
Martin is impressed with Susan's "leftovers" and they begin talking about the baby programme at the school. Billy bails out and Susan apologises to Martin for Billy being there.
Lou's Place
Anne comes over to see how Depressed Drew is before running into Billy as she's leaving. He invites her to stay for a drink but she knocks him back so he heads to Depressed Drew instead. If the pub sold milk the look on their faces would be enough to make it turn sour immediately!
No. 28
Susan and Martin now get back to the original reason for him coming round. He's about to ask her something when Depressed Libby comes home. Tearfully she goes to her room to wallow some more and Martin can't escape quickly enough! Libby comes out of her room when he leaves and breaks down crying and Susan comforts the Depressed Libby.
No. 26
Anne confides in Phil about Fanto wanting more than their friendship and tells him she's off to meet him at TCS. Phil says to her that he wonders where Billy fits it.
The Coffee Shop
Maurie is giving Billy instructions for the day including making concrete. Billy mentions to him that he thinks it isn't up to scratch but Maurie brushes it off saying that it is acceptable to cut corners in the name of making a profit. Anne comes in and Billy introduces her to Maurie before he leaves.
Libby calls round for a chat and Drew says he doesn't want any more arguments. Libby kisses him and tells him she loves him, and she want to give it a go between them.
The Coffee Shop
Billy is apologising to Anne about his behaviour and says he's changed. Anne isn't quite so sure so he tries to reassure her that he has indeed changed and wants them to resume their relationship, but she just wants friendship. Anne looks at her watch and mentions her meeting with Fanto, which goes down like a lead balloon with Billy so he leaves.
No. 28
Martin and Susan are reminiscing about the olden days before adding that he couldn't get to sleep the previous night for thinking about her.
Ramsay Street
Karl gets out of a taxi, back from his trip.
No. 28
Martin is confessing he loves Susan and wonders if she feels the same, just as Karl comes in.
<<3377 - 3379>>
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