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Neighbours Episode 3377 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3377
Australian airdate: 24/08/99
UK airdate: 05/11/99
UK Gold: 02/03/05
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Martin Chester: Gil Tucker
Daphne Ball: Robin Bisset
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Geri tells Drew that they have to face up to the truth about their relationship
Lassiters' Lake
Drew is confused - he honestly thought things were going well and he really wants this to work. Even though he's still in love with Libby? Geri tells him he's said it in everything but words. Drew denies this but she isn't convinced. She wants him to be honest with her - and if not her, then himself at least.
Erinsborough High School - A Corridor
Susan and Martin walk down a corridor, laughing with each other about past events in the band. Libby appears, and is sorry to interrupt them. She needs some photos for the article. Although Martin tries to get out of it on the pretext of not being photogenic both Libby and Susan say he has to.
Paul is glad that they get to ditch the baby today. Tad says now they can figure who stole his bike. Hannah comes in limping and Paul notices, but she says it's nothing.
Lassiters' Lake
Geri and Drew pack up. Geri says he seems a whole lot more honest when he doesn't say anything. Drew tells her that he wasn't using her to get Libby out his head. She asks him outright if he still loves Libby and he says yes. She asks if this is the part where he says he hopes they can still be friends. Drew doesn't know what to say. She tells him to blame fate - they weren't meant to be. They leave.
Tad and Paul talk to the class about looking after the baby, with Martin and Susan alongside them. Susan asks for them to talk about the positives as they keep concentrating on all the bad points. They talk about getting into a routine, but Tad says that people should just get a BMX instead. Susan gets them to give Martin a round of applause for his input in the programme. Libby gets up to take a photo of Tad, Susan, Martin and Paul (and the baby). Martin puts his arm round Susan and Paul comments that they make a nice couple: Tad tells him to shut up.
Lou's Place
Geri drinks mournfully. Libby appears and sits down, telling her about having her job interview. Geri breaks the news that she and Drew are over. Libby asks what happened and Geri tells her she already knows - they're both unreal. Libby doesn't know what she's talking about but Geriu says it's not her problem anymore - it's Libby's.
Coffee Shop
Harold is planning to go down to the allotment. Tad and Paul appear - Tad has brought his bike into the coffee shop because he's paranoid about it getting stolen. Harold tells him he has to take it outside, then relents and lets him put it in the storeroom. Harold asks Paul about his new bike - why didn't he ride it to school? Paul makes the excuse about the scarce availability of bike spaces - you have to practically wait for someone to die to get one! Madge throws Tad (and his bike) out of the storeroom. Harold tells him to chain it up outside and hopes they won't be jumping any obstacles - no chance of that with the 'Dawson' dirt biter, Tad tells him emphatically.
Number 26
Lou is round to get the goss on the taxman. Phil tells him that he's right in the other room, going through his files right now. Lou wonders when it'll end and Phil reminds him he's not having the time of his life either. Lou asks him to put in a good word for him but Phil tells him the tax office doesn't work like that. 'It can't hurt', says a desperate Lou.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
Paul has his bike, thinking he'll start on the smaller jump. Hannah agrees, saying the big one is murder and he asks how she knows. She makes up an excuse. Suddenly they see a whole bunch of BMXers doing their stuff. Paul is in no rush to have a go. Hannah takes his bike and makes the jump. She heads to do the big one, leaving Paul with the screaming robot baby she's now meant to be looking after.
Number 28
Susan thanks Martin for his input with the programme. Martin wants to thank her for giving him a classroom to practise in when he needed it. They won't be seeing as much of each other now it's up and running. Martin mentions that they can still see each other socially, if that's what she wants. Susan says yes and he asks when Karl gets back - not for another week. A knock at the door interrupts them - it's Tad, eager to go over his essay. Martin decides to leave to let them get on with it. Tad looks at him as he tells them that, in his day, students weren't so enthusiastic. Then again they never had a teacher as nice as Susan.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
Hannah goes for the big jump...and makes it. Paul smiles, surprised. Their jubilation is short lived, as Harold appears, marching towards them demanding to know what's going on.
Number 28
Susan is miles away as Tad tries to talk about his essay. She wants to keep going although he knows she isn't concentrating. She touches his wrist, telling him it's very good and Tad looks at her. Just then the door opens, and Libby comes in. Tad decides that, in fact, they should finish it next time. Susan is glad they can do it another time, when he has her full attention. After he leaves she asks Libby what the problem is as she digs into some chocolate ice cream straight from the carton and she tells her mother the Geri and Drew news. Susan is clearly happy and asks what she's going to do about it. When Libby says 'nothing' she shouts at her that it's time she did something about it. Libby is more concerned about going for her job interview and getting far away so this Drew nonsense won't even matter. Susan says it sounds like love - you can run but you can't hide. Libby says if it was love she would know about it. 'Sometimes it doesn't work like that' says Susan.
Number 24
Tad sits writing 'Susan Reeves' over and over. Madge spies on him and he shuts his folder closed when he notices her presence. Harold, Hannah and Paul arrive back - Harold is still angry about the BMX ramps. Paul says it's good that the kids have somewhere to go instead of creating havoc. Hannah leaves with her screaming baby. Harold says Paul should have told him, even though he's hardly been there since he fell sick. He's very disappointed in him and Tad.
Number 26
Gordon Collins still isn't available for Phil to talk to. Lou arrives - luckily the taxman has stepped out. He's finished with Lou's file and it's all in order. But the coast is far from clear - these are just the ones Phil did. The big problem is the scam with Rex. Phil says his business is being affected and Lou is sorry for being a 'little responsible.' Phil blasts this wouldn't be happening if it weren't for Lou's 'shonky tricks!'. Lou leaves in a huff.
Number 24
Paul asks Tad what they do now. Harold says they should go and sort out the allotment. Tad says it is keeping the kids off the streets and Madge seconds this. Harold isn't happy, but they tell him he'll be a 'once in a lifetime legend' if he lets them continue to practise there. Harold says he'll consider his options. Madge picks up the 'Susan Reeves' folder and asks who she is. Tad makes up a story about her being a cousin who is annoyed with his dodgy handwriting and he was just trying to practise it before he wrote to her. Paul hasn't heard her mentioned either. Tad quickly takes the folder and heads to his room.
Libby says to Drew that he's just broken up with Geri and he's surprised how quickly it got around. Libby hopes he didn't do it on her account and he says it was Geri's idea. He asks what she's doing here and she tells him she didn't get the job. He says he's sorry. Libby is despondent about her career - how did she think she'd get anywhere with it? It's not like she has any luck in the other areas of her life. Drew tells her not to be like that - things will change. She's decided to go to Europe but knowing her luck the plane will probably crash. Drew can't believe her childishness and she thanks him for yet more criticism:
DREW: Let's talk about this, shall we?
LIBBY: Why? What's the point?
DREW: You know I'm in love with you, don't you? The truth is you're in love with me too.
Libby shakes her head and walks off.
DREW: Yeah, you're right. Let's just leave it. I mean, what's the point of even making a go of it? You're incapable of having a normal, happy relationship with anyone - especially with me.
Libby is upset and pushes something over. Drew shouts her name angrily and grabs her arm. He looks at her and kisses her (missing her mouth just a little) as she puts her arms up in protest or surprise.
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