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Neighbours Episode 3376 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3376
Australian airdate: 23/08/99
UK airdate: 04/11/99
UK Gold: 02/03/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Geri Hallet - Isabella Dunwill
Sam Rodgers Matthew Albert
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
Summary/Images by: Shona
Geri mentions to Drew that Libby is getting the means she'll have to move interstate
Joel urges Libby to tell Drew how she feels
Number 28
Drew is over to talk to Libby about the job. He tries to approach the subject lightly, asking whether it's a good job, to which she says yes and mentions the travelling. Since when did she want to do that? Won't it get lonely? He asks what she'll do if she doesn't get it. She might defer and go and see Mal. Drew is confused and works out that she just wants to go, it's not about the job. It's so out of the blue. She asks him why it matters so much. She can't think of one good reason to stay. Drew says there are heaps of reasons - her family, friends. Libby says her friends will still be her friends if she goes. Drew tries her career at the Erinsborough News for a reason, which she laughs at. He compares his own experience about wanting to go back to Oakey - staying was one of the best things he could have done. She says she's already thought all this through. He tells her leaving could be a terrible mistake. She says, conversely, that staying would be a mistake.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
Paul and Hannah talk to Tad about jumps. Hannah seems quite knowledgeable about jumps, but Tad dismisses her as clueless and hopeless. He goes off to try a jump while Paul asks when she became a BMX expert. It's not just reading magazines that counts - it's the Ks on the clock. She asks him when he's getting a bike. Tad jumps but they miss it due to talking. Hannah points out an advert for a 'Dawson' dirt bike as a possibility for Paul but they laugh at her. She has no idea - it's the daggiest bike in the universe...
Number 24
Meanwhile Harold stands astride a 'Dawson' dirt bike, beaming from ear to ear. Madge is sure Paul's going to love it. Harold says he had one as a lad and goes into nostalgic mode. Libby arrives, joking about Harold getting a helmet. She's here to talk to Tad and Paul about being instant dads. They aren't back yet but Harold promises to send them over to her. Madge brings up the foreign scourge that is Grease Monkeys (foreign as they don't come from Erinsborough - you've seen the quote!) But Libby won't get involved. She doesn't want to be in the middle of Madge and Portia.
Number 28
Bill grosses out Libby with a blister on his hand - she believes he's masquerading as the number 2 working class hero behind John Lennon. He says she has that 'busy busy' look on her face, a 'don't mess with me' look and she tells him about the interview, plus the plan about going to London. She needs to have a change. And there is her annoying little brother. Bill can't imagine the place without her - it'll be very weird. She almost wants to stay - just to annoy him. He knows she'll knock 'em dead and then the world will be her mussel - no, oyster! She tells him everyone else thinks she's lost her mind but he says that if she wants something then she should go for it.
Lou's Place
Joel is playing pool with Drew. Drew asks why Libby's leaving and Joel suggests he ask her himself. But he's already tried - he gave her heaps of reasons to stay. Joel shakes his head, saying they are both amazing. Drew shoots and misses potting the black - all down to Libby's influence, says Joel. Drew has to go with what he really wants. But he says he was knocked back big time by Libby before and he vows he won't two time Geri.
Number 24
The big bike unveiling is about to take place. Paul is blindfolded, with Tad and Hannah behind him. He opens his eyes and tries to appear enthusiastic. Tad says it's fantastic, laughing. Pulling him aside, Tad tells him that if he rides that anywhere near him he'll have to say that they're not mates.
Lou's Place
Joel tells Drew that he's insane. He can't let Libby go. She's *the* one - he told Joel so. Drew says again that she knocked him back. But Joel thinks she might see him differently now. He gave her loads of weak reasons and he should tell the truth. Drew thinks that if Libby felt different she would have said but Joel disagrees. Drew starts to go on about not hurting Geri. Joel says he might hurt her more eventually by being in love with Libby. Drew tells him to give it a rest. Joel says he needs to say one more thing - are things really that tight with Geri? Drew says things are rosy and it's none of his business.
Number 24
Harold is convinced Paul really loves the bike. Meanwhile Paul is telling Tad he can't ride 'that thing' in public, to which Tad vehemently agrees. Paul suggests Tad tells Harold the truth instead of him, but Tad can't, being 'Mr Politeness'. Tad brings up the idea of him selling on some of his bike's old parts to Paul but Paul knows that he's going to be ripped off. Nonetheless he follows Tad outside to see Tad's bike and scout it for parts.
Outside number 24
The bike is missing! It was chained up and now it's nicked! Tad vows to find the thieves and kill them!
Number 24
Tad is in a state when he comes in, yelling he's going to find them. Madge tells him to calm down. After they fill them in, Harold blames to influence of TV for promoting the 'must have' society. Tad says he'll call the cops, convinced it's a professional gang. Harold says it's more likely to be a gang of 12-year-olds and stops him. The baby starts to cry and Tad yells at it and Paul, putting the key in its back.
Number 28
Bill's on the phone to Karl and signs off affectionately with a 'See You, Baldy'. He and Libby talk about how he's sounding and the problems Karl and Susan had prior to Karl leaving. Absence makes the heart grows fonder, says Libby. Bill suggests she stay until they know what's going on, but she thinks there's no need. She talks about Anne, saying it was quite a low thing he did, even though she's still on his side, being family. Bill says that Fanto was hot for Anne and it wasn't fair on him. When Libby defends Anne he yells about sisterhood, and the 'bashing of blokes'. Libby tells him she hasn't got the time to discuss it - she has to study.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
At night Hannah is trying the jump but she falls over and injures her leg, grimacing in pain.
Number 24
It's morning and Tad is bemoaning the lack of action from the police. Paul says what does he want - special patrols? Tad says they should have searched the place, looked for fingerprints. Paul optimistically suggests the thieves might dump his bike somewhere but Tad scoffs that they wouldn't dump his bike - that's something they'd do with Paul's. In fact they wouldn't even steal it.
Outside Number 24
Miraculously the bike is back - and chained up. But the seat stem is a bit wrecked and Tad is outraged. Hannah comes up the driveway, walking awkwardly. They tell her the news and she says some people have a nerve! Tad says that when he finds the culprit, they're dead!
Number 32
Drew just catches Joel. He apologises for losing his cool the other night. Things aren't easy and he compares it to being in prison. But on the bright side Geri and him are having lunch together - somewhere quiet where they can talk.
Building Site
Bill has a new supervisor, Sam, who's mixing up some mortar. Maurie has a special way, which he goes on to show Bill.
Coffee Shop
Geri appears with a big picnic basket and Drew kisses her hello. She proposes having a picnic by the lake and he can't be late back for work. Let's go and talk, Geri says coolly.
Building Site
Sam has stopped mixing the mortar and Bill points out it's a little sloppy, with too much water. It'll be bad for the building - structurally. Are you an expert, Sam demands. Bill tells him no. Sam assures him that Moz has been putting up buildings for years and he knows what he's doing. I guess, says a very unenthusiastic Bill.
Lassiters' Lake
Talking of unenthusiastic, Drew is trying to kiss a distant Miss Hallet. They break away and Geri wants to talk. Drew knows something's wrong. She tells him it's hard for her, but their relationship isn't working. Drew thinks that things are going well, but she says it's a charade. It's time they stopped the nonsense and faced up to the truth!
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