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Neighbours Episode 3375 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3375
Australian airdate: 20/8/99
UK airdate: 3/11/99
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: David Myles
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Ken Jefferson: Robert Constable
Spiro Politis: Robert Rabiah
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Harold that he could lose everything in the tax audit.
The Park
Harold tells Lou not to be defeatist, but Lou tells him grimly that there's no way out. Harold is silent for a minute and then tells Lou awkwardly that he was on the way to the solicitor's to talk about suing him over the weedkiller, but now he'll cancel. Lou shakes Harold's hand and says that he appreciates it. He'll make it up to Harold about the weedkiller.
Amy is on the phone when Joel's training partner, Spiro, comes round.
Amy asks Spiro to make sure that Joel doesn't train to hard to protect his knee. Spiro agrees. Then he asks Amy if she's just come in from doing modelling(!)
Joel comes out in his training kit and Spiro asks if Amy will be his water girl for the triathlon. Joel says Amy's already knocked him back so Amy feels obliged to knock Spiro back too. Spiro and Joel leave to go training. When they've gone, Amy gets back on the phone - she's ringing Joel's mother this time and says she's cooking dinner and does she know if Joel has a favourite meal!
The Pub
Libby comes off the phone and tells Geri that she's got an interview with Small World - the travel writers. Geri is surprised that Libby wants to drop out of Uni. Also she says that Small World advertise all the time so they must have high staff turnover - it doesn't say much for them as a company. Geri tells Libby bluntly that she's wondering if this all has something to do with Drew. She knows Drew really liked Libby and she doesn't think Drew is the type to waste his time on a girl that didn't like him. Geri also thinks that Libby likes Drew too - a lot more than she's letting on. Geri goes on to say that Libby is leaving because she can't stand seeing Geri and Drew together. Libby is a bit stunned by all this and clearly in denial. She insists she wants to travel and it has nothing to do with Drew.
The tax auditor comes round to see Lou. Lou invites him in. All the furniture is covered in tarpaulins because of the decorating! The tax auditor says there are a number of things he'd like to talk to Lou about.
A road
Joel and Spiro are cycling. Joel seems to be doing OK. They stop for a rest and Spiro tells Joel that he's going well. Joel says that his knee is feeling good. Spiro says he's proving the doctors and physios wrong.
The tax auditor asks Lou if he got involved with Rex on the instructions of Phil Martin, but Lou says that Phil just gave him Rex's name - like a doctor would give you the name of a specialist. The tax auditor wants to know why he changed advisor - Phil always did his tax return before. Lou says that this tax return was more complicated and Phil is only an accountant - he needed a tax expert.
The tax auditor goes on to ask him about the family trust. Lou says that what Rex said went over his head - he's not a tax expert, that's why he paid Rex to do the return. When Rex said everything was OK, Lou believed him. The tax auditor tells Lou he's trying to work out if he wilfully participated in a scam or whether he's completely naive. He says that the Irish Tax Office certainly don't believe the naivety story. Mary Flynn has been caught up in something she had no idea of. The tax auditor says that Lou's attitude leaves him cold. Lou says that he is worried about the situation, but he trusted Rex as an expert. The tax auditor says it's pointless continuing in this vein. He'll continue his investigations elsewhere but Lou can expect to hear from them again.
Some rental guys are just dropping off a TV to No.30. Toadie is stunned to see a huge widescreen TV in the living room. Amy says she loves TV and she'll pay for it! Toadie is chuffed with this and they sit down on the sofa to watch it.
Toadie wonders why Amy wants to rent a TV at this moment in time - her week is almost up and Lance will be moving in next week. Amy says that they'll be begging her to come back after a week!
Joel and Spiro come in. Joel is surprised to see the TV there and sits down with them to watch in delight. Spiro says if he was in their shoes he'd move Amy in this second and forget about "this Lance guy"(!) Amy looks pleased.
Geri comes in and kisses Drew. Lou is very down about the tax form. Geri suggests she makes them all a cup of tea. Lou laughs with irony and says that would have been his old mum's solution too.
Spiro and Joel are talking about training and Amy still looks a bit worried about Joel's knee. Spiro invites Amy out to a Greek restaurant, but she says she's cooking dinner for Toadie and Joel tonight. Spiro says he should tell them to shove it(!) - they're using Amy! He smoothly invites her for a drink instead and Amy agrees.
When Spiro has gone, Toadie and Joel tease Amy that she's got a new boyfriend.
Geri and Drew are doing some painting. Geri mentions Libby's job interview with Small World. This is news to Drew. He's clearly devastated at the thought of Libby going away, but hides it well. Geri watches him carefully as Drew tells her that Libby's job sounds great. Lou also regards Drew with deep interest from his position at the kitchen table.
Libby comes to see Joel. Amy tells her she's going out with Spiro, but she's nervous because she hasn't been out with anyone for ages. Libby tells her not to worry about what happened with Damian - Libby is amazed that Amy isn't out with a different guy every night. She should just relax and have a good night. Amy laughs and says if there's a spare guy there she'll bring him home for Libby. Libby says she doesn't need a new guy.
Amy leaves with her date and Libby sits down with Joel and Bob. Joel asks her bluntly how Drew is. Libby laughs and says they're friends - that's about it. Joel asks if she's cool with that. Libby suddenly looks serious and says that she doesn't have a choice about it - Drew has moved on.
The Pub
Amy is telling Spiro about airline training with Damian and Spiro looks pretty bored. He then tells her about a bike he likes in great detail and it's Amy's turn to look bored. Toadie comes in and sees the situation - he rescues Amy by telling her she'd better get down the market to get the dinner ingredients before it closes. Gratefully, Amy excuses herself from Spiro.
Drew suggests that he and Geri go out to dinner. She isn't very enthusiastic about the idea though. Drew goes off to thin the paint and Lou looks up at Geri.
Lou and Geri make smalltalk about the paint and then move on to talk about Drew. (A wonderful scene between Tom Oliver and Isabella Dunwill).
LOU: So, how are things with the ugly one?
GERI: (uncertainly): Fine.
LOU: You don't look too happy.
GERI: He's a nice guy, isn't he Lou?
LOU: You could do worse.
GERI: Yeah, I know.
LOU: He says the same thing about you, you know.
GERI: Does he?
LOU: Oooh definitely.
GERI: (pauses sadly) No, I don't really think he does. I mean, I know he likes me and I do think he is trying to make this work but...I don't know. (sits down at table with Lou) I just like him so much, Lou. And I just keep getting the feeling that I'm the rebound girlfriend and he wasn't even going out with her.
LOU: (gently) Libby?
GERI: Who else? Do you think he still loves her?
LOU: Who knows?
GERI: I mean the way she treats him! She couldn't even care less!
LOU: Geri, he really is very fond of you.
GERI: Fond? Oh, gee, fond's nice! I guess I just came at the wrong time, didn't I.
Toadie wants to know if Libby will be able to get them discounts if she gets the travel job. He goes to get her a cup of tea.
When Toadie is in the kitchen, Joel tells Libby that the job would be great if she was doing it because she wanted to - he's never heard her talk about travel writing. In fact the only time he's heard her talk about travel is the odd mention of Mal in London and that's it. Libby claims that it's because she's never had the opportunity before but Joels says that she'll hate it. He also really thinks she should tell Drew how she feels.
Libby closes her eyes in exasperation and insists she's over it. But Joel simply says, "Tell him!"
Ramsay Street
Libby is just leaving No.30 and sees Drew and Geri coming out for No.30 together. She looks on sadly then turns away before they see her standing there. Drew catches sight of her walking away and looks after her sadly.
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