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Neighbours Episode 3374 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3374
Australian airdate: 19/8/99
UK airdate: 2/11/99
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: David Myles
Guests: David 'Fanto' Hodges: Daniel Dinnen
Terry Oldham: Ian De Lacy
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bill tells Susan that he's going to try to talk to Anne about their relationship, but he's not going to hold his breath for a happy ending.
Phil opens the door to Bill while holding several folders full of paperwork. He calls Anne who offers Bill a coffee. He only wants a chat though.
Bill tells Anne that he wants to fix things but he doesn't know how. Anne says he has to take more responsibility for what he did - she can't handle his whole jealous attitude. Bill thinks they might have a chance, but Anne says that's up to him.
Bill comes round to find Toadie and Joel gloating about Amy slaving over them. Bill smiles but tells them to watch their step! Bill is quite pleased about his job on the building site and tells Joel and Toadie about it. He also admits that he's been talking to Anne and the guys are pleased that the lines of communication are open again.
Madge comes in and slams a leaflet for Grease Monkeys down on the table. She is furious - Portia grant is opening a cafe within spitting distance of theirs. Harold tries to calm her down but Madge won't have it. Grease Monkeys is going to have a car theme and Harold says theme restaurants are a dodgy venture. He gives it a month(!) Madge is a bit worried about the effect on their business though.
Madge picks up another leaflet from the table about bikes. Harold wants to buy Paul a bike. Madge suggests that Harold should find out what model Paul wants but Harold wants to surprise him!
Amy comes in from work exhausted. Toadie and Joel ask her what's for dinner and she goes off to cook up a three course meal without complaint. Bill says Amy looks exhausted and they should go out instead, but Amy won't hear of it. She goes off to change and Toadie and Joel giggle - they've got her over a barrel because she wants the room so much!
Lolly tries to show Lou a picture but he's trying to do some sums and brushes her off. Then he realises what he's done and sits down with her properly to spend some quality time with her.
Joel asks Amy if she'll support him in the triathlon by bringing him water. But Amy says she won't help him with a suicide mission - Joel could seriously injure himself.
Toadie asks Amy to go and do the laundry, but she refuses. Toadie sees he's pushed her too far and suggests they go to the pub tonight instead of Amy cooking. She is pleased.
The Pub
Anne and Fanto are playing darts when Toadie, Joel and Amy come in. Amy and Anne sit down to chat while the guys play darts.
Amy asks Anne how things are going with Fanto. Anne says they're just study partners and nothing more. Amy says she can see how Bill is jealous - Anne may just be friends, but she's not too sure about Fanto.
Phil comes round to see Lou. Lou is depressed about the tax problem. He thinks he's going to be up on a fraud charge. Lou doesn't think Rex has given him all the paperwork. Phil tells him his best tactic is just to tell the truth. Lou has a go at Phil over the whole thing but Phil insists it's not his fault - Lou walked into it with his eyes open. He tells Lou crossly to stop passing the buck and stalks out.
The Pub
Anne and Fanto have just finished playing a game of darts and Fanto hugs Anne - just as Bill comes in. Bill doesn't seem phased though and Fanto challenges him to a game of darts.
The Coffee Shop
Madge comes in with a sample menu for Grease Monkeys that some kids have been handing out. Harold doesn't think they have anything to worry about but Madge isn't so sure. Madge suggests they do their own theme, but Harold says their fresh, healthy food is enough - they don't need a gimmick. He goes off to see the solicitor to talk over some options, much to Madge's displeasure.
The Pub
Anne is happily cooking toast and tells Phil that Bill turned up at the pub last night and didn't cause a scene.
There's a knock at the door and it's Lou. He apologises for speaking to Phil harshly last night - he took his problems out on him. Phil accepts his apology. As Lou is leaving, the tax auditor arrives and Phil shows him in.
Ramsay Street
Anne is lurking in the garden to avoid the tax auditor. Fanto comes up and talks about their assignment. Then he suddenly tells her that she looks beautiful when she smiles and that he loves her. Anne makes light of it but Fanto continues that he's loved her since they first met. Anne says she's sorry - she's still in love with Bill. She doesn't see Fanto as any more than a friend. She admits that she wants to get back with Bill and Fanto light-heartedly tells her that he'll have to be noble about it all.
Joel and Toadie have just finished the breakfast that Amy has made them. They tell Amy that Lance is going to have a hard act to follow. Amy says that before her week's up, she's got something special in store for them.
The auditor asks Phil for all his files on his dealings with Lou.
Bill comes round and talks to Anne in the kitchen. She is pleased to see him and tells him that she had a good night last night. Then she tells Bill that he was right - Fanto does like her a bit too much. Bill asks what happened and she tells him. But she knocked Fanto back because she still loves Bill.
Bill says that he's really sorry for reading her diary and wishes he could change history. He tells her that they belong together and asks her to take him back. She agrees!
However, Bill completely blows it by telling her that in a way it was lucky that he did read her diary so he knew that Fanto was coming on to her. Anne gets very angry and tells Bill that he still doesn't trust her. He tries to apologise but Anne tells him to leave. (Arghhhh!!!)
The Park
Lolly is playing on the slide while Lou sits on a bench. Lou tells her that whatever happens, he'll look after her.
Harold comes up and asks Lou if he's OK. Lou tells him that the auditor is going over the books and he's expecting a lot of trouble. Lou says the bottom line is that he could lose everything.
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