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Neighbours Episode 3373 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3373 (Hannah Martin's 16th birthday)
Australian airdate: 18/08/99
UK airdate: 01/11/99
Writer: Deborah Niski
Director: David Myles
Guests: Martin Chester: Gil Tucker
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher

Summary/Images by: Pete
Tad is volunteered to look after the virtual baby, and isn't doing a very good job
Martin and Susan discuss Libby's troubled love life, and Martin says he sympathises
Ramsay Street
Hannah brings the bike back, and as Martin and Susan walk down the path of No 28, she runs up the path of 24 before she's spotted. Martin and Susan think they see something, but dismiss it.
SUSAN: Don't say anything you might regret.
MARTIN: I won't...
SUSAN: No, but I might
MARTIN: OK, I'll do it through mental telepathy....and a kiss.
Hannah watches as Martin kisses Susan and gets in his car, and Susan waves him off. Susan pauses to catch her breath before going inside.
No 26
Anne is on the telephone to Lance in Broome, who wants her to get Bill to do some gardening jobs, while Phil listens in. When she puts the phone down, Phil reads her the card he got for Hannah's birthday, but she comes in so he has to hide it and Ann makes up a cover story. Phil complains that Hannah is coverd in mud, but he thinks she's been over at Paul's 'digging a trench?' Anne says to give her a break as it's nearly her birthday. Hannah says that all cross examinations have to stop when she's 16. Phil doesn't agree, and she says that at least she can get doctors referral about getting her ears seen to. She leaves to go shower and Phil shoots Anne a look.
Next morning Hannah comes into the kitchen to be surprised by Anne and Phil who've made her a birthday breakfast. Anne gives Hannah her presents from Debbie, Anne and Lance, Pascale and Phil
No 28
Tad arrives for his tutoring session with Susan, still carrying the doll. 'carrying around a baby and trying to write an essay on love isn't my idea of a hot weekend.". Susan suggests they go work by the lake. Tad says Wot (the doll - Waste Of Time) shouldn't get too much sun. He can only come if he can find a babysitter. Susan says in her experience you can never find one when you want one, so she'll see them both later. Tad says not to blame him if the doll cries through the session. Susan says she will blame him as he should be looking after her. She sees him out and Bill comes in to the room wondering why Tad was carrying a doll, so Susan explains. They change the subject and Bill is off to pick up Lance's Ute and get on with work. Susan says it will give him a chance to talk to Anne. Billy says he's not holding his breath and she shouldn't either. Susan says she isn't - she knows how hard relationships can be. Bill leaves and Susan looks distracted.
No 26
Anne is smelling Hannah's perfume from Pascale on Hannah's skin. She's very excited about it until Phil points out that there are other presents to open. Anne and Lance got her a cinema pass. Bill comes in to pick up the keys to the Ute. Hannah makes him smell her perfume, then opens a present from her dad - a pendant. Paul comes in, and she makes him smell the perfume too. She says it's from Pascale and he seems a bit put out. She asks how the baby project is going, Tad's had to stop and feed Wot. Phil comments he's looking forward to seeing this in action.Hannah points out that he hasn't told her what he's got her yet. He says it should wait till last.
Later, Hannah opens a present from Tad and thanks him before throwing it on the table. She then opens her present from Paul - a pair of earrings. She goes off at him, accusing him of playing a sick joke, and storms out. Phil has been cradling Wot like a real baby all this time and she starts crying. He hands her to Tad and goes running after Hannah. Paul tells Anne and Tad he didn't mean it as a joke, it was just his way of telling her there's nothing wrong with her ears, they're perfect the way they are.
Building Site
As Bill gets the lawnmower from the back of the Ute, he watches the foreman sack the carpenter.
Paul watches as Tad jumps over the jumps on his bike. Tad pulls up next to Paul, who is worried about Harold will react when he sees the jumps. Tad tells him not to worry, they just have to put it to Harold the right way "youth recreation....harmless entertainment...wholesome fun..." Besides, says Tad, he should be more worried about Hannah, as those earrings cost a fortune. Tad siggests he might have been better off buying a BMX and Paul is starting to think he might be right. Tad has to leave, but he tells Paul it's not to late to take the eazrrings back and get a refund.
No 28
Tad is in his study session with Susan, when the doll starts crying. He reaches for the key and turns her off and Susan watches, smiling. She asks him how he's enjoying fatherhood. He says it's OK, once you get into a routine. He says it's better to adjust your life to include it, rather than fighting it. Susan says that's very astute and asks for a hold, but Tad says to wait, if you disturb her while she's feeding, she starts crying again.Susan remarks they'll make a father out of him yet. He says though that he doesn't want to just yet. He doesn't see the point of skipping A and B to get to C, plus you have to find the right partner. He says Hannah and Paul are off and on 'like a christmas tree' and he reckons you have to get past all that to where you just like hanging out together without all the drama. Susan says he's right. He asks how long her and Karl have been together and is amazed that it's quarter of a century. The baby winds and he passses it over.
No 26
Anne asks how Hannah could have been so cruel to Paul. Hannah says he knows how she feels about her ears and the earrings were a cheapshot. Anne says it wasn't like that and Phil moves in to break them up. He says that Hannah is an intelligent attractive 16 year old. Anne says 'just because your not a supermodel' which Hannah takes as calling her ugly. Phil says that's a long stretch. Hannah asks if Phil now thinks she's being irrational. Anne says, no, she's being stupid. Hannah "Well that's very easy for you to say, your ears are perfect" Phil says something will have to be done about this, and leaves.
No 28
Susan is helping Tad with an essay on love. Phil comes to the door and remarks on Tad catching up on schoolwork. Phil wants to borrow a book on reconstructive surgery, which Susan finds for him. Tad comments about her constantly talking about her ears. Phil asks Tad not to mention to Hannah that he was there, and Tad asks him to do the same. Susan wishes him luck and he leaves. Then Susan stands over Tad. He says 'What?" and the baby starts crying.so he picks her up.
Building Site
Billy approaches the foreman and after making some small talk, asks him for a job.
No 28
Susan says Tad is doing well with his essay. The door goes and she answers it, it's Martin, who's come to pick up the pager he left. He asks Tad how he's getting on with the doll. "Romance is a fantasy, this is a 100% crying reality" says Tad....like the bard says..." Martin asks him if he's got an interest in literature. "Not if I can help it" says Tad, but Susan says it's a very embryonic one which she's desperate to nurture. Tad gets up and leaves "We have to get home in time for Teletubbies" He exits as Bill enters excited about his new job as a builders labourer. Martin decides to make his excuses and leave. As she closes the door behind him, Susan looks distracted. Bill asks her if she's pleased about his new job. Susan fakes an interest.
No 26
Hannah is looking through the book of reconstructive surgery with Phil. He asks her what she thinks. she asks what he wants her to think. He says he wants her to realise that compared to these people her ears are no big deal. She says she feels sorry for the people in the book, but it doesn't make her problems disappear. Phil asks though if it puts them into perspective. She realises that it does, and she's on the road to recovery. Phil makes her realise that she owes Paul an apology.
Outside No 24
Hannah apologises to Paul for the way she's behaved and says she'd love to wear his earrings. He says there's a problem there, as he returned the earrings and put the money toward a new BMX. She says that's understandable, and as long as she gets a shot on it she doesn't mind. Tad comes along and is glad they've sorted things out. He took the doll to the fish and chip shop 'if you tuck it far enough down your bag, no-one knows it's there'. Hannah says she's glad it's not a real baby and Tad agrees. He then says that he saw Martin at the Kennedys earlier. Hannah says she saw him leaving the house late the night before, and maybe Susan is having a torrid affair while Karl's away. Tad jumps to her defence saying she's not like that. Hannah says he's touchy. Paul wants to know what he was doing over there last night perhaps he's the one who's got the crush on Susan. Paul and Hannah start whistling and cheering to Tad's obvious embarrasment.
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