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Neighbours Episode 3372 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3372
Australian airdate: 17/8/99
UK airdate: 29/10/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: David Myles
Guests: Guest Stars: Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Martin Chester: Gil Tucker
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Pete
Libby has had enough of Erinsborough and her men hassles and wants to move interstate if she's offered a new job.
No 28
Susan asks Libby if she should be making a decision right away. Libby says it's a great job, and that's what she went to Uni for. Susan says she might find she loses out later on down the line.Libby says she'll worry about that then. Susan asks her if she's clarified her feelings for Drew. Libby: "I think to admit even to myself that I loved him would have brought down the curse of Libby. I needn't have worried it's managed perfectly well without my help" Susan says there is no curse, it just feels like it until everything clicks into place. She starts to talk about before she met Karl, but stops herself. She says that everything will work out for Libby, maybe not with Drew, but with someone else.
Outside No 24
Paul, Tad and Hannah are leaving for school. Tad unchains his bike from below the steps. Hannah notices Tad is wearing the wrong trousers (although they look like school trousers to me), and Paul says Mrs K will notice. Tad says if Mrs K makes him go home and get changed, he can get some BMX practice in. Just then they notice Martin getting 'a baby' out of a cardboard box in the back seat of his car.
No 28
Martin comes in with the baby Libby "Mum, Martin's here with your baby". They coo over it, passing it round to feel the weight, and Martin shows them how it works Libby "Wow, Virtual Baby, a civilisatin indicator".
"Mr Chester" takes the class through the instructions for the doll, which everyone thinks is very funny.. Tad asks if there's anyway to override the computer. Susan "Trust you to think about that - by the way I want to see you about your pants later". Martin says they will be able to tell if anyone has tampered with the unit. Tad still thinks it can be done, so Susan "volunteers" him to be the first trial parent. He isn't keen, but Susan says if he gets a good report, she can overlook his dress code infringement. He says it's dumb but Susan says regardless, he'll be marked on it and a report sent back to his mum. Paul jokes that he'll have to go back to Tindara if he fails baby management, so Susan "volunteers Paul to help him out.
Paul, Tad and Hannah arrive with Tad cradling the baby, complaining about how stupid he feels. Paul says it's his own fault for wearing stupid pants (still looking like school trousers to me) to school Tad slams the doll down on the table and it starts crying. Hannah says he was being rough with it. They start thrwoing it around, and Paul tries to put the key in to make it stop crying, but he rough handles it. Tad pretends not to hear the baby crying.
Martin talks to Susan about Tad and the baby doll. Martin says he's finished his programme thanks to her, and would she like to go out to dinner to celebrate. She is keen - but then remembers she has a lot of work to do. Martin changes the subject to Karl, who's apparently enjoying himself at the conference by playing golf. They decide to leave.
Libby comes in and has a friendly conversation with Geri, as both are there to pick up their wages. They talk about Lou's money problems and how Geri's helping Drew decorate Lou's. Libby points out a bit of paint on Geri's face, and she checks it in the mirror but doesn't do anything about it. Susan and Martin come over to pay and Libby says her editor would like her to set up an interview for the paper about the Virtual Baby programme
At the end of a lesson, Tad tries to dump the baby on Paul but Paul gives him back and says that he has to go to the jewellers to get Hannah's present. Tad gives the baby to Hannah who agrees to look after the doll - on condition that he let her do the jump on his BMX. He eventually agrees
PAUL: Hang on, you could kill yourself
HANNAH: I know, isn't it exciting?
No 22
Geri comes in and complains to Drew about him letting her go out with paint on her face. He says he didn't notice, and she says that some people do notice these things. She normally would, but he was going on and on about how hungry he was. Then she says he didn't do much while she was gone.
Tad and Hannah discover someone has made the jump bigger. Tad tries to make the jump but bottles it, saying he needs a bit of warm up first.
No 24
Geri is worried about doing a good job. Drew says it'll look great, she's a genius, which she gets annoyed at. She rubs a cloth against her head, and gets covered in paint. Trying not to get in trouble again, Drew tells her about it and she rubs it again, making it worse. She goes off at him because she says it doesn't matter this time. He laughs and she asks what's funny. He says he doesn't know why she wants a fight with him, but he doesn't want to. She says any other normal guy would have thrown something by now, but all he does is stand there and smile. He asks why she wants to have a fight. She says because at least then she'd know they have a relationship, whereas at the moment she doesn't know what they've got.
Paul comes along and wonders what Tad's doing. Hannah says he's trying to work up the courage to make the jump, but hasn't yet. She wonders where he's been. He says he's been buying something for her, but won't tell her what it is. Tad stops trying to jump and says he has to be off. Hannah points out that he promised her a go on the bike, but he just races off saying he doesn't have time. She says she knew he'd do that, but did it because now he owes her. They go to leave, but the baby is in the tree. When Paul rescues it, it starts crying.
No 22
Drew says if Geri wants a fight, he'll fight her, but that's all she did with Joel and look what happened there.They hug and make up and Drew says he honestly loves her.
No 24
Tad is trying to cook something and stop the baby crying at the same time. Paul comes in and Tad complains that he's late. He's been trying to do his homework, cook dinner and look after the baby when it should be Paul's turn. They start rowing like an old married couple and Tad accuses Paul of not pulling his weight.
No 28
Martin, Susan and Libby are having dinner and Martin and Susan are laughing about the old days. The phone rings and Libby answers. It's Karl. He rings to talk to Martin so Libby hands the phone oever and leaves. Susan is a bit put out to be left alone with Martin but he hands the phone over so Karl can talk to her and she pretends everything's fine.
It's night time and a shdowy figure takes to the BMX jumps. After succesfully making it across we see that it's Hannah, obviously very thrilled.
No 28
Martin and Susan relax with a cuppa on the couches. Susan says Karl's enjoying himself. Martin says he reckons he got the better deal "good food, great company". He remarks that Libby seems really together. "I wish" says Susan."she's in love with someone and I suspect he's in love with her, but he's in a relationship so she's not very happy right now.
MARTIN: Well, that's a situation I certainly can sympathise with.
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