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Neighbours Episode 3371 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3371
Australian airdate: 16/08/99
UK airdate: 28/10/99
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Craig Harrison: Stephen Macklin
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Lou suggesting that Harold wants to sue just to get back at him after the fence dispute.
Ruth and Phil spring Susan and Martin having a cosy meal, Martin reading Susan's palm.
Ramsay Street where Conversations often Take Place
Phil drives up as Susan is collecting her paper, and tells her that Ruth and Lance got away fine, although he'll miss them. He teases Susan about her not really seeming to be missing Karl - holding hands with strange men in public places, what would Karl have to say? Susan is shocked and indignant, saying that she, Martin and Karl are all good friends, and that Martin was their best man. Phil says he was only joking, then turns his attention to Drew and Geri who have just driven up across the street. "Now there's a little romance that seems to be hotting up nicely," says Phil. But Susan has gone.
Susan's house of Flirting
Susan comes back in the house, and notices that Libby's already hard at work on her PC. Libby comments that her boyfriend called. "Karl?" asks Susan. No, it was Martin who, according to Libby, wants to shower her with attention. Libby - like everyone else but Susan - has noticed that Martin has a huge and inappropriate crush on her, and why not, when she still looks great? Susan thinks that she's way past the stage of inspiring crushes, and her mirror tells her otherwise. Susan uncomfortably says that she'll call Martin back.
The Bishops' where Harold is still Miserable
Harold is on the internet, and thinks it's a wonderful tool - he's investigating compensation cases for organo-phosphate poisoning! Madge is dismayed that Harold is still going through with this - after all, Lou didn't mean to poison him. Harold is concerned that he might have ongoing symptoms, and might have long-term incapacitation, which upsets Madge who then leaves.
Susan's house of Flirting
Susan's on the 'phone talking to Martin, sounding like a giggly schoolgirl. She asks Martin if he's still ok to come to the school tomorrow. Libby walks out of her bedroom and makes eyes at Susan's behaviour. She teases her mum about Martin, and an over-sensitive Susan makes it very clear that nothing's going on. Again. Just in case we didn't get that the first five times.
Libby heads off to the garage, the library and for a shift at the pub, and tells her mum that she's pleased she's happy - she deserves to have some fun, and Karl doesn't know what a lucky man he is.
The Garage where we find The Lovely Drew
Libby has arrived at the garage where she is talking to The Lovely Drew about her car and complaining about his coffee. Lou approaches and complains that Drew doesn't seem to be working very hard. Libby tells Drew that she'll catch him later, and leaves.
Drew approaches Lou and asks how it went at the solicitors. Upset, Lou says that his tax problems and impending lawsuit will mean he'll be left with nothing, and he and Lolly will have to live out of a cardboard box. Drew kindly offers to stay with Lou instead of going across town to pick up some car parts, but Lou tells him to go.
Lou sits alone, sad and lonely.
The Coffee Shop where Everyone knows Your Name
The Lovely Drew is in the coffee shop (I thought he was collecting car parts?) purchasing some coffee. He asks Harold to consider dropping the lawsuit, cannily hinting that Louise might lose the only home she's every known. Drew asks Harold to talk it through with Lou:
LOVELY DREW: Can't you just talk it through with him?
HAROLD: That won't do any good. This is the only thing he understands, the only thing that'll make him listen. I've got to think about my own family.
LOVELY DREW: Yeah, well can you consider Lou's too while you're at it?
HAROLD: Cheek!
MADGE: He did have a point.
Harold says that Lou will be fine - he has lots of money stashed away. Madge asks what happens if he doesn't? At least Madge and Harold have Paul and each other. Lou has no-one.
The Garage where we find a Sad Lou
Geri presents Lou with costs for the painting and redecoration of the house. Lou thinks it's still too much, but Geri says it's the cheapest she can find, and she's already managed to halve the costs. Lou then tells a cross Geri that he can't afford this now, and so she won't be undertaking any redecoration. He kindly says that he appreciates all the hard work she did to get these costs, though. Geri is not impressed.
The Lovely Drew returns, and Geri complains that they can't redecorate now. Lovely Drew doesn't seem to mind too much, and asks Geri if she's working tonight. She is, and she's working with Libby, so that'll be two people snarling at her in one day. This clever plot device tells us that we'll be back at Lou's Place before the end of the episode, then.
Susan's house where we find Susan making An Appointment
And that's really all we know in that scene. Does she think she's pregnant? Has a filling fallen out of her right molar? Or did she hurt her knee while running away from her problems?
No need to wait too long to find out as we cut straight to:
K Smithson Marriage Counsellor where we find Much Unhappiness
The camera pans around Susan, never leaving her face, and never showing us the person she's talking to. Susan tells the counsellor that she doesn't know why she's there:
SUSAN: I'm not depressed, my career's going well. Last year was a difficult year, I suppose, with work, and I guess a bit with the family, too. You don't think so when you're in the middle of it, do you? When I look back I was away from home for a while...with work. At the time I didn't think there was a problem. (long pause) I suppose you always have tissues in a place like this, don't you? (long pause again) I'm sorry, what was I saying?
A teary Susan seems surprised that she's crying, which surprises me - can't she hear the sad acoustic guitar in the background?
At Lou's Place where we knew we'd End Up Soon
Libby is on the 'phone to someone agreeing that she can fax some work samples to them tomorrow. Geri is also behind the bar, and Libby tells her that the other bar person has called in sick. A rowdy group of guys enter the bar and Libby warns them to behave themselves or she's barring them. They make fun of her - how's she going to do that? Geri goes to call for some barman back up.
K Smithson Marriage Counsellor where things are not Looking Good
Susan is still tearfully talking. She knows Karl still loves her, after 25 years. She sounds surprised that this is true. She says that Karl's away at the moment at a medical conference - From Stem to Sternum - she misses him.
Susan breaks down.
SUSAN: I'm sorry I don't know where that came from. Actually I'm lying - I don't miss him. Right now, at this very moment, I'm glad he's away. I can think more clearly. At least - I think I can think more clearly. (Long pause) He's such an emotional drain. I don't miss him.
Another heartbreakingly brilliant monologue by Jackie Woodburne.
Lou's house where Lolly is Looking Cute
Lou puts on a video for Lolly to watch as someone knocks on the door - it's Phil who picks up Lolly and throws her in the air much to her delight!
Phil and Lou sit down at the kitchen table and discuss the tax problem. Lou says that he is working out the worst case scenario, that everything's he's worked for is at risk. Phil attempts to reassure him that it'll call come right, but Lou thinks Phil is being trite. Phil tells Lou that he needs to remain calm - he doesn't need another anxiety attack.
At Lou's Place where there's Trouble
The Rowdy Boys are causing some trouble, and Geri and Libby are alone with no back up support. Rowdy Boy #1 starts to make a toast and leans over the bar to grab more drinks. This prompts Geri to order them out whilst Libby calls the police. Geri's strong words - and her death stare - force the Rowdy Boys to leave.
Libby is impressed with the way that she handled them and hey presto - the girls have bonded!
The Bishops' house where there are Questions to be Answered
Harold returns home where Madge is making soup and toast for dinner. Harold has a pounding headache, and Madge gets some painkillers for him. He says he's had a hard day at uni, and he doesn't understand some of the lectures. Madge reassures him that he'll catch up soon.
Harold is convinced that his symptoms are to do with the poisoning; it's not about needing to catch up, his mental functions are impaired. Madge looks distressed.
Lou's house where Men discuss Problems
Phil is taking Lou through his tax paperwork, and reassures him that apart from the one tax issue with his family trust, Lou's financial affairs are squeaky clean, and he has nothing else to worry about at all. Lou is grateful for this advice, and thanks Phil for being a good mate to him.
Geri and The Lovely Drew return just as Phil is leaving. Geri said that she had a busy night at the pub, and takes Lolly up to bed and to read her a story. Lovely Drew sits down with Lou and asks to talk about the decorating issues. Lovely Drew offers to pay for all the decorating, in return for Lou's many favours in the past. He really is lovely!
Lou thinks that Lovely Drew's too soft on Geri, but is grateful for the help with the painting.
Susan's house where Things are about to Get Worse
Susan sits at the piano where she plays a few lone notes in the dark. Always a sure sign that something's wrong and about to get worse. Remember the film 'Shine'? She gets up and goes to the 'phone where she takes a deep breath and dials, just as Libby comes in. Susan quickly puts the 'phone down.
Libby sits down with her mum and asks her what she's been up to - does she feel she needs a change? No, says Susan. Ok. Whatever. Libby says she had a busy night at the pub, and working with Geri wasn't too bad - if it weren't for Lovely Drew, she thinks that they'd probably get on really well.
Libby tells Susan that she's applied for a job with Small World - the travel guide company. Libby thinks that it's a great career move. Susan doesn't think she should try and run away from her problems. Libby thinks it's worth a try - she'll have to move interstate, but if she's offered the job, she'll take it.
And what should creep stealthily up on us but...
End Credits
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