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Neighbours Episode 3368 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3368
Australian airdate: 11/8/99
UK airdate: 25/10/99
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Natasha Symonds: Kristie Jandric

Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Geri leaving with Drew after her shift at the pub and Libby watching them.
Lou's Place
Libby is clearing up when Amy comes in desperate for a coffee. Whilst having their coffee they chat about Drew and Geri. Amy comments that Drew and Geri are unresolved and Libby says it can also describe her and Lance, which of course Amy denies. Amy then tells her to be friends with Drew instead of enemies.
No. 24
Paul and Hannah are relaxing watching TV when Tad comes over to show then an article on BMX bikes and that he's conned the money for it out of his parents as a guilt trip over them splitting up damaging his mental health.
Ramsay Street
Whilst waiting for Hannah, Paul notices a bike advert inside the paper and Tad says he's going to buy the bike shown. Paul offers to go with him to get it but Hannah points out they've got school, but he tells her he's got a free period so off they go.

Libby in her splendid PJs comes out to get the paper and notices Drew heading off to work. They wave and look at each other until Drew calls her and goes to speak to her. He tells her that Geri told him about the mix up with the bill. Libby tries to brush him off when he carts on the compliments and she eventually heads indoors frustrated.
Bike shop
Tad and Paul are looking at the bikes on display and he spots one he likes until Paul points out it is over his budget. Paul jokingly asks if he's going to steal it but Tad is insistent he wants that bike.
No. 30
Joel comes back from running and Toadie enquires if him running is anything to do with the forthcoming triathlon. Joe confirms he's going to compete and tells him he is ready for it. They start to discuss which one to let move into the house - Lance or Amy - until Toadie says he's got a plan.
The Coffee Shop
Lance and Amy discuss how juvenile Anne and Billy are with each other. Lance mentions he can't wait to move out and they both think they are the one to move into No. 30. Amy declares war!
Paul and Tad are telling Hannah about Tad's bike. Much to Hannah's disgust they're going to leave to try out the bike until Hannah pulls at Paul's heartstrings and they agree to do it after school instead.
No. 30
Lance brings round his games console for Lance and Joel to play with as part of Toadie's scheme to decide who moves in.
No. 22
Lou phones and asks Geri to come and do a shift at the bar now, so she reluctantly leaves Drew.
No. 30
Toadie and Joel are still playing games when Lance lets Amy in so she can prove her worth to No. 30. First she tries with some homemade fudge but they're not interested so she walks in front of the TV distracting them from their game to get their attention. She wonders if they can hold a birthday party for one of her colleagues from the airline and of course more single flight attendants. Toadie and Joel readily agree with the drool just about hitting the floor.
No. 22
Libby calls round to see if Drew wants to go out for coffee but since he's painting the house he says he'll put on the kettle here and invites her to help him paint.
No. 30
Amy has Toadie and Joel eating out of her hand at the thought of hosting a party with single flight attendants, even offering to go get supplies in for her. Lance of course isn't impressed and has a rant at her and tells her he isn't beaten. Once Lance leaves she quickly starts phoning round people to get them to come to the party she's just arranged!
No. 22
Drew thanks Libby for helping him paint. She tells him she missed his friendship and thanks him by playing a joke, which covers him with paint. He starts to chase her with a paintbrush until Geri arrives very unimpressed and jealous over what she's come in to.
No. 30
After fretting about nobody turning up at the party, there is a knock at the door but it is only Lance. He tells them that there is no party and that Amy was only using it to con her way into living at No. 30 just as the guests turn up! Lance of course wishes the ground would open and swallow him up.
No. 22
Drew is trying to appease a sulking Geri by offering to strip the paint off so they can do it instead. She comments that when Libby calls round he goes all starry-eyed, which of course he denies. Eventually she issues an ultimatum - her or Libby. Drew tells her he's with her and kisses her passionately.
No. 30
The party is in full swing but Toadie and Joel are complaining to Amy about the guests being blokes and there are no single female flight attendants when Natasha (whose birthday party it is) arrives. Unfortunately Natasha says it isn't her birthday and she's off to find her boyfriend! Amy says she can explain but Joel says they won't believe it and Lance scoffs at her.
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