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Neighbours Episode 3367 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3367
Australian airdate: 10/08/99
UK airdate: 22/10/99
UK Gold:23/02/05
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Geri Hallet Isabella Dunwill
Sgt. Joanna Douglas Matilda White
Vern Simpson Tom Travers
Summary/Images by: Shona
Bill and Susan finding his workshop has been trashed.
Bill's Workshop
Susan finds Bill's circular saw, but the blade is bent. It's going to cost a fortune to sort out. He asks who would do this and Susan suggests kids. Bill finds a bowl he was making for Susan, broken. Susan tells him she's so sorry, but at least he's insured. He's so careful about locking up and that's all the insurance company needs to know. Just then Bill's eyes fall on the padlock for the door, which is sitting on the table and realises he forgot to lock up. He snaps out of his thoughts, telling her that she should leave while he figures out what's stolen. He needs time alone. When she's gone he looks worriedly at the padlock.
Number 22
Geri sits in the spa as Drew comes out onto the decking with orange juice for them. She makes a toast to the future and muses that she wants to stay in the spa all day as tonight she's working at the pub - with Libby. She's afraid it'll be a problem for her, but Drew assures her she'll be cool. Geri says if anyone knows Libby, he does.
Bill's Workshop
As Bill clears through the debris he comes across the padlock and angrily throws it. It smashes through a window and Bill looks as if he can't believe things could get any worse.
Coffee Shop
Drew runs into Libby and asks if she treat Geri nicely tonight. She says she'll treat Geri as she does anyone else and asks if Geri put him up to this. He says he knows how she feels about her and Geri's nervous about it. Libby says she'll do it - for him - and he shouldn't expect any miracles. You're a pal, Lib, says Drew and she says that's what she is - everyone's pal.
Bill's Workshop
Bill paces around, then looks at the window and a piece of tarpaulin. A plan forming in his head, he smashes out the rest of the glass with a pole and, going outside, grabs a wheelie bin. Placing it under the window he puts the tarpaulin over the sill. Just then Lance appears and asks what's going on. Bill falls off the bin in surprise. He fills him in about the trashing. Lance asks about the tarp and he says he put it there so no one would hurt their hands. When Bill tells him the cops haven't been yet, Lance says he's mucking about with the evidence and asks what's going on. Bill admits the door wasn't locked. Lance says he's now planting evidence for the insurance. It's not the best plan and is so dicey - it'll be serious if he gets caught. Bill asks what he has to lose and refuses Lance's advice on not taking short cuts.
Number 22
Harold is just off the phone. Tuba legend Vern Simpson is in Erinsborough to give a class but he won't be going - he doesn't feel up to it. Madge can't believe he isn't going, but he won't be convinced.
Number 26
Lance fills Anne in on Bill's workshop troubles. Anne gets up to leave and then realises she's the last person he'd want to see. Lance asks if she really thinks so and Anne looks ahead thoughtfully.
Coffee Shop
Madge is on the phone arranging to get a number for a certain tuba legend. Harold appears to her surprise and she tells him to hold the fort, she has 'secret woman's business' to attend to.
Bill's Workshop
Sgt Joanna Douglas and a male officer are round, studying the window 'the kids must have used'. Breaking and entering? Asks Joanna. Bill agrees. She points out it's his tarp but he says no. Despite this she points out all the sawdust on it. She moves to the door and he says it was open when he got here - they must have got out that way. Joanna turns round and says how many 'B and Es' does he think she's attended. There's more broken glass outside than inside and the insurance will send out their own investigators. Is he quite sure he still wants to report it as Breaking and Entering? He says no and mentions he isn't sure about locking the door. She says he has her sympathy - no one needs this - and leaves.
Lou's Place
Madge is enjoying a coffee with the legend Vern Simpson. She mentions her passion for the tuba and he says it's difficult to popularise the tuba. She mentions her husband is a big fan - even their neighbours have become quite familiar with it! She asks about him doing her a favour.
Bill's Workshop
Susan calculates the damage as coming to $3000. She can't see how there's no insurance. Bill says he tried to lie to the cops and Susan can't believe he even contemplated it. Lying is no way to fix what's been done. Libby asks whether the culprits are the same as the kids who trashed the school. Susan thinks it's possible. Bill doesn't know how he'll pay for it. Anne appears and Susan and Libby give them some space. She reaches to touch Bill's arm to comfort him but he moves away, asking what she's doing there. She doesn't know - maybe she could help. He says that would be the final straw. She says she's really sorry and Bill says him too - he doesn't know how they got into this mess. No, says Anne, she meant the workshop.
Coffee Shop
Harold is being fanned by one of the staff when Madge returns. She says it's time they were off home, even though Harold would rather stay to soldier on.
Number 22
Harold is still grumbling when they get home. Lo and behold - in the living room is living legend Vern Simpson, with his tuba gear. Harold is over the moon.

Later on Vern is giving him some tuba tips as Madge watches them. Vern thanks them for the meal and tells Harold he's very dedicated to his music. Vern says he shouldn't give up, even given his recent health. Harold thinks that he's actually improved. Vern talks about the healing power of the tuba.
Lou's Place
Libby shows Geri the cash register but Geri says she learned the other night. Lance and Anne arrive and Geri tells Libby she'll get it, suggesting she collect the empties. Libby says she'll get the drinks, as they might be complicated. Lance asks for an OJ and Geri goes to get it. Libby asks Anne, and Geri reminds her she's getting it. Anne asks for a cocktail that Libby made the other day for her. Libby tells her they're all in the book and Geri goes to get it, leading Lance to ask about his OJ. Libby says she'll get it and when they've gone Geri notices Libby's making the OJ and reiterates she's getting it, accusing Libby of making it look like she'd forgotten in front of Anne and Lance. She bumps into Libby and she spills stuff on herself. Libby tells her to back off and goes off to clean herself off, on Geri's suggestion.
Number 24
More tuba playing fun. Madge tries to look enthusiastic, but it seems Harold's happiness has put a smile on her face.
Lou's Place
Anne and Lance talk, and Geri comes over, clearing their table and telling them that they are now closing, 'could they make a move?' Lance's business is going well - he'll need a proper name soon. Anne says if he needs help then he might look to Bill. Lance isn't sure it's up Bill's street and there's also what he did to Anne to consider. She says it was an accident. He says he'll consider it for her. Drew comes in and sits with them, asking how well Libby and Geri working together went. As he does Libby and Geri are arguing about the till. Geri messed up one of the bills and Libby says she'll sort it out. Libby hands over her share of the tips and tells her to go and join Drew. Geri asks her to join them but she says no. Drew kisses Geri hello and he turns around as they are leaving, looking at Libby who stares right at them from behind the bar, sighing.
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