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Neighbours Episode 3366 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3366
Australian airdate: 09/08/99
UK airdate: 21/10/99
UK Gold:23/02/05
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: David ‘Fanto’ Hodges – Daniel Dinnen
Spiro Politis – Robert Rabiah
Mary Flynn – Peta Masters
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Mary Flynn visits Phil.
- Phil tells Lou that if Rex did something underhand, then Lou's in deep trouble.
Ramsay Street
Anne and Fanto walk along. A car draws into the street - inside are Susan and Bill, who leans over and sees them. As they stand taking bags out the boot Susan says hi to Anne but Bill ignores her. Fanto asks Anne if things are still bad between her and Bill and she says yes. He offers her an ear.
Number 26
Lou says Mary Flynn must be a con artist but Phil disagrees. He asks about how the Carpenter trust was distributed but Lou entrusted that all to Rex. He didn't read the form properly, despite signing it. Anne and Fanto come in and Lou leaves. Phil heads for the phone to find out what is going on.
In the kitchen Anne tells Fanto about Bill reading her diary. When he asks what she wrote she tells him 'just girl's stuff'.
Number 28
Bill says Anne is wrapped up in Fanto and Susan reminds him that he broke up with her. He rages that she couldn't wait. She liked Fanto, so she dumped Bill. Susan tells him that he was acting jealously when they were just friends. Bill asks if he's meant to feel absolutely nothing.
Number 26
Anne and Fanto try to find a subject for their tutorial, but Fanto seems more interested in Anne's relationship with Bill.
Phil, meanwhile, is off the phone, announcing that Rex is interstate and can't be contacted. He doesn't want to make any accusations before he sees Lou's tax return. Amy appears and notices that Anne and Fanto are 'looking busy'. She makes her excuses, despite Anne telling her to stay, and leaves.
Number 30
Joel hobbles in from a bike ride with his training partner, Spiro. Amy comes in and works out that Joel is re-entering the triathlon, but Joel tells her not to nag. She asks what it is about men and competitions. Then she drops in that she doesn't want to gossip, but nonetheless she spills about seeing Anne and Fanto. They fill Spiro in on why Anne and Bill split up and just as Spiro says Bill was right to dump Anne the man in question appears with Bob.
Number 26
Ruth and Phil talk about Lou and the management of the trust. Phil hopes Lou has been legitimate about his tax minimisation. Ruth asks if he's feeling responsible, and he points out he was the one who recommended Rex Hawthorne.
Ruth asks Fanto if he'd like to stay for dinner but he's going to see the new Star Wars (don't do it!) As he heads off he asks Anne to come, but, despite saying she has work to do, he convinces her to come.
Number 30
Bill asks Amy and Joel if reading Anne's diary is so bad. Joel says he should see it from Anne's point of view. Bill thinks she's forgotten all about him already - and onto Fanto. He's convinced she's taken his one little mistake and used it as an excuse to break up with him and get with Fanto. Joel says he needs to give it more time and he should come with him and Amy to the pub for some pool. Amy won't take no for an answer. Once he's gone Joel wonders how long this is going to last: Amy takes a guess at decades. 'Shoot me' says Joel.
Number 22
Phil and Lou look at Lou's documents. Phil needs a copy of his family trust tax return. He asks what this scheme was. Lou doesn't know and brings it back to them being the experts and him trusting them. Phil wants to talk but Lou has to go off to earn the thousands of dollars he owes the Irish.
Lou's Place
Bill comes in and Joel says he thought he had 'snuck off to read a diary somewhere'. Bill is not amused. He asks if Joel wouldn't have done the same thing but Joel says he wouldn't be so insecure. Amy says diaries are fantasyland. Everyone has silly fantasies and even if Anne had a tiny one about Fanto she would never have acted on it. Just then Anne and Fanto burst through the door, laughing. Bill stares stonily at them.
Number 26
Susan is talking to Ruth and tells her about Bill's current mood. They both say they will get back together, without much conviction. Susan is thinking about changing her hairstyle - she sometimes feels 'mumsy'. Ruth asks about Karl and Susan says things are 'okay'.
Lou's Place
Lou grumbles about the lack of profit in coffee. Anne and Fanto decide to go over to talk to Amy, Joel and Bill (after all they are still Anne's friends), but Fanto decides to stay put. Amy asks Anne about the assignment and Anne tells them she went to the movie instead. Bill storms out, Anne hot on his heels. She asks him if he thinks she went and grabbed the next available guy. He asks what he supposed to think. She says she's never lied to him, and tells him to stop being so bitter. What if it was the reverse? He says he wouldn't do it if he knew he was hurting her. He wants to get back together. Anne says that she doesn't want to be apart but she can't stand his jealously. He has to see that he's not the victim in all of this. She tells him to let his jealousy go.
Outside number 30
Joel's out on his bike, exchanging good humoured competitive talk with Spiro. Spiro notices he's edgy, but he mentions about not having been on a long ride for a while. A taxi drives up. Mary Flynn gets out and asks about Lou Carpenter.
Number 22
Mary Flynn goes in to Lou in his dressing gown. She asks what he's trying to pull. He says it's a mistake and fills her in on the trust. These things happen. She says he'll have to do a great deal better than that. He's messed with wrong woman - he owes not only the Irish government and her but the Australian authorities too. She says she's going to make sure he's dealt with and leaves.
Number 26
Lou comes in, saying he's in terrible trouble. Most of the trust money has gone to Mary Flynn and Phil asks how Rex justified that. Lou says Rex said about someone taking the rest of the money 'on paper'. He thought it was all above board, given Rex's reputation. Phil asks if it never occurred it was illegal. Lou says how's he supposed to know all the tax laws and now Mary Flynn has gone to the tax office. He demands to know what to do. Phil says he has to tell them, pleading stupidity. Maybe they'll believe them.
Bill's Workshop
Susan and Bill arrive, talking about Anne. Susan says she seems ready to forgive and forget and Bill says he isn't. Susan asks what he has to forgive- a passing comment in a diary? A friendship with another male? Bill asks how she'd feel about Karl being friends with another woman and she says she'd be fine once she got to know her. But they're different, being a married couple. Bill opens the roller door and finds the place has been completely trashed, with the other door lying open.
<<3365 - 3367>>
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