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Neighbours Episode 3365 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3365
Australian airdate: 6/8/99
UK airdate: 20/10/99
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mary Flynn: Peta Masters
Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Martin not-so-subtley trying to crack on to Susan.
Libby comes in and Susan asks her why she's not out with Bill and the gang. Libby says that she's too old for nightclubs and hanging out with her little brother. Anyway, she's keeping a low-profile for a while and definitely not moping about Drew and Geri.
Susan is looking through old pictures and tells Libby that she went to the movies with Martin. Susan shows Libby a very old photo of Karl and they crack up laughing. There's a nice picture of Susan there too.
Libby goes off to bed but insists to Susan that she's fine - she doesn't care what Drew and Geri do.
Martins, the following morning
Drew comes round, drops some papers off from Lou and tells Phil that Lou really wants to get into the club. Phil says he hasn't got any clout at the club. Ruth says it's not worth risking his friendship with Lou.
Libby is just getting up. She lies down on the sofa and tells Susan she doesn't feel like going out - she has to stay in and study.
Joel calls round and invites them to a Spanish Street Festival. Susan says Libby would love to go! Joel insists that Libby come along and they talk in dodgy Spanish accents!
Susan persuades Ruth to come down to the Coffee Shop while Phil is on the phone trying to get Lou into the club. He doesn't seem to be getting very far.
Lou is rejecting all the colours that Geri has suggested for the walls. He asks her to get some more choices.
Phil calls round and Lou receives him frostily. Lou says he doesn't want to be in the club anyway - it's full of snobs.
Libby is on the phone to Lou saying she can't work today.
Libby tells Joel that she can't tell Drew how she feels now because he's with Geri. Joel says he's only with Geri to get over her. Libby thinks it's ridiculous, but Joel says that he'd drop Geri in a minute if he knew Libby was interested. Joel says he'll tell Drew himself but Libby threatens to kill him if he does. He insists she give it some more thought.
The Coffee Shop
Susan and Ruth are talking about the club and hope that Phil and Lou can resolve their differences. They also exchange notes on how Bill and Anne are coping.
Lou comes in and tells them that he's not interested in being in the Club. They tell him how much Phil was selling his character on the phone.
The Pub
Libby and Drew come in wearing sombreros having had a break time at the Spanish festival. Drew and Geri come in, also wearing sombreros. Geri pulls Drew off to a table and Libby looks a bit put out.
Lou apologises to Phil about the business with the club. Phil agrees with Lou that they're a pack of snobs though. They shake hands and agree that they're mates again.
The Pub
Lou comes in and tries to persuade Libby to work but she doesn't want to. Lou asks Drew to go home early to babysit - he can't get staff. Geri then offers to work for him and Lou looks a bit unsure.
Geri is telling Lou about her experience in bar work. He says he'll think about it and goes off to the bar. Geri is disappointed and says that Lou doesn't like her. Drew tries to placate her by playing down Lou's desirability as a boss!
Ruth is glad that Lou and Phil are friends again. An Irish lady comes to the door and introduces herself as Mary Flynn. She tells Phil that she's had money put into an account in her name - from Lou Carpenter holdings. She doesn't even know who Lou Carpenter is! Phil is very confused - he didn't do Lou's last tax return. It's a substantial amount of money too - $149,000.
The Pub
Drew tackles Lou about Geri's job. He knows Lou is turning her down because Libby is working there too. He says he should give Geri a break.
Lou goes over to Libby and asks her if she'd mind working with Geri. She says it's up to Lou and he says he'll give Geri a trial run.
Geri is really pleased to have been given the job. Lou answers the phone to Phil and can't think what he's talking about. He goes straight over to Phil's, leaving Geri in charge.
Lassiter's Lake
Joel tells Libby that she should have just told Lou she didn't want to work with Geri but Libby says that it wasn't really appropriate. Anyway, it's not Geri's fault that Libby and Drew didn't get their acts together. Joel says that Libby is an amazing person and Geri isn't a patch on her. Libby smiles gratefully.
Phil is explaining to Ruth about Mary Flynn, but he doesn't know who she is. Lou says it must be some mistake. He then admits there might be a tenuous connection. He says he'd better talk to Rex Hawthorn who did the last tax return. He signed something without reading it thoroughly. Lou says that Phil recommended Rex to him, so he'd better get it sorted out. Phil says that if Rex has done something wrong and Lou signed the papers, Lou is culpable and could be in deep trouble.
<<3364 - 3366>>
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